Race in the workforce

Why is it that people on here get so angry when people wish to bring up race or nationalism?
Pic related is where I'm currently working. The work is fine but the immigrants are not.
Most of them don't speak English so you have to get them to repeat about seven times and even then it's not very clear, the eat everything with their hands like savages and I mean EVERYTHING, they pick their noses and asses with no concept of public decency, they segregate the whites anyways so they don't get caught speaking Tamil which is against company policy, and they're some of the laziest fucking people I've ever met.
All these people really care about is free Healthcare, government paychecks, and how much overtime they can get which they get, sometimes, by purposefully messing up jobs.
How can most of you who are neets, college students, or retail workers even begin to say you care about the workers when you actively endorse policies and ideas that make our work environment a living hell?

Think to yourself who hired them and why, it sure as fuck wasn't because they get paid more


Most of them work for minimum wage or close to it. The company hires them because they're cheap labor and they don't give a fuck about safety, quality, or anything of the sort.

It's ridiculous the amount of times I've seen them stick their hands into running machines in the year I've worked there.

Regardless this doesn't answer my question as to why most people support policies to get more of these people in here and get assblasted when someone says they want their country to be a certain race.

Working with these people it's pretty clear they don't care about your political ideals and if it means they won't have the nanny state they'll probably vote against you anyways.

Go ahead OP, join the right wingers while they join la raza or a gang

surely that will fix the capitalists mode of exploitation

Instead of letting them antagonize you with feelings of resentment, why don't you try to organize them to improve the working conditions of everyone?

They're more likely to be terrorists and that's not to far of a stretch seeing as one of them has a brother who was deported for that exact reason.

These people will never bother with "breaking the chains" anyways, they just want to piggy back off of government plans that give them about an extra two thousand monthly.

They. Do. Not. Care.

That's just the fact of the matter and beyond that they can barely speak grade one level English. And it's not like they haven't been given opportunity, the manager of the place provides them the money if they take an English class and even tried to teach them for free but they never showed up and they've never taken the classes.

this is your brain on ideology

These Sri Lankans won't do this shit. And as I said, they're not poor, they make bank off of overtime and government benefits.

Because they're giving labor for your unthankful ass. You're a shit co worker

If you're a burger then public benefits fucking suck, the welfare queen thing is an absolute myth. Very few people actually get the bare minimum to live, most people on welfare still need jobs.

Like you said, they don't care. They are alienated from everyone else. The management can demand a shitton of extra labor from them and they will never argue.

And? In most cases they get paid less so it balances out. What's the point of even bringing up benefits if there's worse things the government does, and it hardly accounts for much

It's a Hoover Institute talking points thread

We are not liberals. Faggot.

There is nothing happening at your job, good or bad, that is not a direct result of capitalism. Period.

Because realistically, if they couldn't bring them here your factory would close.

Yeah, you really don't belong on a lefty forum at all.

OP probably brought his petit bourg ideals from home, and is the victim of the process of the "disappearing middle class." Mr. distinguished is faced with the conditions of the working class for the first time. Quite hillarious imo.

Wanting to restrict immigration is fine, it's something most people here would support. Too much immigration saturates the labour market, driving wages down and disempowering workers. It's a capitalist weapon and against labour. Not to mention it makes it easier to turn workers against each other like you're doing now. You may not like those immigrants, but ultimately they're in the same boat as you, and the only reason they're there in the first place is because Porky wants to be able to cut costs and is counting on you being too angry about all the immigrants to do anything about Porky himself.

I'd say most of the board doesn't want immigration to be restricted as much as we want to eliminate the need to restrict it to begin with.

People on here think that either you're a poor abused good-spirited working man who just needs a chance or a bloodthirsty capitalist who would murder babies for a buck.

Try to mention that there are problems with anyone who isn't a billionaire and prepared to be talked down to. They'll spit on you if they think you're questioning the worker's struggle. After all, to a commie, a 65IQ Sri Lankan is at the level of a middle class white man. You can believe it all you'd like but those missing-links aren't going to bother with your class struggle while they're gaming your welfare system.

What country you from OP?

Most of the workers here, even with low wages, get bank from the federal Canadian government. These people are driving newer vehicles than most people going to college ever will and it's all thanks to the fact that they get payed just to have children.

They don't get payed less, what are you even comparing their pay pay too? They get the same wages as the average worker, sometimes more if they have regional connections to the shift manager.

And besides all of that the government "doing wrong" doesn't matter to them. They could bomb their village back home so long as they get their paychecks.

I'd only agreed with the fact the factory would be fucked because of the way business works in the modern day.

I've had it with the bosses as well. It's day and night with them compared to someone who works for a living and doesn't have the welfare safety net. Watching the chick drive off in a new truck after taking a two week trip to Hawaii all on wages earned sitting in the air conditioned office while the rest of us are in the factory with one of our furnaces broken as the first snow falls is an eye opener.

