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you are a nasty fuck

did i lose you

coming for that booty

how is that going. it must be incredible.

(freindly karen user)

why did you make the thread almost 40 minutes ago

you know you like it nasty, faggot

1 month ago *

satan get

because I'm classy as fuck.

im trying my best to effectively communicate with you but you're actually fucking retarded

oh heck yeah the new Zelda is looking kawaii as fuck
I've heard deus ex was pretty acclaimed but never crossed paths with it

I enjoy Some modest mouse I've heard , Good news and some o their newer stuff, f but I never got too heavy into them
Anything to reccomend?

I'm really into Clams Casino and XXYYXX, getting iinto alot of hip hoppy yet synthy and ambient stuff like Flume and Chrome Sparks recently
Here is my favorite song [email protected]/* */ is from clams

Thanks for asking !

M-more like cumming.

I'll text you my address when it gets closer.

damn... asshole cockblocked me


It is, but its also a looot of work

I also need to sleeps

wear comfyer clothes


be niec

hold on let me get my smart weed

i await with baited breathe

congrats tho

sweet dreams

there is no fun in that though

Lick my nipples.

oh yes. other than pretty much everything in their catalog "the lonesome crowded west" is their best album. definitely listen to that one. good news is pretty fantastic too. their new stuff is pretty damn good but their old stuff is where it's at, so head that direction if you give them a go.

sounds...interesting. nice and chill. not quite to my taste but it does seem like something I could enjoy when the mood is right.

an interesting idea, to be sure.

guess the textwall

lol what
I'm not gonna humour you too much but I can't help but respond at least once.
Dude, I've been here for a little while (as a participant) and I've already befriended a decent amount of people - and even when I first came along, nobody minded me at all.
Meanwhile, you've been around for a very long time and you're STILL nothing but a nuisance most of the time, doing nothing but posting shitty and annoying trolling. I mean, yeah, people have accepted your trolling, but it's still hilarious that YOU'RE trying to speak about someone else "fitting in" or whatever. I've never seen you fit into a community since you started shitposting in the pony threads.

did a huge ass dab before i left my friends house three hours ago



I am not for petting.

lick my nipples welma

i don't want to be a weird bdsm punching bag

it would be an honor mistress

or do you want to be the pathetic one in this purely sexual relationship.

i usually just do weed pills.

*wrong noises*

2 more tries

Option B please.

This will be my first birfday sex, so make it good~

well fuck you then, god

y not?

ill take boo on scootaloo for 500 alex

you'll agitate me and my spikes will extend.


one more try and ill reveal
hint: european


you will get what you get and you will like it

still you continue to hurt me...

that was a super pleasant back and forth thank you


a desu rant for the true daily double...

I agree. and the pleasure was all mine.

you failed dear sir, you failed miserably.

hey if you have no expectations then you cant be disappointed.

though on a totally unrelated note im told i have excellent stamina.

he was such a cunt.

its all I know how to do
im sorry moogy senpai



also aeris out of leftfield...

they're a defense mechanism. you don't have them? you should get something, otherwise you can't protect yourself from predators.

you need to learn how to love. not every girl wants to be spat on. just most.

I liked the cuteposting though

wow rude dude

No, I mean realistically you're not going to show up on my doorstep on my birthday to fuck my brains out, so I shall be receiving nothing like usual.

But, you're right about the no expectations thing for the most part. Until everything is disappointing.

Congrats on your stamina.

I knew him during a different time. anything he may have done since can't cancel out the things I've seen him do.

seriously... fucking aeris

you cant

I can. with my spikes. pay attention, luka.


Also, Moogs. If you do show up miraculously, use the back/side door cause I think we have a big yellow jacket nest under the front porch.


Wanna play?

why do you keep ruining my hyperlinks im going to kill myself irl


o hai jack...


I don't know what to do with my body but I can't find a way to lie down that is comfortable
And yet I'm going to pass out anyway and get something like rest

some things change

sir I don't make the rules, I just follow them


fucking knock yourself out with a hammer

sure. but not people who are cunts to their core.

if it'd turn your frown upside down i'd have more than just purely sexual desires to see it come to fruition.

i just seem to get you all sorts of hot and bothered. i won't bite unless you want.

