These leftists are so INTOLERANT

This is from the fucking Federalist but could come from Vox. Isn't it amazing how liberals, conservatives, fascists and so on all start to sound alike when a new Left is rising and challenging them?

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Yeah but on the same note conservatives have basically made the same argument for years. "Libs so tolerant so why don't they tolerate my archaic reactionary ways hurr durr?"

The real change is the amount of supposedly leftist websites adopting a hardline stance for the status quo and going with the flow.

It's also hard to trust these protestors. A lot of them are literally sad not because trump won but because queen Hillary lost. The fact that anyone finds that a sad situation who isn't John Podesta or Hillary herself is a sad state of affairs and a sign of the fragile codependency so many idiots have in this nation.



Mine is almost as shitty tbh. This high test is hell to live with, user

If he had answered to the affirmative, then this dipshit would be writing the exact same article, but whining here that they were being meanies who want to attack Trump voters (and, in fact, that is what he spends the first half of the article complaining about, people who are blaming the electorate).

There is literally nothing that anyone can say that won't have resulted in this handwringing, "b-b-but, don't you think antifascists are the real fascists" bullshit. And THAT is why no one gives a shit to debate this noxious, hipster weed and his ilk.

There is not a gulag cold enough

Any sufficiently upset liberal is indistinguishable from a fascist.

Why go cold?

Put them in a gulag in the middle of Death Valley.

I bet you $20 the chapo guys are going to laugh at this guys article and call him a numale in the next ep

Whoops left my shitpost flag on


I keep saying - why are we considered the same as the assholes?
Its just a fact to me that race/gender/what you want to fuck/etc - I don't care
If you wrap your politics in this shit you are a precious little cunt
Otherwise we have nothing in come, either you want change or you don't - fuck off


nice anti-idpol signal but the article also targets chapo and anti-idpol leftists/"alt-left", not only anti-Trump protesters

The editor of The Federalist got jealous of Chapo and directed one of his typemonkeys to shit out this article and that's pretty much all it is

it's internally inconsistent but it was never trying to be serious

I generally loath having any kind of "debate" (if you could even remotely call it that) with these kinds of people.

All they do is spout talking points, moralize and claim that anyone who disagrees with them doesn't understand economics. Most of them have some "point" they think will instantly make you fall on your knees and accept the free market as your personal lord and savior and have no idea what to do when that doesn't happen and go off in a huff about how you don't understand logic and they're just talking to a brink wall. Or, worse, they keep repeating that stupid point as if you didn't understand it. I ran into a guy who was trying to claim that socialism was, not metaphorical, but literal, biological parasitism, I responded that I thought conflating complex human socio-economic systems and animal behaviors was absurd, but I thought that capitalism was closer to parasitism (the capitalist feeds off the workers) and socialism was closer to mutualism (everyone works with each other for mutual benefit), and this guy just keeps repeating this retarded idea for two fucking hours.

there is no mountain high enough

Are these guys any good or what

Tolerance is a liberal meme, there are things that don't have to be tolerated, we should aim to justice, equality and freedom.

Uhhh yeah dude

To be absolutely fair, the hair line of most men on image boards are equally or worse atrocious '

Or some other problem.

Don't body shame your equals.

Oh my fucking God they shit on Chapo

Burn in hell

all spooks

I like those spooks and having morals makes me happy.

Favorite left-wing podcast right now. Perfect mix of politics and humor in my opinion.

but spooks that work in our self-interest

Liberals ARE intolerant. Anything and anyone that doesn't 100% follow their own personal dogma needs to be destroyed, to them anyway.

Spot the liberal

I hate Chapo Trap House. They're more leftists that ignore superstructure because white people wanna pretend there's no racism

Liberals are determinist just like so many on this board. They want changes to address idpol to the exclusion of class.

You guys want changes to class to the exclusion of idpol, because idpol doesn't impact you that much.

You all hate each other not because you're so different but because you're so alike,

Base takes precedent but superstructure still shapes the base, all you white boys love to skip that part

Are you fucking retarded, or have you never listened to them?

Ah, it's Holla Forums.

Disregard post above.

because they are different regiments of the same army stationed on the edifice of the status quo, protecting different sectors from assault

I've listened to them. They've got so much hurbris they didn't think a Trump presidency was possible and didn't write anything for their election special in the event of his win.

Sorry you gotta have your head pretty far up your ass to think Trump couldn't win at all, or be a liberal.

They even apologized for it

Fraser quotes the ironic slogan of German liberals before the Nazis took over: ‘We are so liberal that we even grant the freedom to destroy liberty’, and Goebbels made his intentions perfectly clear: ‘We have come to the Reichstag in order to destroy it. If democracy is stupid enough to reward us for doing this, this is the problem of democracy.’

Hating the flavor of the month left podcast is pol sure buddy

thanks for correcting the record

Try defending them instead of memeing. Seriously some of you need to get thicker skin,

Skip what part? The orthodox Marxist stance is that the base shapes the superstructure. Even in unorthodox interpretations the base is still the predominant influence. You've got it backwards.

You have to change the base to alter the superstructure. I don't think you can meaningfully end racism under a capitalist system. I'm not ignoring it. I'm trying to put the necessary work in to end it.

thank you!

Pretty much the entire country didn't think it was going to happen. They based their analyses off of the polling being done. I don't see how you can hold that against them. But what the fuck does that have to do with white people pretending there is no racism? Which they don't do btw.

Swerving away from your point fam.

