AnFem Slider of Threads

Stop replying to this shit dammit. Just ignore it.

This is the 900th time we've had this thread and I've never been banned.

If you aren't yelling autistic hail mary's at the moderation team, who are you yelling at


Anfems are usually the best posters t b h

Yes, anfem flag and quality posting is correlated. Therefore we should all adopt this flag to improve the average quality of our posts.

I completely concur and am not same fagging at all.

I'm curious though, how do you think I slide threads

Aren't you sliding them by getting insanely upset at insults you in any other circumstance would use anyways

anfem is definitely one of the board's better posters imo. i just read through that thread i posted about idpol and her contributions were a lot better than some of the shite that post brought out.

sliding is a spook

this, along with the Fedora guy

some leftcoms were pretty good too but they got frustrated and now only shitpost memes

You are all from leddit, right?

who gives a fuck about reddit

that's more pathetic than posting here

There's more than one anfem

right but one has a pretty distinct posting style

r u talkin sht on my favorite fuckig website m8?

Anfem nitpicks a lot for autistic and irrelevant reasons instead of moving the debate forward with legitimate criticism. I think she (mis)read a lot of Derrida.

It took you at least 20 posters who do this to complain about one.

Why does leftypol even have shitty flags. Isn't the whole point of anonymous images boards to stay anonymous? Why do we deride tripfags and avatarfags but flagfagging is okay? All it does is bias me to a post, the people posting with anfem flags I pretty much ignore now. If you really want to get an argument across do so by the merit of your words not your shitty ideology flag.

Because this one wears a flag while engaging in lengthy deconstructions that deliberately miss the point just for the sake of responding, so her autism is noticeably consistent. The rest seem like occasional retards that relatively quickly realize what they said is irrelevant to the argument.

makes it easier to have theoretical discussions

We have flags because all boards have flags because we're having fun. Quit being a buzz kill.

Are you actually analyzing my posting brand for signs of autism, Captain Autismus

I hope that I'm this autist you're talking about.

that is a really cute cat butt

I don't fucking know.

I might actually write a script which hides all flagposters. The quality of the board would probably improve.

She's a good one.

Bait will only be that much harder to detect for you.



I was just saying kitty because its a cute kitty.

I don't mean hiding the flags. I mean hiding the posts made by people who use flags.

I know what you meant. You seem to be under the impression that Anonymous cannot bait.

Yes ma'am.

I'm surprised there already isn't a built-in option to hide by flag i.e. "Add filter > Flag"

shitposting in leftypol as UsuaLLLL

I can't help myself…
Holla Forums loves the bait~

Leftypol wouldnt be the same without shitposting, its like denying shit! If you put a buttplug up your ass and contain the shit you will eventually die youknow. Boom dead by shit, no revolution anymore.