Thx dad

Hai thar
Get Overwatch

You could LIE down six feet under

I like to lean on my right side
With my right arm under a pillow outstretched to my right
My left leg tucked up at the knee , rested lifted a bit on my guitar case in a figure 4 shape against my right leg, outstretched to the end of the bed
Left hand goes over my body to rest on my right

why love when you can hate?

we can make mad passionate love...

bite what? these nuts?

jack what is your battlenet.

oh you guise

what was so bad then

xxyyxx has some of the best lsd music there is

i would hope the former would be more desirable.

if thats what you want...?

Some sort of intimate human interaction might be the missing puzzle piece.

*shrugs* Just too scary to find a rando.

it's not really worth getting into. plus there's no need for it. everyone is allowed to have different opinions on people.

I platonically and romantically love XXYYXX

what are u gonna bite

thanks brah

ah well okai, just curious


it is, but also more unobtainable


I usually lie on my left side with my arm under the corner of my pillow and my head on my shoulder, my right arm in front of me and my legs flat on the bed

I have no passion

k no thnx

oh... you dont have to enjoy it

Listened to this song my first trip, and it transcended me. universe was turning inside out, fam

Happy payday

Ah, bollocks

pls no hackerings

maybe you want an actual boyfriend. not me obviously but like in general

your balls apparently. how hard do you want it. i can just nibble it a little i guess though if you want me to hurt you that will cost extra

nah its all over

there is just general hatred most people have for strangers due to like...apathy and the general annoyance of sharing the world with others. im rambling la dee daa

Nah I'm pretty sure that's a requirement

of course not.

already scraped your ip, gonna melt your router with this botnet i jsut rented

no it isnt...

bollocks is damn right

I do, yeah.

Or at least somebody to cuddle with. I haven't cuddled since I was 16.

I ra,nle all the time dont worry sbneapi

I've managed to enjoy every instance of sex I've experienced so far and I won't break that streak

we're compatible .////.

you and your OLD MUSIC

espagnol por favor

Have you heard DMT?

once you go sama, you never go.... something that rhymes with that

give this a listen during your next dmt trip

Front to front or back to back?
Because I also prefer to sleep on the right edge of my bed, facing away from the middle

you deserve better. would you be little spoon

are you having a seizure
are you okay


I guess that just makes you the ltitle spoon

Revy give hugs

Probably small spork, yeah.

drank a but much, myu bad

no spikes

front to back revy... we spoon while i poke your behind with my erection as you try to sleep

pretty sure it's the first song of his i heard

well then don't startle me.

cute Anna~

i am struggling to imagine what a spork would be equivalent to.

like you half scissoring me maybe

what are you drinking

That and this both have such heavy Clams Casino feel to them
With that big grand
Palace caravan Feel to them
like a bunch of elephants are having a parade

doesnt work like that

I just figured it would be like spooning while forking ;p

Anyway, chat me up on steam if you feel like it. I'm going phone-mode.

k so, vry good taste in music my dude

whiskye and dr pepper

i dont have your number

what a manly man

that's exactly how it works.

Gonna do a bit of morning stuff and we can begin, 15, 20 mins tops


*shoots them*

funny i had you pegged for classic rock or country...

only the manliest
well its cheap apprently
I still cant buy it legally

oh i didnt know you were so little.


I can get down with some country, though it's usually pretty specific.

you can't shoot them. that doesn't even make sense. all you're doing is shooting me. do you want me dead, luka?

Been called in to work after all, curses and hellfire

pew pew
i shot your spikes!

u cant die

maybe another time then... :(

im 20, kiss myu ass you fuck

...im kinda the same with country

now you're just being ridiculous.

awww are you sure you want to mess around with an old cougar like me?

no u

Yeah man. All genres have the potential to be good.

please, you are like 4 years odler than me, thats not a big deal
ur plenty qt

nice meme jack

except fuckin house

im not that old...

I dont know how old you are
I just know you look fine, baeb



we are a kit clsoer than we though

lol definitely not feeling this band. Uppermost has some pretty decent songs that bring back a lot of memories. Kygo really fucked the house genre with his tropical shit that all sounds exactly the same.

have you done anything other than get drunk

like weed or dextromethorphan


nah, just dirnking
not caring about missing a key or two

lmao @ dxm
robitussin my nigga
trpile c's my dood

im out... time for bed. lates

ah cool cool.

general pharmacy cough syrup is like 5 bucks fuck name brand

sorry senpai
get me weed and we can talk winky face

sleep tight my sweet

do you seriously not know how to buy weed from people

where are you again

madison wisconsin

to lazy to go outside and emeet dealers

you are 6 hours away. wisconsin weed laws seems shit too

you can buy it online, though, i am in no way endorsing buying illegal substances.

