Can you legally have a "paramilitary"? Assuming you don't BUY anything illegal...

Can you legally have a "paramilitary"? Assuming you don't BUY anything illegal, are you allowed to give people combat training, training in martial arts, shooting lessons, to have classes about guerrilla warfare and strategy, etc?

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Yes, but expect to have feds and informants crawling up your ass by the boatloads within seconds of saying "hey let's start a militia."

You have antifa already

Good luck

how do you do it where you trick some foreign power to give you a lot of money, but not actually do anything and not even have a real group?

You in the US? Talk to the Russians

You in the middle east? Talk to the Americans.

This is not strategic. The "revolutionary cells" model is a lot more effective, IF you practice really excellent security culture. OP pic is cancer in terms of military strategy in the 21st century. Think "gangs with high-technology and expropriative power", not "lines of workers trying to outflank the whites".

found the aynclap disinfo shill

not illegal, but you will be infiltrated by US intelligence agencies or law enforcement agencies, they will then try to get you to commit terrorist acts, to the point of supplying you with arms, and stopping you at the last second.
The FBI loves to do that

This. To be effective a commie tsunami would have to be "anyone could be a commie - your neighbor, your dog, even you!" instead of some kind of flag-waving force.

Also this. Anybody have the webm of that FBI agent trying to infiltrate Holla Forums for some "child pizza"?

Yeah, but as others have mentioned, you can expect to be infiltrated by the alphabet soup agencies, and the second you do or say anything they consider illegal or seditious they'll land on you like a metric ton of lead.

Name a successful example of what you're proposing. I'm not even asking rhetorically, I'm not that clued up on that stuff.

in the US, yes. everywhere else, no

I'm not sure I can offer an example of this specific thing - nor can I think of a period of history where the conditions were comparable. The present seems like something of an anomaly in a ton of ways.

Imagine part Viet Cong, part 1% biker gang, part Conspiracy Cells of Fire / ALF / ELF.

If you want to learn some shit you can try to get in contact with Mr. Bayo. He's made himself scarce, but I hear he's had a couple of students already. He posts on here sometimes. Could also be a fed, though.

I need to see this.

start a "rifle club

Y'all motherfuckers need to download the do/k/ument. Be ready when shit hits the fan comrades.


i heard a story on /k/ were they were investigating militia, and one of the guys puts forward a plot to kill a judge, half of the guys say yes other half say no, they get raided and it turns out all of those thats said yes were undercover cops, from various agencys

Wish we had a /leftyk/. Browsing /k/ on 4chan gets annoying.

Don't take the do/k/ument as gospel. It's full of bad information along with the good.


Oh how I wish, but shit's EXPENSIVE, man!

agree. 4shit /k/ is just a lot of bad circlejerking, cringe, Holla Forums, and Holla Forums

We could do weekly thread




How do i study and practice these?

read them
learn them
apply them

I'm working on that myself. I would keep reading these along with your more traditional anti-capitalist theory: M-L, An-Com, Left-Com, we're all allies in the struggle against the bourgeois state. Start talking to people in your area. Get to know who they are, whether they're posers (the scratch-a-communist-and-a-liberal bleeds types) or truly committed to revolutionary struggle. Be cautious! Maybe you can all throw in some cash to purchase a few guns and share them as a group. Your militia should have ONLY the rounds most used in your country, eg. if USA then NATO rounds. Start with .22 rifle and work up from there. You can get those for around $100 bucks. Shotguns are a waste of time in my opinion. Also see pic attached!

I should add that you should only be practicing at this point. There will come a time for action but I don't think it's now. I also haven't come up with a good response to the massive air superiority that the US govt. has over guerrilla groups. The use of drones and high tech artillery have changed the game a little since Mao. Any suggestions other than storming armories to capture shoulder mounted anti-air?

Attack the civilian infrastructure necessary for the maintenance of air superiority. A $60B fighter is a $60B paper weight without the fuel, ammunition, parts, and tools to maintain it.

That's a good point. But the operational range of drones, fighters, bombers, gunships, etc. is much larger than they were in the past. It would still be difficult for a militia to deal that sort of blow without a massive network of support, no? Perhaps that's the thing to do now: to start building connections to people living near this type of infrastructure. People who would be willing to help a militia out when the shit hits the fan.

Also read this:

That's good shit. Great read!

I mean, in what order do i read them?

WAIT I need other people for this?

But why?


Weekly gun general would be fucking great.

sounds like bourgeois propaganda but ok

don't forget that oftentimes a portion of the military defect in order to support revolutions. not a bad idea to build CC among uniformed potential comrades

I support this

I'd say start from a purely defensive posture. Drill extensively, but make it abundantly clear that at least for the moment, the organization exists for collective self-protection against the fascists. Any offensive training should be phrased in terms of taking out far-right compounds or rogue military units if "law and order" were to break down. If you don't break any laws, any undercover operation against you will just become a resource sink, and law enforcement will eventually move on to something more fruitful.

A revolutionary cell model is inherently in conflict with the principles of socialism in theory and practice. If you fear the workers turning you in, the time is not yet right to act. Remember what Mao said about guerrillas being fish who swim in the water of the people.

This is also a good external cover.

The capitalists will sell us the rope we will hang them with, but no one said that rope was gonna come cheap.

The first tenant of aerial warfare is it's always preferable to destroy the enemy's planes on the ground.

As do I.

I also intend to at some point write up a rough guide to hypothetical military action based on anthologizing various sources on all sides of the ideological realm, but processed with the essentials of socialist theory in mind.

250+GB. Wtf is in this thing.

Pretty much fucking everything. It's so big that the magnet link is actually a torrent of another torrent file, since TPB couldn't handle it.

There are a lot of parts in it that are completely irrelevant, like an entire season of Upotte they stuck in there. Just disable the "Board culture" folder from your BT client and any other garbage.

28 gauge bump

yes its totally legal, but the feds will get ultra spooked and try to fuck it up for everyone…

the military spooks people, we need to fight that first