Holla Forums’s Therapy Session

I’ve been noticing an awful lot of psycho-sexual undertones in the most recent rhetoric of the far-right (cuckoldry, ect.), so I thought we should consider hosting an online therapy session for any Holla Forumsacks lurking here (you know who you are).

Please tell us about your background and possible events which you feel have led you to the views you hold now. Feel free to sound off about your insecurities, particularly feelings concerning sexual inadequacy towards other races. I'm interested and want to listen.

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archive.org/search.php?query=creator:"Yuri Bezmenov"

inb4 the Nazi posters spazzes out about arranged marriages again

Cuckoldry in the hood 2: Electric Bogaloo

Is your belief in a cultural obsession with interracial cuckoldry among white people primarily based on first-hand or second-hand experience?

I want to understand.

Cuckoldry is a simple metaphor for virtue signalling normies that were conditioned to believe that not being loyal to your tribe or just being an oversensitive doormat in general is something to be proud of. Justin Trudeau is a cuck, even though he might (might) not be jacking off to his wife getting plowed. If you think gender/identity politics, you're a cuck. If you think nation states are an obsolete idea, you're a cuck. If you think race goes only skin deep, your a cuck. Etc.. The fact that the porn industry is pumping out black on white films in irrationally high amounts is not the only thing that makes the word "cuck" so popular.

But isn't submitting to hierarchy the greatest sign of a cuck? Isn't a cuck somebody who pursues random spooks like "nation" and "race" while submitting to hierarchical relations a greater cuck than somebody who fights for their own personal liberation from relations of domination and subjugation?

Bootlickers are the real cucks. Left-individualism is the only non-cuck ideology.

Checked, but I think the question is which hierarchy is the right one and not whether hierarchy is right at all. There's naturally created (or god given) hierarchies, and there's those created by phony ideologies such as (cultural) marxism and the latter are being pushed upon us in order to replace the former.


You can laugh all you want but it's a thing. You should read some Yuri, bro. He has a decent outlook on things. If you like, also look into Walter Benjamin's and Adorno's connection to Comintern and things like Kinderladen that came from Frankfurt School circles.
'''0:02 / 1:03:15
Yuri Bezmenov (former kgb) Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society - Complete'''
archive.org/search.php?query=creator:"Yuri Bezmenov"

Speaking as a Marxist, it's a retarded conspiracy theory that stupid people use to connect things they don't like about liberals to some vague malevolent agenda of a state that was hated even within the left and no longer fucking exists.

Plus all Adorno did was criticize culture from a Marxist perspective, ie the same sort of shit that Zizek does.

>my God and nature diety is the right one. screw all of your fake research; we're going to emend your curriculum to fit the divinely revealed teachings of creationism!
Allegedly we're the one's pushing so hard for stuff.

You people are bigger internalized misandrists than feminists.

Oh please tell me which ones are natural. If your racial hierarchies are so natural then why were white bois building huts out of sticks and shit while ebil brown people and orientals were mapping the stars, building amazing feats of architecture, and expanding their empires? Or maybe your spooks can explain why the West enjoyed no appreciable advancement over the rest of the civilized world until they gained access to a vast new source of resources and wealth in the Americas? It's almost as if environment, resource distribution, and productive forces dictate the strength and prosperity of a society!

Not to mention the fact that stormcucks still can't explain how Jews can be inferior and still rule the world. If Jews by virtue of their intelligence and cleverness can dupe every other race into being their bitch then it sounds to me like they belong at the top of the hierarchy.

Or maybe you're just a bunch of bootlicking cucks who actively want to be ruled by somebody.

This is the most KANG tier shit I've read this week.

"Culture of Critique" by Kevin MacDonald provides an extensive answer to the question you weren't quite able to express coherently.

I bet the jews did this too.

The only reason white people became more prosperous and grew to dominate he globe is because of A) access to greater resources in the Americas and B) industrialization (which happened partially as a result of resources from the Americas). The West has only been truly dominant for about 200 years. If whites were just genetically superior it should have been much longer than that. Fuck you can't even really say that the West is the dominant power anymore, at least not like it was.


i could have been easily been the chinks

Is a white man who gets cucked by another white man any more or less shameful than a white man getting cucked by a black man? To be honest, it seems to say a lot more about the first man's sense of sexual inadequacy more than anything about the ethnicity of the second man. To me at least, a healthy and sexually fulfilling relationship seems a way more productive means to avoid getting cucked than trying to remove all potential sexual rivals based on ethnicity.

