Is forcing/propagating for feminism and HBTQ rights in third world countries a

a form of imperialism?

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how? it's basically "we now better than you because we are white westerners"

Because liberation is universal and moral relativism is a joke. If a country is practicing chattel slavery is it wrong to support abolition in that country?

Yes it is, some cultures are better in certain aspects than others, inferior cultural norms should be stamped out by superior ones.

Of course, this doesn't mean the historical cultures of 1st-world countries were better, just that we're the first ones to adopt these ideas, which paved the way for our success.

The "imperialism" comes in the form of universalizing transgenderism imo. Where something similar exists in other cultures it is either a way to accept men who want to do womens work and be accepted or has spiritual significance

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Exploiting third world countries with war to fuel the military industrial complex, it's natural resources and labour, whilst forcing them to become bourgeois themselves is imperialism
Condoning progressivism is not

Yes, everywhere should be filled with individualistic assholes obsessed with sex like us

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Universal human rights are universal, and thinking that not all people deserve the same rights is a kind of orientalist discrimination.
'Liberal' orientalism is sickening.

What if they were capitalists? Is it imperialist for socialists to support a radical ecnomic change there? I mean capitalism is their way of life and we can't interfere with how the noble third worlder's choose to live.

You see the huge depression and loneliness in places with "western values". This is partly due to our individualistic culture. Read: bowling alone

Maybe you're an early 20s lonely neck beard. Wouldn't you want a community? People who care about you and whose homely daughters of which loves you despite your many flaws.

Instead of this huge burden placed on yourself to be responsible for your own happiness, success, and basic needs?

A step backward after you've taken a wrong turn is a step in the right direction

Who decides what is and what is not human rights? Who decide what is universal?
It's western imperialists who decides that

That needs to come willingly. Land-bound serfdom, career castes, arranged marriages, and theologically mandated philosophy can't be the way forward.

Really fires the neurons.

Non-western people can and should do the same.
Anybody who thinks they have found a good set of values, but doesn't really care if others get the benefits of that set or not, is guilty of devaluing others.

Isn't the capacity for rational choice what separates man from beast?

Think of the Amish, for instance. They require that young adults take a sojourn outside their community to experience the outside world, yet most choose to return afterward.

This is not what imperialism is about.

I don't get it. Is this supposed to be a contradiction?


All right I admit fault here. but Exactly, they choose a strong community over all the benefits of technology. Goes to show you the power of a collectivist culture.

But we've seen that people raised in individualistic cultures have an extremely difficult time "creating" a community. Look at the spectacular failure of so many communes. There has to some kind of shift of social systems but idk how

I hold out hope that the current archipelagos of internet circIejerks will eventually metamorphose into IRL communities, or at least a revival of the cultural memeplex necessary for such communities to foment and sustain themselves independently. I am also terrified at the thought of an entire town populated by furries


it's endlessly amusing how beyond the Urals and Bosporus, imperialism ceases to exist

Do you know what fucking Imperialism is

Individualistic cultures teach you that you and the excrement that comes from the body doesn't stink. Leads to lapses in judgement. Many westerners don't think, they just do. Planning, consideration, organization - these are the things that Western communes typically lack.

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Depends on what kind of feminism.


Explain why cultures soaked in an ideology (Confucianism) for a thousand years that's the opposite of individualism still experience modern forms of alienation (escapism, internet addiction, etc.) Do you think strong familial connections that are prevalent China, Korea or Japan are doing anything about those feelings? Those cultures EXEMPLIFY alienation.

Mandating relationships is like mandating someone to become a janitor. They're both similar.

There is such a thing as cultural imperialism, concretely what we call in our country "americanization". Not that I'm saying all feminism is bad or anything, but I know you will agree that there is a Western bourgeois version of feminism.

In the same sense bitching exist. Concepts within the internet will bring things together far faster than this idea they float along via people. They flood in, with and without resistance.

If you want to talk about "cultural imperialism" start with an internet connection.

Not really, it starts with McDonalds and Hollywood. That's how it began here.

Nothing ever lived on an island eventually, Capitalism or otherwise. Especially in mainland continents.

Now? It's just expected for cultures to change. I don't understand how you can argue it's possible to stop cultures from changing rapidly. You can't quarantine a nation this way.

Of course, but there's a huge difference between changes imposed by empire in order to create an economic and cultural hegemony and changes arising from whatever. It's not a question of changes.

Like what?

Why are the posters with the Maoism flag such garbage posters on par with the Stalin mustache posters? They all seem to be a bunch of third-worldists tankies.


If Bill Gates, Elon Musk does it, definitely. It's basically a money laundering scheme for them, channeling funds thru their own charity organizations, earning the loyalty and support of local govs, and that of a few charity cases that they use for PR, or braindrain.

If the Naxalites do it? Fuck no.

No, but imperialism can in various cases have the largely unintended result of promoting womens' rights, gay rights, etc. It can also produce severe regressivism, ex. mujahideen offshoots.

Framing these cultural impacts as objectives-in-themselves wherever we see interventionism and capitalist force projection is frankly neocon-tier.

This notion is just as shitty as that of a "market of ideas" and builds on an arbitrary redefinition of "imperialism." Why not culinary imperialism? Console imperialism? Genre imperialism? Hobby imperialism?
"I like this and want others to as well" is an extremely common, mundane sentiment and has very little itself to do with the mechanistic processes of intra-class conflict.


Because Hollywood and Western corporations have brainwashed people into shallow individualized consumerist society. Even I remember that it was completely different when I was an ex-yu kid in the 90s. I went to Italy for a week and it was like entering a giant shopping mall, it was both wonderful and depressing. I don't think you fully understand how big of a switch it was to go from "socialism" to American ideology and way of life. The hype was alive for a while. But everybody is a cynic now, they believe in nothing anymore, neither in capitalism nor in communism, but junk is all they consume because that is all there is left.

Absolutely, anything that does not address class issues in a society is merely a way to further divide the working class for easier control by the capitalist class and the bureaucracy. Pushing "progressive values" upon the world has been one of capitalism's best weapons.

Modern progressivism has nothing to do with "liberation."

You're doing that just as much if not more than pointlessly focusing on it than talking about shit that actually matters. If you want to start, stop grouping everything together like a retard and repeating this tired talking point. Talk about the Hoover Institution, talk about conflict of government and corporate interests within the biggest think tanks.

Talk about shit you seemingly want to talk about. But suspiciously, all you talk about is how idpol ruins everything, bringing more focus on it in such a liberal way

Live and let live.