Socialism =/= government

One of the most obnoxious and oft-repeated false cliches is that socialism means government run.
Post all the images you have that I can post to dispute/attack/ridicule this annoying shit. I only have these two.
OC is welcome.

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But I lived under communism in Poland and I hated the big state and lack of freedom so I'm a fascist now!!1

oh shit you convnced me i change my mind

Not as bad as "Human Nature!!1"

I will see you your supposed childhood in Poland and raise you a high strung old Cuban man living in Florida. Beat that if you dare.

I still don't understand that.
It seems to imply that humans are competitive and therefore capitalism, but that's actually a comment on markets and it basically is the same argument as socialism=gubiment

Pls explain

I was literally killed in south America by a CIA backed coup, capitalism cant work my friend. :^)

I love that second pic only quotes wikifuckingpedia. Like, what's the best way to teach dumbshits about an ideology? LEL JUST USE WIKI ISSI RITE

Is that you Comrade?

Well, in the meme understanding of these things socialism = government owns everything and people just magically work together unselfishly, and that's why you need a market economy, which they think is the same as capitalism

It is.

But socialism is government: government of things, as opposed to government of people.

What's worse is that the argument goes that because humans are naturally selfish then socialism can't work. But if humans are naturally selfish then the logical thing to do is implement a system where their selfishness can cause as little damage as possible rather than one where it can run rampant. So their human nature argument actually is an argument for socialism.

dumb user

It isn't tho

What did he mean by this?

How else would you call an economy in which everything is produced for trade rather than for use? Because that's what "a market economy" literally means.

Nice bait and switch

You know, openly discussing communist theory on Holla Forums doesn't exactly qualify as bait.

What does that mean?

Meh, that was too blatant

Yeah because it is not intended to be bait for anything. So it's blatant. Just like any regular post.

Seriously, what does that mean?