Why are you so insecure, Holla Forums?

Getting cucked by a white male is the highest honour a racially aware white man can receive. For the sake of the white race only the best and strongest should reproduce, and if that means that you will have to raise another man's children, then so be it - it's about putting your race ahead of your own interest.

Pseudoscientific nonsense. I can't find Kriegmans 50 page critique of it which I used to have, but he completely destroyed Macdonald's work. Macdonald's response was to avoid all criticism directly, complain about how long the critique was, and accuse Kriegman of fronting a conspiracy against him. Here's an example of Macdonald's intellectual dishonesty. web.archive.org/web/20010506135747/http://www2.h-net.msu.edu/~antis/papers/dl/macdonald_schatz_02.html

Just another example of an academic without integrity, just like "race realism".

This can't be real. This has to be a troll from someone on this board


This is better than your state mandated girlfriends thing.

nah, not even nogf nazi is this cringey

Explain to me why weak little cucks with speech impediments and problems making eye contact should pollute our genes by reproducing?

Survival of the fittest - even if you don't survive

so i get to fuck your wife? neat!

Neither of those things are genetic.

she hot?

Don't you ever want to have sex?

he's troll, maybe


This is how Holla Forums actually believes genetics work

Kek, you just skipped the Wiki, stumbled upon Kriegman's name and then proceeded to go gish galopp. As far as his credibility goes, just check out his own Wiki and laugh:
So much for your 🍀🍀🍀intellectual honesty🍀🍀🍀.

If they're not genetic, then you can overcome them through hard effort. If you fail to do that, then you deserve to get cucked. It's that simple. If you can't do anything about it because it's genetic, then you should be happy you're even getting to help your race prosper by being a beta orbiter. Either way, if you get cucked by a white man it's probably your fault.

Sorry, I'm 100% sincere.

Okay, so according to you I should set aside my own self interest for the sake of some kind of spook like fucking race? Holy shit you Holla Forumsacks are even bigger cucks than I thought

So if a black guy is cucking skinny weak shy white boys then why don't they deserve it?

Cause spooks dummy
How do you not get it????

Because it's polluting the white race, assuming it's a white woman. And anyway, white women wouldn't willingly engage in that behavior if it wasn't for Jewish media brainwashing, so it wouldn't be a problem in a proper WN society.

So jews are the real masterrace? I guess that makes sense.

But they clearly have superior genes if they fuck you. It's the exact opposite of pollution from your POV. It's enrichment

But if they are cucking white people out of existence by fucking all the white women then isn't that evolution in action? Doesn't that prove that blacks really have superior genes since the whites can't keep their women from fucking them?

What? Is this supposed to be a coherent response? You also ignore the links I posted, where a separate scholar shows how Macdonald mines quotes for ideological purposes. Anyway, here's Kriegman's refutation: yoism.reality-movement.org/pdf/KevinMacDonaldAndTheJews.pdf

Have fun reading through that, and try to structure a better critique than Macdonald did.

Great job not embarrassing yourself again with a bullshit response.
Yoism.org is a hoot, everyone should check it out

And fuck your gay mods for banning me all the time

uh, psychoanalyzing someone is just jewish tricks don't you know

E-everyone is a cuck except me! I-i'm a strong emotionally secure man!


I'm right wing and i have a bad case of desert fever


I don't get this picture.
t. someone who never reads books

What is with people and Freud?
Wake the fuck up folks. Freud died in 1939. Psychology has come a long way since that and there's lots of other theories. Why always bringing the washed up Freud?


Nazi's try to blame Adorno and the Frankfurt School for western cultural decay (cultural marxism). While Adorno and friends were actually writing about how the cultural decay we're seeing is because of capital corrupting the arts.

Are you to afraid to click on the link? "Oh no, the guy is involved in secular spiritualism. He must be wrong about everything even though he's referencing academics." Nice job embarrassing yourself, you can't provide a proper argument.

This is my shit.