what was the most aesthetic war?

what was the most aesthetic war?

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Cold War

Ah, yes, I believe it was Benjamin who said that men are so alienated that they now experience their own self-destruction as the highest aesthetic pleasure.

My top 3 would be…

With honourable mentions for WW1, Zulu War, and Boshin War.

Does anyone have Soviet–Afghan War webms?

Soviet military was A E S T H E T I C in that war

Yugoslav Wars, by far

WW2 was the most /fa/ war because of SS uniforms

American Civil War? that's on odd pick

Prehistoric tribes fighting each other


fascism is the aestheticization of violence, ww2 maxed out the violence


War is aesthetic up until you die. In Iraq we have big posters of fighters who were killed literally everywhere like pic related. I mean literally thousands, plastered on walls and streets. Like a small commemoration of sacrifice and basically the only thing they leave behind.

Fascism is the aesthecization of politics, not violence.

I have this one

My favourite wars:

Aesthetic tier

General interest tier


Why? Union uniforms and Gatling guns were pretty dope.

Is that Channing Tatum?

Yeah, and then you had the zuaves, the cavalry officers, and all the crazy facial hair.


Yes they are rather garish. I have no idea how people get so taken in by them.


Italian fascists are more about aestheticizing violence. It was a core element in futurism, the Arditi, and the Squadstri. Violence was glorified above all other things. In fact, Mussolini was relatively peaceful by Fascist standards, with the other fascists being even more violent and wanting no coalitions with the King or the Socialists.

Hitler and the Hitlerist Nazis tended to be artsy types that wanted to paint or build a pure, perfect Germany, almost as if the country is a piece of art. Violence was just a means to the end for the Nazis. Violence was THE end for the Fascists.