How can we fix the gaming industry, comrades?

How can we fix the gaming industry, comrades?

Early Access Games have DLC now for fucks sake.

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Seize the means of game production

What do you think. The only times gaming was ever good was times of great simplicity or enormous intervention

The spaces between have always been filled with shit

It's just Capital and thinking it can be fixed is stupid. It's always going to be filled with military recruitment material and fps shit

Piracy ain't free…wait, nevermind…

boycotting these companies?


Is EA the Stalin of videogames?



The problem with the games industry really is capitalism's problem. The declining rate of profit is what causes publishers to do their ever-increasing nickel-and-diming crap as well as just about all the other anti-consumer shit in the industry.

Encourage developers to form cooperatives as a start.

Just Cause 3 is pretty much what Mercenaries 3 would've been, except with more destruction and nukes.

Shame they ruined it with Denuvo.

I always thought Mercenaries was miles better than Just Cause

By growing the fuck up and stop playing video games.

and what would you suggest as a hobby oh enlightened one

See flag

back to r/socialism friend

make the open source games you want to play?

workers don't have the time for that user, come on

What video games are out there these days that are actually decent to begin with

not really the same as 'video games are for kids', we just need to get rid of all the braindead 80s kid numales who are currently taking over the industry

There are still decent games out there albeit rare

but if a game is open source you can potentially leverage a lot of, um, workers to help out.

Look, I like the idea of open source games but the prime example of them is OpenTTD, a game which looks and plays like it came from 1995. It might have its fans but let's face it, modern games take a steaming shit over it.

I thought 0AD and Xonotic were the prime examples?

0AD is graphically polished though it doesn't has terribly innovative gameplay.

Reading. Writing. Hiking. Biking.


Yeah, because your WoW skills will totally translate over into meatspace after the revolution, right?

I play Insurgency :^)


This is like looking at a graveyard full of beloved friends and family members.

More like the Pol Pot of video-games 2bh

Don't forget that tabletop games exist! I got to play Bloc by Bloc last night, and it was great.

No shit nigga.No.

You stop giving them money.

You don't fix shit.

All this "reforming", all this "demanding" is bullshit PR from the industry itself.
You don't like something , stop fucking buying it.

Don't fucking :

Buy the product.
Consume the media that panders to your disfranchisement.

Like nigga, don't fucking buy it.

through socialism

like, duh.

Video games just might be the lowest form of art. It's probably beaten by anime but it's pretty close.

but games aren't just art they're games

a painting is nice to have and all but it isn't a game you can play

Yeah looking at the state of the modern film and comic book industry I don't really believe that.

By not partaking in it.

If we're gonna be picky about it then literature isn't in a great state either, just look at the bestsellers list, it's literally all mummy porn, terrorist action books by fake SAS/Navy SEALS and trashy serial killer thrillers. At least popular games have a more varied array of genres than popular books

That is not even your biggest problem. Steam is much more horrible.

I kind of want to get project zomboid since it's only 15 bucks but the idea of >paying for an incomplete game makes me physically ill.

I don't they think are actually proper games. It's more like a pre-programmed babysitter as opposed to games where players themselves enforce or break the rules.

Is crowdfunding socialist? If not, could it lead to socialism?

Open source seems to be (and not just for games) fundamentally incapable of anything more than imitation. The only open source game I can think of that isn't a 1-1 clone of an older commercial game is Battle for Wesnoth, and it's still basically a hodgepodge of features (including the art assets, until recently) stolen from commercial games.

No. Giving people money is not socialism. Giving people money with no guarantee that they will ever actually deliver what they promised is idiotic.

no and no

Crowdfunding is welfare for capitalists.

especially considering whoever you give money to just keeps whatever they make anyway

it's fucking bullshit

Modding communities are still going strong across many games, new or old. Valve+Bethesda's paid mods were shot down pretty quickly.

this time

Create games using free software and release them under GPL

This. Open Source is bourgeois.

OpenTTD is way the fuck more complex than the original Transport Tycoon Deluxe. And what's wrong with a nice overhead 2D game? Are you one of those 3D shitters who insists that converting the sprites to fugly 32-bit-per-pixel models made in Blender actually make the game better?



This was a long time ago, but I recall reading on the forums that a number of sprites were rips. For instance, I forget what, I think either FFT or FE, but the old troll sprites were ripped from some Japanese SRPG.



EA is what happens to every firm when they grow past a certain size. They become inefficient, inept, and incapable of handling consumer input but the profitable revenue models embraced during the early days will see the firm through to the bitter end.


Crowdfunding is ancap, still the only future for media if we are to expect any rise in quality.