Practically nobody on this board is an economistic Marxist, pretty much everyone is aware that the superstructure maintains and influences the base (although the base does determine in the last instance).

Also, I'm not fucking white.

Sperging out pretending to be an SJW sure is though famalam.

Chapo Trap House makes me feel really unsafe you guys

We need to build a metaphorical wall against liberal intolerance

You wandered into the wrong neighborhood, friendo.

The relationship is reciprocal. If only white men have the money to make movies then those movies are going to star white men.

When more movies are made they star white men to because the last profitable movies made starred white men

Git gud.

Oh no! We can't have that. Clearly that is a problem that needs to be immediately addressed.

Right. The main driving factor to keep casting white men is still the profit motive. The base taking a predominant role doesn't exclude them from being reciprocal.

Do you honestly believe that racism is going to end under capitalism?

Sorry but white people supported trump and white supremacy because it gives them a material advantage, particularly when competing for jobs.

Besides white supremacy what does Trump offer white working class people.

His whole cabinet is made of Wall Street lackies and his entire professional life gave zero reason to believe his protectionism

No but it can be highly mitigated.

It's in your best interest to address this, this country won't remain white that much longer. Can't wait to see all you leftist 180 and scream idpol is an intergal part of class struggle once your on your heels

There's already been tons of successful citizen lead movements that changed the superstructure and therefore changed the base.

LGBT and tumblr advocated for more tolerance and now shows like Steven universe are profitable.


I already participate in anti-racist action so I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

Oh wow! Steven Universe is on the air so we must live in a post-capitalist society.

You have to be trolling.

It's so obviously either Holla Forums or some plebbitor, it's sad.

hi Holla Forums

So they should have supported Hillary Clinton? Because she isn't a corrupt Wall Street goon or anything, right? She's totally not in bed with arms manufacturers at all. She isn't a war monger who hasn't seen a conflict she didn't want to get involved with or anything.

Why is Holla Forums trying to be funny when they're mad

I mean it never works. They only end up being funny by accident

Did I say that? Sorry but not everyone who shits on bigoted Trump voters is a Hill Shill

So what's the problem? You know Hillary is shit but you still think the only reason white people voted for Trump was racism. Not the fact that he at least acknowledged their ecnomic issues?

Nice straw man, I was actually saying how activism can increase tolerance (superstructure) and shape the base (profitable LGBT cartoon). You guys ignore superstructure and liberals ignore base, you're more alike politically than not

Show me proofs that a majority of "White Working Class" people voted Trump.

I'll wait.

Jesus fucking christ, that's not the base.

Well what are you saying?

How is a studio producing a commodity for the market not the base

You didn't see too many black people at Trump rallies did ya. Also you'd have to be fucking blind to not know the GOP base is white and work g class, keep sticking your head in the sand comrades you'll become a liberal yet

The profit motive isn't this neutral force of nature. What profitable is defined by who owns the base, they set up barriers to entry that keep competitors out.

What you think there were no gay, female or minoritiy people with money that could have made movies targeting them until Tumblr came along

The only thing that changed was an expansion of what is profitable. The base wasn't altered.

Yeah and who expanded it. If the type of cartoon wasn't produced before how is that not a change to the base? It doesn't change the mode of production

Very methodological. Good job.

This is from 2015, idiot person.

See pic fam.

The products of the base don't constitute the base itself. Just because you can buy a red widget or watch a genderfluid cartoon doesn't mean that the base has been altered.

From that chart it looks like the rich and super poor voted Clinton.

There's no rac information so don't know how that disproves my point.

Anyone who shits on Chapo deserves a bullet

Blood in
Blood out

It's a material change, material commodities that weren't produced before, never said it changed the exploitive way it's produced

Also 40 percent of poor people still voted Trump, also Clinton won the popular vote so it's not a surprise she won more income brackets since she got more votes over all, doesn't disprove that Trumps voters were mostly white racists

This his is the willful ignorance of material idpol I'm talking about.

If you're denied something material based on your identity it's oppression.

You all ignore idpol because you're all white straight guys and focus on class cause your poor or about to be

Liberals focus on idpol to the exclusion of class cause they're rich, or comfortable class money wise.

Advocating against racism etc is how you're going to get true comrades organized. I'm doing it because I won't let my pride cause me to be anti revolutionary.

Kissing the asses of reactionaries is a waste of time that you don't recognize because on some level you empathize with their reactionary beliefs.

How many of you have lead any project with more than a couple of people. I have and being sensitive to idpol makes for group cohesion. All wealth is created by labor and when proles can actually trust each you'd be amazed at what can be produced

half of the protestors didn’t vote user

I agree with you but what does any of that have to do with the fact that the products of the base aren't the base itself?

I'm pretty sure you're also mistaken about the mechanism of the relationship between base and superstructure, but the immediate problem I'm seeing here is that while others are trying to discuss matters of people's well-being and very existence, you're complaining about fucking movies.

How fucking pretentious can you be? For a moment I felt like I time-traveled back to 2008 half-chan /mu/

I know a few socialists who went to these protests thinking they might be the front lines of delegitimizing trump but came back disappointed when they realized the majority of these people are asshurt Hillary supporters who will literally cry in the streets over her losing.


Looks like the surface of mars tbh

Most white people in the country didn't vote for Trump. Going off of the white electorate typically turn out at about 60% in presidential elections, and that Trump about won 57% of those that voted we can figure this out. At best 35% of white people voted on Trump, 26% of white people voted Clinton, and the rest didn't vote at all.

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