I cant and wont cus im not an idiot

they are based aon the city that pulls you over p much
the one I am in is bitches a bout it


you gotta fill those quotas

yeah, its pretty annoying

I keep myself clean cus they target faiggots

if only it was legal

After about 2 weeks I've finally learned the note-age for Yes's 'Mood for A Day'
I'm really excited : )

i go out fucked up all the time. its possession and driving under the influence that gets you

hair keeðs getting stuck in headphones when I take them off wrost part about porta pro

im to lazy to do that shit on my own
I need someone to drag me out


yeah its fun to have a driver and shit


almost as kawaii as getting glue stuck in your hair

driver blasting tool


hes a rough driver

so rough

I dont think I I want that kind of driver...

it can be hard at first but i assure you it gets more comfortable after a time

im sorry moogs, but I think we have different views of our drivers
you are much more wild than I

im all talk


you are just a bunch of lies bundled of in deceit
I dont know if I can look at you the same


you'll be looking at the back of my head


its focken cold

20° isn't too bad.

naw it's like 16 now and dropping fast, i'm cold shhh


yo wot

below 10 is cold. a couple jackets and a bonfire is nice.

naaaaw 2cold 4me




Go to bed MFF


can't. not gay enough.

what da fucccck

dont traumatize the aussies please

shoot white man in city nobody pity

shoot black man in ghetto and no one forgetto




poor teddy bear



hold that alien back nigga hold him back, whose posting faggot shit i'll fite you cunt


gross get that masturbating homeless man off of the fucking train dude

thin ice
for real

nah, 1st class for him

tok help me yo



thats a good one
that meme

loooooooool, i actually laughed 10/10

tsuchi is a ranger?


Cute boys in cute dresses.

God I wish that were me

Hory shet



Who knew

expand dong




what in da fuck


i knew
lots of people knew

I thought non-genetic brown people were a white people meme, not azn meme.

why are you a sideways frenchflag tok and ikt sheeesh

I guess he's trying to avoid being a murderer.

Don't talk to me or Erin's dogs ever again

I asked the dog if he has ever been shot by a cop and laughed
I guess he got triggered

Black labs have it hard

sup soto you gatomelon cunt


sup dags how u been?

there's a lot of asian culture you might not know much about.


eh aight and shit, same old i guess aha.. wby, still working at that fruit/veg produce place




Bitch I'm so Asian I don't know what a proper western evening meal is.


here in America we usually eat about 1 and a half whole cows with a side of buttered salted potato skins soaked in bacon grease

gdi emi source that fucking claim about the 7850


hi niggy.


Holla Forums your 24 hours is only 12 hours or something long.



If Loco was here, he would save this.

bananas are great


That's lewd.


And now my scrollwheel squeaks when I scroll up.



Rolled 2 (1d2)bowl b4 bed
no bowl

What is Ikts do?

Bowling before bed sounds exhausting, go for it


Being lazy. What is Loods do?

Considering if I should fap before doing laundry

Fap into laundry!

That's really stupid Ikt




Making a folder of him.

huh... weird
why is Holla Forums crashing today?
images wont load
posts wont go through most of the time


Works for me (TM)


buthe only makes like the same one face all the time

You guys are still up? ;3


No I just woke

Euro hour is every hour

Ihas not been asleep since we carried


Neru whyyy ;;

Sleep is lovely



butt now

I have been wake for like 16-20 hours

ishbed I think

after tootbhrush




I wish bumblebees were the size of coaches and you could ride them

Good morning everyone



You lewd student

I changed my modules to take "Machine Learning" next year I hope it's not too difficult v_v


What kind of machines?

Casper is so social
He gave me a call on my morning commute

Are you going to develop a British version of Skynet where it'll enforce tea on the whole world, and replaces the nuclear payload of all nukes with tea?


eetis a pretty big field



This is some prime content my dude

Speaking of prime content
How are you

Why tractors?

Couch, you silly

I'm okay?

how are you?


coach potato

just the person i want to see when i wake up. good morning my darling


good morning daddy


Oi are we ever going to play OW again?

Very Tycho-esque. good.

how did you sleep pumpkin?

Combine harvesters

Yes, do you want to be exempt?

