I'm a communist, it is truly the intellectual position


Critique of Capitalism shouldn't be discouraged by memes largely the product of the audience of those who mercilessly defend the modern American idea of Ron Paul Libertarian Capitalism

define "position"

What ancaps take before their daily fucking by the local feudal lord


Privately nuke urself

Not an ancap, but there is some truth to that

And so factory farming was born

Of course people that worked 12 hours a day had all the freedom of the world to make all their choices and totally weren't threatened constantly by hunger and unenployment.

People who worked 12 hours a day were more happy and free than you are, cuck.

Where did the cuckold accusation come from?

Spur of the moment inspiration

Freudian slip?

No, it was quite intentional but I don't use the word cuck often. Just seemed fitting in this case.

Bro believe me the invisible hand wants your underage daughter's hands mangled by industrial machinery in a sooty factory covered in abestos, where she'll eventually die young of cancers

The invisible hand works in mysterious ways

It's they were working those long hours ```voluntarily```

Nothing is voluntary

Fitting how?




I have a feeling if you were child labor you would probably be cheering for how free and happy you would grow up to be, instead of being the miserable prick you are now.

Yeah, that's why they risked dying of dysentery to sail to Australia and New Zealand so they could get the fuck away from huge cities, they just loved the industrial revolution so fucking much.

And now people flock to big cities so they can pay $2000 dollars a month to live in a box in the ceiling. Awesome.