Wewwwww lad!

david duke, the aut rights greatest keyboard warrior?

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I feel for tthis chick

She'll spend thanksgiving being asked by her family if the modeling career is going well and just trying to be as vague as possible about what gigs she got

This is why "white nationalism" is a political dead end

it's probably a stock photo

You're running on the rather wild assumption that she actually posed for the white nationalists and that's not just cropped from an unrelated photo

Enjoy getting arrested by the FBI for killing one of their assets

True, but I don't know why anyone would bother. Duke's a net detriment to any movement to which he would attach himself. Like Spencer he's a useful idiot who's only importance is in giving good soundbytes to the MSM with which they can terrify ordinary people and embarrass any movement with guilt by association.

it suck to find out your picture was included in one of david dukes bouts of autistic sperging.

it kills me how he's not aware of this.

is david duke just a dumber jared taylor?

There are surely hundreds of worthier targets that a 70 year old with nothing to lose could take down though

Raging narcissism does that

That's giving Duke too much credit 2bh

In this day and age I can totally see the Klan under a new leadership taking off and becoming huge again. Let Duke stay where he is.

Uh oh the FBI isn't going to like that

nah, modern racist think the hoods look gay, they also don't go into sperg outs over catholics


how can you take yourself seriously when you are actually emotionally swayed by these shit tier photoshops?

its just cringe.

modern racists, are hibernian shills confirmed

I just want to kill an old white man in my lifetime

I might as well go to lady Prison for killing David Duke.

sup Holla Forums

Prisons are great bastions of socialism, free meals, free housing, free healthcare. Focking paradise is what it is.



you mean free shit meals
a fucking cell
shit healthcare
is this b8?

No but I'm serious

why, kill when you can cyberbully into suicide.

It's better than that shite your mother cooks. I swear they have strawberry shakes that are like jelly. And you get free TV and pencils and shit and you get to pump iron all day long. Living the dream. Drinking straeberry shakes. Someone smuggles in a doobie and steroids. Bliss.

well like to avoid anal rape so…. no prison 4 me

That's just mean


Is that a bad thing? I'd bully tfwnogfnazi into suicide without a second thought.

Some people. but the average person?

I was being sarcastic anyways. Or maybe not. I would have to make sure the person had no soul and felt no pain, and fortunately the elderly check out for that.

we should tho. this is how the alt-right fucking grew.

then more people find Holla Forums, and become /oneofus/

i actaully feel bad for nogf nazi, we should get him a gf.

I know that I am a bitch, but I am not going to be that bitch.

That bitch isn't scary she's petty. A real bitch is one who leaves you alive.

Is there any thread anfemposting can't derail?

get help, psycho

If Americans could vote for me I'd probably be president from the negative attention

it would be so easy though.

are you no gf nazi?

no, i think somem of them might be Holla Forumslacks derailing threads

*some of them


No there's some D E V I L I S H things anyone can do if they want to take someone out of the picture, but I would never honestly do because I'd feel like shit.

Why do that when you could just call them an abuser over twitter and ruin their career reputation and have a bunch of people go crawl on their ass and the more weird they are the easier.

I mean, they'd be alive, but that would hurt more than words for years

how are you doing?

i guess id feel kinda bad if someone died cause of me

wanting to die as always

i too think of "joining the reaper"
do you try talking to girls anymore or have you given up?


I'm not saying do it to anybody, but someone like Molyneux or Spencer would be acceptable.

I don't. He's a pathetic faggot who will never get a gf because he doesn't really want a gf. He wants a fuckhole that will pop out babies and clean his house. Maybe if he stopped blaming women for being too barbaric to be with a guy who sees them as mentally deficient he's get a gf. At the very least he wouldn't come off as such a faggot.

You're not on my team faggot. If given half the chance you'd stab me in the back the second some racialist socdem promised you a state issued fuckdoll.

theres this book you might want to read



lonlyness is one of the worst things, i have felt this, so i sympathise with him to a degree

You just hit the pleasure receptors in my skull to imagine being the girl who killed Stefan Molyneux

we wuz the suns of odin and shiet

fuck molynuex. but duke is an easier target he has things that we can exploit.

I'm lonely too dude, I just don't go off on rants about how women are too stupid to choose a civilized guy like me or whatever.

