Corbyn is now the most unpopular leader in British Parliamentary history

The fuck. Brit/leftypol/, explain this too me.

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The lying rats in the media have effectively brainwashed the average brit into thinking that corbyn's absolutely crazy.

This is why May is riding so high.

The reason Corbyn is so low is his own party hates him, the media fucking despises him and his team is basically incompetent on largely just the little things which the media blows up and turns into huge scandals on a daily basis.

Oh also the Tories and media somehow make Corbyn the face of everything bad the Government does. Literally everyone blamed Corbyn for the Snoopers Charter for example when it was rammed through by the Tories and PLP at lightning speed.


Polling companies are the biggest loosers of this year

Freedom of the press was a mistake

You know.
Those people that have nothing to hope for and would rather believe pol propaganda than see beyond their Ideology.

The worse part, is parties care more about "what the voter wants" that having a clear … ideology. Thus, they become the same, democracy doesn't work, people stop voting and so on and the minority that does rules.

And this is how the nazis will come to power.

no labour w/o the Scots, eh?
ditch Scottish "Labour" libshits. make a Corbyn-Sturgeon pact happend by using Alex Salmond, and you will see thsoe numbers go back up pretty fucking soon.

Repeat the cycle again and again

the SNP are petty bourgeois nationalists. they talk left but act right

they've been wrong about everything in Britain for a while

Like what else?

The average British person has the intellectual capacity of a rotten turnip and even less of a sense of ethics. They don't deserve to eat, let alone vote. I can only feel sorry for the handful of non-retards in that country.

The British working class has been so thoroughly Murdoch'd that they actively hate a man and the ideology that seek to improve their conditions.


With so many conservative think tanks filled with ex-military brass and baby boomers of entrepreneurs, what did you think the media would do

Praise him? Acknowledge his proposals?

This isn't a fair democratic world, this is late capitalism.

Fuck you.

We're the only socialists in Scottish parliament.


that's a bit of a myth, it's mostly the middle class Guardian liberal types who fear and loathe Corbyn

Didn't he just perform well in PMQs against May?

If you've found your way to Holla Forums you probably aren't average.

Please help me get an overview of British politics. All I know at the moment is from Jonathan Pie

Theresa May is the new Tory leader, who basically is a modern Thatcher, and she wants to be, and everyone is happy that she is, and her party is selling the entire island off to the highest bidder?

Corbyn is labour's new leader, and might be a leftypolack, but has to hide his powerlevel and be a mainstream "leftist" who likes the EU and idpol. He's leading the opposition and is doing a shit job because the Tories have a majority

Stop watching that tbqh fam.

He consistently preforms well against May, who cannot 'debate' (if you can even call PMQ or anything that happens in Westminster a debate) for shit.

How are Brits not voting for this man?

Why is that? I know he's meant to be a parody, but I like pretending he's real

barely anyone watches PMQs

He's not really doing a shit job - his own MPs just keep stabbing him in the back because they consider him too far left and want someone like Blair back.
That said, he's done some pretty stupid stuff like voting in favor of the Snooper's Charter.


I know that feel bro

What's equally puzzling about approval ratings is that May's are very high. What has she done? Displayed incompetence again and again with regard to Brexit? Doubled down on Conservative destruction of the working class?

"Ask not what she have done for you but what the media has done for her."

she made a lot of noises to appeal to Brexiteers and the UKIP vote

It's not even that he's a parody, it's that he's really really biased by working within RT.

Ignorant guy on the other end of the pond here, tell me about Corbyn.

he's like Bernie Sanders on steroids

facing even greater opposition from his own party and the media than Bernie too

longstanding socialist who shocked the country by winning the leadership election last year. most left-wing Labour leader since the early 1980s

hated by the media and the right wing of the Labour party

It's the Jewish media lad. They've got everyone convinced that he's a literal commie. It's like the 80s, they go with a right winger to appease potential far right voters.

I do actually feel for him tbh. He cares, even if he's misguided.

Not as based as McDonnell but a more marketable leader.

Also Zionists do hate Corbyn and continually brand him as an anti Semite because he's actually supportive of Palestinians

Media always hated Corbyn.

His strength was always in the social media and in the grassroot.

Theresa May will have her Clinton shock, if they continue doing this.

And I doubt it, because even the media will be unable to cover her falling popularity, when she pulls off Brexit. So she may secretly vote for Corbyn so he gets all the responsibility.

Yes, pretty much. They're really exaggerating the anti-Semitism. Media has framed things over here as anti-Zionism = anti-Semitism.

yeah it's ridiculous. really exposed porky

What's her name again?


I just want to fap

Huh, I just saw that RT uploaded some Pie videos and assumed they just basically uploaded his stuff because he's """""anti-west"""""

holy shit is this the onion


The sad part is that you very well know it isn't. It's even better than Onion though, it couldn't be a better satire of the mainstream """media"""/propaganda.

can we meme Corbyn into office like Holla Forums memed Trump?


I don't think so, right-wing stupidity sticks better to the masses in the current climate.

Rowling disagrees with this.
I was in a private event, where she pretty much depicted Corbyn and Salmond as top tier death eaters.

I can understand her frustration though. She was the highest donator for the "No" camp during the Scottish referendum and also donated a huge chunk to the anti-Corbyn #SaveLabour.

Now due to Brexit there is a second Scottish independence referendum around the corner and Corbyn is still in charge of labour and now she's broke (by millionaire standards) and has to shit out books like crazy so expect a lot more of Harry Potter in the near future.

