What are Holla Forums's news sources?

What are Holla Forums's news sources?

As someone that has only recently started paying attention to politics I can't tell the difference between New York Times, The Guardian, etc. What are some news sources to pay attention to? Pic related is the only news I've ever read, honestly.

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Financial times
A bunch of leftist outlets that I can't remember off the top of my head

Breitbart is a famous leftist news outlet notorious for its fair reporting and journalistic integrity.


I hate the news. Have the stuff is made the fuck up, or posted only the "prove" the authors political opinion. I wish reporters would just report.

Sounds like some shit Michael Wolff said recently.

Breitbart is dedicated to minorities, particularly muslims.

i went to check it last week.
they had a story about this immigrant in Germany who beat his wife.
the link came from a legit German journal.

went to check the stats, in the US alone, 20 people are physically abused by their partner, 3 of those die everyday.
Brietbart didn't bother writing about those
obviously, they don't really care because most of those cases do not involve Muslims.

surprisingly, after lurking a bit on the rest of the front page.
all of the crime reporting happens to be caused by a minority.
the only positive article was about a white guy who was elected.

surprising huh.

as you may guess all the articles are heavily biased and the comment section is pretty much a Holla Forumsype circle jerk.


teleSUR, which is also available in English, here's the YouTube channel:

You sound like the sort of boob who says things like "can someone recommend me an objective history book on this topic? I don't want anything biased"

financial times

obviously every paper is going to have an agenda, but mainstream ones have standards.

Telesur is good. I'm also subbed to Russia Today an China's CCTV. They talk about stuff that the Western media doesn't, but just like the West you should take their reporting with a significant grain of salt.

Yeah god forbid that I'd just want the facts and be allowed to make my own judgent based on facts.

So are you the kind of guys that only reads things that are proven to be biased and full of lies?

NPR is absolute shit.

Democracy Now

Democracy Now!
The Real News Network

Richard Wolff's Economic Update is also a pretty dank aggregator.

NYT has a very consistent standard of half truth and half fiction.


The Guardian

The thing is there is no actually good news source. They're all stupidly biased in one way or another. I recommend checking out as many as you can – including outlets like Fox News, and then synthesizing the half-truths of these articles into your own truths.

This. Mainstream news get most of their articles from news agencies like Reuters. If you just want to know what's going around the world, without the filtering and the spin, and you're willing to dig around a bit, these are probably your best bet. Of course, if you want more local and lefty-specific news, you need to look for some leftist outlets (though most of them are pretty shit).

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I don't really care for news anymore, it's all TOTAL SHIT. I just go to propaganda centrals like the Guardian once in a while to see what propaganda tricks they're using on their readers that time of year and to bitterly laugh at them.

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Telesur fucking sucks arse. It's the left wing equivalent of Infowars.

For me, I generally get my news from many aggregators. Reuters, Foreign Policy etc.

Usually for topics I'm interested in, I'm quite in depth in communities that follow those events closely so I have quite a lot people I can just get first hand experiences from, like the Syrian Civil War and shit.

Anybody that trusts the Guardian for progressive news after how they've led the propaganda charge against Corbyn is delusional.

From the Guardians former Foreign Editor Jonathan Cook:

wew lad

Not user, but yeah, I'm searching for as radical shit as possible. Everything is propaganda, so I want to indoctrinate myself with consciously chosen shit instead of letting status quo propaganda slip into my mind.

These and:
The Intercept
International Business Times

I watch for the hell of it/supplementary:
Russia Today
TYT (I just cant stop at this point)
Al Jazeera

NPR was once good but has been tainted and now blatantly advertises products during supposed new stories. They also do conservative framing of stories. If you have to hear the car radio for more than an hour of a day I'd suggest Pacifica for political news.

The BBC/Guardian can be great for regular news if you take the UK/globalist bias under consideration.

Jacobin is pretty good. Legit socialist magazine, with articles of actual substance. It's no good for day-to-day news, but it's great for ongoing political and economic issues.

i like radio.uchile.cl

325.nostate.net for news of the insurrectionary world

Unicorn Riot.