Other people taking it wrote "Lecturer is like the god of machine learning."
But also "Exam tricky, and technical."
I think I'm screwed :c

What does a Machine Learning expert do?


the money right now is in researching cheap ways to make subsaharan africa tillable

There's money in 3d printing intelligent farm equipment because they can make it over there on the cheap.

Feeling good. Got a full 7 hours of sleep and used this vertical folding method to organize my underwear
Got like 50% more space from it


Make moneys
Acquire lolis

Good except I woke up a couple of times in the night and the pillow i normally keep between my thighs had fallen out

I hate it when that happens because it makes me feel alone.



That sounds really neat.

Y-You got it wrong, I meant this kind

Very solid plan.

Best outcome.

That's so much worse.

Body pillows are pretty good for cuddling, plus you can (ironically of course) get a printed anime sleeve to put over it. I have two dakimakuras.

Now you can stash more coke in there right

I'll upload a pic of my underwear drawe for you

mmmmm if you know the prerequicites and read steadily throughouugh the course it should be fineee

even having to review prerequisites with enough efforts

I tried that once, it was pretty comfy
But keeping track of more than a couple of pillows at once like that is annoying

I just grip my big old bamboo shredded memory foam pillow when I sleep

will you be my body pillow?

Wtf is this
Just deliver my dragon dildos already


I have a pillow like this

OOOOK is bedtim now nana =w=


That reply wasn't even meant for me


I-It's just a joke! I haven't r-really ordered sex toys!

In case you haven't noticed, I'm more of a big spoon. I'd only cuddle you for chiropractic support, though.

Post results tho

I was joking. If I ever feel like having something between my thighs I use my quilt.

dargon dildos are pretty colourful they would probably make pretty legit art


Lol oh

Talking to friends before I sleep helps to stave off the loneliness

The Phrase that Pays

Whattap throd?

plus they're pretty funny to just leave on shelves and NEVER USE THEM

subtle probably ordered anime figurines

Imo that's worse

At least dildos have some use.


Hey guys, it's me! Video game dunky!



o shit waddap

What do you have in there besides underwear..

Well it is weeb related so I probably will ^^
I am worried though 'cause it has the wrong postcode on here

loco guessed it

That's sweet. You're sweet.


I'll have the spaghetti and meatballs.

Lucio comin' atcha'


Belt, scarf, ties, india ink that fell in there, deodorant.

The elastic went in those undies pictured I should really throw them out.

A man has to do what he can to avoid that horrible state

Fold your pantsu

Maybe that's why it can't be delivered?

EU Squad should play League again tonight
I'm off for now, lates

Pls no laff

i wonder how bad lucio's hair smells



Oh wait subtle that was a mislink

I meant
for grim

Name come back



I think they are just lazy

Sounds like a plan
Take care ^^

Grand Theft Auto? More like GAY TRANNY ANAL

Boris Johnson was furious when President Obama said he thought Britain should remain in the EU.

Boris's response was to call the president "part-Kenyan" with an "ancestral dislike" of Britain. Johnson, in turn, was accused of racism.

I took my pantsu off and folded them.


Can you shoot it up.

He suggested the Queen must love touring the Commonwealth because she's greeted by "cheering crowds of flag-waving piccaninnies" and that in the Congo, Tony Blair would be met with "watermelon smiles".

Don't you need those

Hahahaha I wonder... There could be some fun to be had.

Atleast Gove has been gutted.

Et tu, Gove?

Not when mom and dad aren't home.

Holy fuck I love this game
I wish they would make a sequel

;_; I was stung by a bee

Shame bees arent venomous

The bee is dead now..

it was a wasp idk where it came from I stepped on it and my foot hurt it looked still alive

Barefoot Neru?

Game time. Lates


Then good job.


I have returned

I do not think I will dieeee or the wasp

it does not look healthy though like it was inside my towel somehow and I stepped on the towel and idk how badly I stepped on it but it looks clumsy ;;

Where is Alice/Manaka?

I killed them.


Do you really want to see the world burn?

how2 tune ark for notebook quadro?


Whyhow is this still the active thread
And user-sama it's rude to say lewd things about a sleeping person

it really hurt for a moment though like I thought I misstepped and cramped but then I saw it and eeee

Iwill bed now


It's 4 in de middag

nobody is posting

shitty dead thread

d e a d


T-Thanks dad

but dad is the other poster

I did a thing in dead hours!