Liberals are getting assblasted about this

it's like they are physically incapable of being self-aware


this is also bullshit though

if they had put actual effort into a class-based appeal they would not have lost Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan

Not surprised dems love playing victim as much as right wingers.

I'd say it's true. They not only ignored class issues in favor of idpol, but went out of their way to attack those who suffer most under the boot of capitalism on idpol grounds.

Because SNL is ONE OF THE GOOD ONES. Liberals are supposed to watch it only to hear about how right they are and how wrong everyone else is.

The issue is that they focused so much on identity politics (don't vote for Trump, vote for me because I'm a woman and he says to grab them by the pussy. He also said bad things about other minorities!) that they failed to make a determined outreach to the working middle class, especially with the knowledge Clinton has had close working relationships with the banks and Wall Street financial centers that made many lose their houses, insurance, etc. They also failed to really do outreach in key states where white working class folks are in the majority, sometimes going so far as to pull resources away to try to make plays on Arizona, Utah and Georgia.

To an extent it was a contributing factor. Remember Madeline Albright saying women were traitors to their gender if they didn't vote Hill Dawg? Her campaign went out of its way to alienate a lot of people.

I'm trans and I retweeted that because simply put the SJWs can't act like Trump people getting upset at SNL skits is unwarranted when they do the exact same fucking thing when they get made fun of.

I'm all for trans people being treated nicely but hypocrisy and tone-shaming has no place in comedy.

oh, not enough of a focus on economic and class issues, definitely, that's 100% true. but "Hillary lost because some girl on tumblr sexually identifies as a tomato and that alienates normal folks" is reactionary schlock. Hillary is horrid and she lost for many reasons, but "the average person is secretly transphobic, so their degenerate ways are what lost them the election!" isn't one

Not the silver bullet

Are you this retarded or just pretending?
Fucking nobody even implied that bullshit you're pulling.

Corey Booker sure as hell won't

Oh fuck off.

I don't think it was THE reason, but conservative media (websites, radio shows etc) sure as hell played up the culture wars of the last 8 years. Gay and trans people are everywhere and they're stealing your daughters out of women's restrooms. The most politically uninformed normie somehow was aware of this stuff, and I don't think dismissing it as weird internet subcultures respects what's happening.

To be fair I would say that was also a net loser for the democrats, there were probably more than a few fence sitters and former blue collar democrats so turned off by BLM and the endless lecturing about genders, sexuality, why it's ok to identify as sexually pantomatoamorphous that they voted R just to spite the other side.

I'm looking at the OP pic, which pretty openly says "Hillary lost cuz there are 2 many genders and tumblr is dumb xD". Now I've not watched the show and maybe there was some other context to this but I'm working with what I'm given.


it's a liberal fixation on language that's a part of the issue. Everyone else knows its trivial bullshit.

At this point, a blue checkmark might as well be the equivalent of how Holla Forums sees πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€parenthesesπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

Dude, it's a comedy sketch.

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