Imagine if he killed himself during a stream or something. Gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh.

Why not both?

I can't try to talk to girls because I'm too ugly for girls to want to get to know me in the first place. There's one girl I may approach without knowing her, but I don't think it will go too well.

You have too much hate in you, it clouds your logic. Even if you don't agree with me, you shouldn't have fantasies of me suffering.

i don't know if we could he (molynuex) seems to have a decent opninion of himself.
but the way duke writes, it just seems like only a brainwashed or selfhating individual could write like this

Nigger this ain't star wars, stop talking like a fucking faggot.

That's why we do Duke first and slowly crush Molyneux.

thats no way to think. you might not get the 10/10 qt3.14 but you could find someone nice. try talking to this, girl. just start out with small talk.

how could we get to molynuex, we need to find his insecurities

He's got mommy issues and his wife left him. Work from there.


thats some issues

holy shit lmao the same people who watch this shit talk about how women have daddy problems this daddy problems that

Look at this man.

Unlike Zizek, you can listen to one of Duke's podcast for more than 10 minutes without feeling like you're listening to a mental patient.

he also has this strange obsession with,leaving your family. and parenting.
like if your in his entourage you must, leave your family. he even has form letters

wait this man has a podcast?

also i doubt it

Yeah, DD sounds more like a retard. I do like the sound of his voice tho

He has a youtube channel and a website
Once you get over the fact that he's an ebil nadzi, he's pretty interesting and easy to listen to.

i've read his tweets he sounds like a sperger

Because you're probably a mental patient

"Nationalist", tribalist, ethnic based 'socialists' are not worth listening to, any more than "neoliberals" (capitalists).

All they do is pervert the message of say, a socialist angle or the aim and goal of a communist state of society into myhos and diversions to ignore the economic issues. (much like most idpol)
It's kind of like… you have an idea, it's real, but then there's this other guy - he sees that you garner support and that your message makes sense… he wants that. But he wants to be on top, and not actually change anything. So he copies your messages, perverts it ever so slightly, and diverges it from its core.

That's 'natsoc'. That's 'right wing' so called 'populism' (as well as the very much right wing in charge posing as being 'left' by making the only difference between the left and the right on whether or not you support gay marriage, nevermind capitalism)
It obviously fosters and plays into exactly the type of 'opposition' they want to exist, as well… suddenly anti-establishment say, in the example I brought up, means being against gays, etc.
Everything to cloud the actual issue. Actual democracy. Actual people power. Real material equality.
These people are not worth listening to. The 'nuggets of truth' that they gnaw on and mold into their own misdirection is just that - misdirections, perversions. You'll get nowhere listening to someone like David Duke.

One of the issues is that many of the 'left' who have swallowed the opposing bullshit 'left' side, feel that this is the real battle, and also ignore the issues that are being perverted, for their own even more fantastical version (ethical capitalism, etc.)
David Duke is someone who, just as so many others, might fashion a theory that might seem like a critique of capitalism, but all he does is fashion it out of his preconcieved notion of what is actually the root of it. And in his mind, the root issue of capitalism (or monarchy, or democracy, or dictatorship, or anything) is not capitalism, but a specific group identifiable by something other than their adaption to the system in which they reside in doing something 'wrong' to those that live within it based soley on tribally attributed affinities and sympathies. He's a monkey.

Nothing stopping you



That was a very impressive display of autism.


Go gaslight somewhere else faggot.

how is this autistic

He's a butthurt Nazi, obviously.



I was talking about the guy calling autism, not the post itself. The post is good.

yep, dukes a sperger

I'm imagining a bunch of 20 year old skinny fat communists high fiving each other and missing hands.


someone who can't manage more than a couple percentage points in an election in the Deep South is irrelevant

Hes an old man using the internet, what do you expect?

doesn't mean he has to read like an overly edgy teen.

we have cringesthreads of alt-kikes here all the
time, they are less relavant than duke

He's been around long before the media started drumming up this bizarre "alt-right" propaganda to try and deflect the blame away from just the actual right wing and capitalism itself.

but no, david duke has embraced the aut-right


To think this guy prides himself in being reactionary.

i used to when i was a teen into conspiracy theory.
he used to make some epic jew conspiracy vids.
not sure what he's up to now.