The immigrants may be dicks but they aren't half as big dicks as the person who A) Brought them there in the first place and B) is cucking both OP and the immigrants out of the wealth they produce and treating both of them like cattle. If the immigrants are classcucks then that's their problem, but the solution isn't for OP to be an even bigger classcuck.

considering OP works with these 65IQ Sri Lankan's, yes

get of your ideological high-horse, cuck

OP is their coworker for a reason, famalam.

That's no surprise, then. The government is indirectly subsidizing exploitative business, sacrificing the public's money to maintain the economy. Neoliberalism at its finest.

No offense, but you're the one whose labor is considered of the same value. I wouldn't go around spouting race realism shit and then cry about how subhumans are threatening to replace me.

The problem with this logic is that the human garbage they import into our countries see us as the out-group. They will never join us no matter how hard we try to integrate them. They're extremely tribal, and would rather live in squalor among themselves than to join another culture.

Take out the incentives (like welfare and other government programs) and most won't come. They don't like us, they hate us. Thinking you can turn a bunch of 3rd world cogs into a united force as workers is a pipe dream. We need to get rid of them. Plain and simple.

If a man lets a wild dog into your house, do you join forces with the dog to attack the man? No, you kick them both out. Fucking idiot. If you keep the damn dog the man got what he wanted in the first place, to make your life shittier.

And the quality of labor decreases exponentially. Do you wonder why the government has to bolster these people so much? Crapitalists would first flood their factories with living feces if they produced some sort of product. It doesn't help the government is subsidizing these people, either.

I could say the same for the vast majority of Americans.

Why are you trying to get into a class debate when you refuse to acknowledge your coworkers are the working class as you are.

This is strictly subjective feelings being hurt, there's no substance to your argument besides the colored folk are here they stink

I'm sure you're really changing OP's mind here. Sorry, but I'm not willing to open the gates to a bunch of subhuman 3rd worlders because they can also drive a crane.

It hurts society in general, and if you're defending this shit you're just defending crapitalists cheaping out and letting society at large pay for the consequences.

The most insane stories I ever heard were from the Indians and Pakistanis who worked down on the old car plants in Birmingham.

Im talking full 40 on 40 fist fights on a factory floor. With tens of people having to be taken away in an ambulance.

The foreman had to schedule the entire jobs around keeping indians and pakistanis apart. Or making sure they at least didnt have heavy tools to hit each other with.
If an indian walked in to the pakistani area of the plant or vice versa, they were dead meat.

On the other hand, the indians and pakistanis were really cheap labour.

To the people berating the guy for the Autism Level comment I just wanted to state that I had actually worked in a relatively white grocery store coming out of high-school as I had little to no idea what I really wanted to do for a career. I took the factory job afterwards since I enjoyed the physical labor, it always feels good to get sore and sweaty working.

As it stands I'm keeping the job for the next year or two if nothing pops up and then heading off to the Depot to join the rcmp.

Hate to break it to you, but this is just step one. Working conditions and compensation at your employer will only get worse and worse because the immigrant workers will never resist the changes.

We get it, you're bitter. You still sound like a raging edgelord.

If it wasn't good enough the company would shitcan them. Period.

It's pretty amazing. "I'm better than them even though they don't speak my nation's language and they can perform my job fresh off the boat".

There's nothing wrong with physical labor at all, our point was that he was being a delusional retard for feeling superior to someone with the exact same work.

So just fuck it then? If you don't think that the workers will never unite and overthrow the shit system, why even defend a bunch of foreigners coming in to be exploited by it in the first place?

Because they are a lower tier than me and my group. The world is not divided into "poor innocent workers ;_; and big meanie capitalists". There's a whole spectrum of shit people I do not want to deal with.

Move to Sri Lanka then and continue to live in your mom's basement. Oh wait, their whole country is gutter trash compared to ours. Societies are made from the people who compose them. There's a reason no one wants to live around shitskins. Because they start lowering living standards. There's a reason world average Autism Level is dropping like a brick.

And how do you quantify that? See this kind of thinking, that's so loose, is why you're working alongside the "lower people". You think you deserve better than the working class but clearly you're not college bound if it means anything

becase capitalism suffers from internal contradictions that force it to create a surplus of labour and to exploit workers

cappies and goverments are one single entity

yes it is, your post prove so

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Your wild dog analogy is flawed. The capitalist is the dog. Both you and the immigrants are being equally exploited by the capitalist, he's the antagonist. The immigrants are just products of his system and attempts to cut costs. Whatever these immigrants take in welfare is a fraction of a fraction of the wealth stolen from both of you by the capitalist.

But it is. Either you sell your labour for a living or you don't. Simple as that. Those that sell their labour are exploited by those that don't, regardless of where their from and what colour they are. From an economic and practical standpoint they are in the same boat as you, you're just too much of a classcuck to see it.

That's exactly my point. You don't want to have common ground with them because, as you have repeatedly demonstrated, you simply hate them as people and cannot even see them as human. That is your problem, not ours.

And even if they have no incentive to do so, it is ultimately because of capitalism: maintaining the status quo at the expense of taxpayers.