Do you have any conservative or reactionary friends?

Do you have any conservative or reactionary friends?

I's be a-liv'n in dat dere good ooe Mississippi, what you thankin' bout that, boy?

Just how conservative and close-minded is Mississippi?

Tbh it depends on where you are. The cities are all heavy democrat, but still actually reactionary. There's still a church on almost every corner and the red scare is still very real.

The rural parts like where I live are very, very conservative. My coworkers even openly talk about marching through black neighborhoods wearing klan outfits and waving rebel flags and nooses.

Most people are pretty chill about weed, though, oddly enough.

What is the most reactionary shit you heard?

I have a literal nazi friend.

Forgot to add he doesn't believe in evolution

how does that work then, tho? how can he reconcile his racial superiority with the fact that he supports creationsim? does he also support flat-earth theory?

Is he a fundamentalist Christian? The "Curse of Ham" is the only thing I can think of that would reconcile racial differences with not believing in evolution (unless you're talking about the discredited multiple origins theory)

You can not ask for consistency in his ideas, he isn't a creationist tho, he is just a contrarian that bases all his views on conspiracy theories he watches on youtube

Childhood Friend who is ex army, did several tours in afghanistan, is fucking psycho and turned into a alcoholic, violent neonazi skinhead.

Can't hang out with him anymore because I seriously fear for my life when I'm around him.

My dad is one of those people whose political affiliation is whatever the majority of people in the room he happens to be in are.

A lot of my family on one side is conservative/stupidly religious everyone else on the other side is standard liberal. One of my aunts is one of those people who thinks dinosaur bones were put in the ground to deceive us. The good news is I haven't talked to any of them in years.

I have no conservative friends. I'm too political for that to work out ever.

So he's an apolitical opportunist? That's kinda like me, lol.


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I have a self-identifying "libertarian monarchist" friend.

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I have no friends

Too fucking real. They say war was what turned Mussolini from our side to theirs..

no shit? north ms here

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I know some, I don't consider any non-socialist my friend though.

If you consider my family, they're far right. But not in the American sense. And they're my friends if you consider family friends.

Outside of that? If you mean white conservative friends absolutely none because I've been around vitriol that would make most of them cry about unchecked racial bias.

It's just too intolerable to be around because every single fucking time feels like they're just doing this as a joke, a temporary fix for their young years. It doesn't feel like that, I know it's that. None of these people, if they're politically active, give a solid fuck what they're saying or actually fighting for, and an even less number equal to none know what they're practicing.

I'd rather have a pet rock.

Yes. My D&D group has a libertarian nationalist, and a softer right-wing libertarian.

I have a group of normie friends who are standard liberals. I once almost convinced them that workers should have more control over the means of production, but they stopped with thinking that there should be equal control betweeen capitalist and wroekr

I have a conservative/ classical liberal friend. It's fun to discuss literature and politics with different view points

The modern neo-nationalist is basically a standard liberal. When you all boil things down they crack under pressure and they don't have any connection to their beliefs, so they shed them off. It would be easier just to call them the next less impressive version of Reaganites after Reagan's last term. Very 1991.

My family includes Tea Partiers and evangelicals, fanatical Trump worshippers, people who are convinced that the Soldiers Of Odin are good people, and one person who is hopelessly addicted to reality tv and rent-to-own garbage. The only members of my family that are not like this live really far away. Most of my friends live in a different city, but gentrification has made moving back home an all but impossible dream.

I had two 'friends' who could be considered reactionary. Ones a libertarian who argues that Hitler was closers to the left than the right 'because concentration camps are a form of social program' and the other is just a totally normal conservative that figured the Secretary of state was someone who answered the phones for the president.

My friend thinks gays should be put in prison which is funny since I'm gay and he is too just in the closet.

I have Trumptards and Putindrones in my family. We still manage to get along just fine.

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so he's just a moron. no need to give him more credit

like Trump seems to be too

what does that mean?

A friend of mine had sex with a black woman, but didn't enjoy it, so he became a white supremacist, no joke.

Really? Central MS here, that's awesome!

My few friends are all libtards