Bluepill me

Im at the point where I'm evaluating whether or not to go full on conservative. Save me, convince me that the left hasn't destroyed itself.

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The left isn't destroying itself, it's just barely hanging on. It was mutilated by the right and is being stomped on by the centrists.

Just look at Bernie, Zizek etc crushing idpol and even Salon jumping on the bandwagon. The future is looking brighter.

Every single talking point that is Conservative American has been engineered by The Council on Foreign Relations and The Hoover Institution, and the Democrats aren't much different.

They are made up of everything from ex-military brass to beyond wealthy baby boomers who were the offspring of entrepreneurs. And they all become lobbyists and turn to become politicians, or vice versa occurs.

If you want to repeat ideas filtered down from above, you would become an American conservative, but realize you're just repeating Hoover Institution thought and strategy.

Legitimately most of the new right on the internet are falling for rhetorical problems indented by these people.

And what is your current political position?

Why would you want to become a conservative though ?


Zizek is the only reason I'm stopping to listen.

After these past two years? Honestly I don't know if I shouldn't be calling myself a conservative.

But who did you previously identify as? Centrist, neetsoc, socialist?

Democratic Socialist.

And what exactly makes conservatism more appealing to you when compared to democratic socialism?

Red is the color traditionally associated with the left. In fact it wasn't until the early '90s that news stations finally standardized on blue for democraps and red for republicunts. Everyone had used all their own random colors before that.

The term is redpill.

Why stop there?

Remember. We are not Hillary supporters, we are not liberals, we hate identity politics.

Progressives have made me red pilled, protesting legit elections.

Because some people don't want to surround themselves with the most naive and easily lead sacks of shit since Americans believed communists lived in the sewer systems

All these pills you take rectally.

I can see the last step backfiring on the right so hard

dirty commie talk


It's already too late to help you.

There was a post in this thread from earlier that has now been deleted for no possible reason I can think of. Can we get the vols to cut this crap out already?

pills are useless, check my flag

But shouldn't the truth survive?