Holla Forums if we consider the dialectic, who is the better choice in the skyrim civil war to advance into socialism?

Holla Forums if we consider the dialectic, who is the better choice in the skyrim civil war to advance into socialism?

One the one hand I think its the Imperials as they are able to centralise the economy in some respect and possibly develop a merchant class. But on the other I think its the Stormcloaks because they are the feudal class in revolt against the old empire, which will in turn allow for the merchant class to also rise.

no shit thats probably because im autistic

This is basically Liberals vs. Neo-cons.

I think wood elves would be closest to some kind of socialism and even they aren't that close.

I'd go with the empire for the simple reason that their military at the very least is probably more socialistic given its rome/spartan influenced culture and the stormcloaks feel too much like a medieval brexit with none of the good things that entails.

Part of the problem is Bethesda are terrible writers who don't give us a lot of reasons/ world consequences for choosing a side. I always went imperial just to rock that uniform.

that's a question for unrooo

Just a comment to the image: The stormfag is left handed while the imperial is right handed. Hidden message: Conservative is a lefty and liberal is righty. Or it's just implying stormfags are sinister. Or just cool image composition.

Stormcloaks because Ulfric is played Vladimir Kulich who has a sexy ass voice.

The stormcloaks are reactionary nationalists that want to go back to "teh gud old days"

The imperials are the best

Imperials are globalists that even resort to IdPol when threatened.


I know the roo man is good for a laugh and all, but dude could actually potentially reach some people by doing Marxist analysis of video games as long as he kept it fairly light and entertaining and wasn't such an insufferable autist

I'm aware that I'm basically saying "Jason wouldn't be so shit if he wasn't Jason."

He has some good videos BTFOing libertarians tbh. He just needs to drop the mautism.

The problem is he is already tainted in the minds of the public the minute they learn he support muh famine killers.

We need slightly more subversive and coded cultural critics. I mean still directly using the terms and ideas correctly but not associating themselves with regimes and historical circumstances everyone already has preconceived notions about. I considered doing it but I don't have enough charisma. I hope someone finds this niche who does.

Stormcloaks keep elves in ghettos. I'll take the liberals over nazis any day

If you didn't support the imperials get the fuck out.

Supporting stormcloaks only makes sense if you want the Thalmor to win in the long run.

Skyrim needs to advance beyond feudalism first.

Comrade you're being very undialectical

meant for (checked)

Imperials because Ulfric Stormfront is an elf shill who will weaken the empire enough that the Thalmor can just conquer it.

Obviously not the Stormcloaks, because anti-racist is a codeword for anti-Nord. The Nords built Skyrim.
Skyrim belongs to the Nords

If the Stormcloaks win then Hammerfell is going to become independent as well. Both are going to be especially mobilized for war against the Thalmor. Cyrodiil, the last remnant of the Empire, is going to be transformed in the same way, causing the three provinces to ironically form an alliance against the Thalmor.

The Empire is weak and a rotting corpse and clearly couldn't mobilize it's population and resources against the Thalmor, but an alliance of independent nations allows for greater efficiency within each nation, due to the lack of bureaucratic centralization.

Also, the Empire is Vichy France.

However, the Thalmor are also screwed, in the long run, if the Empire wins and then rebuilds to eventually defeat them.

So, what is the best result for the Thalmor? Well, what if the Imperials and Stormcloaks KEEP fighting a long, drawn out civil war? This would prevent both a united Empire and a triple alliance of Cyrodiil, Skyrim, and Hammerfell.

So, the Thalmor care little for WHO wins the civil war. They just want it to last as long as possible so that the victor ends up being too weak to defeat the Thalmor.

I agree.


This is all Ulfric's predecessor's fault; if he didn't surrender to the Thalmor thereby banning Talos worship in the first place it could've thrust them into a war already with widespread support and probably an alliance with the Legion as well.

Ultimately I'd tell both to fuck off, but if I had a gun to my head I'd join the stormcloaks, mainly because the Legion is imperialist and those faggots tried executing me at the beginning. The Emperor can go fuck himself, Ulfric defeated his predecessor in a fair fucking fight, thank fuck you can murder that faggot during the Dark Brotherhod questline; which is another thing, I want the Legion out of the way because the DB (what's left of them and yes I spared the jester) are bros.

It's been awhile since I played, I think this is right.

Stormcloaks were YPG, fascists get out reeeeeee

That game was so shitty.

At least I can become the leader of 75% of the factions simultaneously without even specializing in their respective disciplines. Nothing like being an obvious fighter spec and also being the Arch-Mage and a Nightingale.

Stormcloaks were High Elf stooges


Win war as Imperials

Kill Imperial Emperor in DB questline

Roleplay anarchy

Ulfrics predecessor King Torygg didnt have a choice in signing peace with the Thalmor, he was a vassal of the empire and had to go with the Emperors decision for peace, because mind you the empire was getting its ass kicked

this tbh

Even if you kill the emperor, the cities are still controlled by their own separate Lords, this IS non-ironic feudalism. Sadly the Lords are essential (I men that in the sense that they can't be killed by the game's rules) so you can't kill them, unless maybe you installed a mod or perhaps messed with the console. If you do manage to kill them, there's still a system of money in place along with businesses being owned by capitalists and kulaks.
Skyrim purge when?

If you manage to kill them all off then congratulations, you now live in Mutualism.

Ulfric is literally Hitler

He seems pretty spooked by nationalism but I wouldn't go as far as Hitler, he isn't calling for genocide


This. Morrowind is the best Elder Scrolls to be honest.