No surprise. She's a Blairite shill.

Still, more Harry Potter is alright by me

Between her viciously opposing Corbyn and acting as if boycotting Israel is wrong she can really fuck off

Things may come and go, but "Banned in Britain" is eternal.

I've also noticed how she relates all political events back to Harry Potter

As long as you don't buy it, it's alright.
Though she will never be able to top the Prisoner or Azkaban.
Outsourcing it to Jack Thorne and John Tiffany was a smart move, but expect the rest to be low quality post-movie Spongebob tier spam.

She tried to create a new IP, but Harry Potter is a fast-seller. Disregarding the quality people will buy it anyway, because it's Harry Potter.

She has the media on her side.

Do you remember when Sanders absolutely smashed Shillary in the debate and was overwhelmingly agreed to have won based on CNN's (I think) own poll, but then the next day they ran with a headline that Hillary had come out ahead?

All dumbfuck liberals process reality through Game of Thrones and Harry Potter

well trump was the most unpopular candidate in history according to porky media


Because that's the only way how libruls who spend their lives 24/7 on social media understand politics.

And Rowling caters to these retards. Don't make the mistake by comparing Corbyn to Dumbledore. She will come to you personally on twitter and will harangue your twitter feed and with her myriads of her brainless followers.

Please anons with a twitter account do this. Why not abuse their autism for our own gains?

Do it yourself

WTF is that cunt up to?

Take the world back to 1990s neoliberalism

I don't have a twitter and would literally post just this with a fresh account so it would be too obvious that I'm trolling. You need followers and shit to popularize a meme.

Somebody kill him for fuck sake.

I never expected Harry Potter to be affected by international politics. What a world I live in.

Someone just sack him plz


Admit it he is useless right now, they need a new leader to take the party forward

You mean Bliar, right? I think you spelled "imprison" wrong.

Forward into neoliberal conservatism? Honestly I'd rather see Labour consigned to the history books than turn into New Labour again.

We need a left-wing party to oppose the Tories, not a bunch of authoritarian bootlickers.

like who? Labour is lacking left wing talented MPs

He abstained because it was Labour party policy supported by the PLP.

I must admit the Jewish Labour and Jews do constantly whine about him being anti-Semite. Though I don't see why

My bad.
I didn't realize it was official party policy. Was that voted for by the members?

also Kezia Dugdale…
WEW lad i feel sorry for any actual Socialist in there….

2015 elections, Brexit, Cameron to name a few


That third one. Is this satire?

nm, read the last day. definitely satire.

Corbyn pretty much wrecked May today.
So much savage brutality even the arseholes who tried to sack him cheered for him.

I can't believe this is relevant again

This was the whole point of associating liberals and idpol with leftism, so that any true leftist who does anything is seen as an insane lunatic by normal people.

He's done fuck all. I agree with his policies but he's a stuttering retard with seemingly no idea of what he needs to do to get into power.

Ah, gotcha.

that's basically how I get my dose of british politics as an american. Any other better sources I can use?

Maybe your party flooding the fucking country with hostile immigrants just on the basis that they will vote for you was a bad idea there

I think you need to mix up your vocabulary, since you've posted near enough this exact message before and every time you post you do nothing but repeat yourself with various bullshit twists.

Fuck off back to /brit/, retarded shill.

grow up

The least they could do is put in some effort, fuck me.

Mister speaker, the people want to know! Why isn't the right honorable member opposite in chains?!
Mis-ter SPEAKer

Fantastic beasts was alright, surprisingly. There was a shocking dearth of Yaas Kween bs for a movie that was expected to be released in "Hillary's America" There's a female president, but she's basically a low-key villain, and the main female character is a sympathetic fuck-up instead.

Fuck Johnny Depp, though.

Is she, dare I say it, /ourguy/?

Fuck pokemon go, HP is the real spectacle.

I still don't know why she loathes Corbyn. You would think someone like her would appreciate what he is doing for the poor

I'm pretty sure she's a sincere "Social democracy is the only way to help the poor ever" and Corbyn by being too far left is basically dooming the country to a Permanent Tory Majority. And obviously Corbyn knows this because how could anyone ever dispute Mild Social Democracy Being The Only Way To Help The Poor Ever so he must just care more about his own petty dictatorship than actually helping anyone.

Rowling was never poor, at absolute worst she was briefly on benefits after losing her job. all the rest is marketing bs. she doesn't give a fuck about working people

Some people become spiteful and want to pull the ladder up behind them

I thought she was just another Remainer pissed that Corbyn "didn't do enough" to stop the Leave vote. Then again she's probably just your standard celebrity centrist that doesn't want to be embarrassed by being anything more extreme than centre-left politics permits

At least it will give liberal twitter a slightly expanded vocabulary of strained political metaphors

Anytime someone calls themselves "Center-left" or "Moderate" make sure to reply "Neoliberalism with a human face".

These people are not left wing, you only need to go on /r/UKpolitics and /r/LabourUK to see that. They are further to the right than the Lib Dems ffs.

Ever since Ratcliffe openly declared support to Corbyn, she refuses to speak with him.

If you are not with her, you are against her. That's how much she hates Corbyn.

Now all we need is Sanders and Stein in A Song of Ice and Fire

I bet libruls and $hills are bullying Martin to include them as übervillains in the last two books, that's why The Winds of Winter is postponed

This. There are a lot of people pretending to be left but are really centrists. Neo-liberalism is a mistake


what a contemptible hack


I have none, unfortunately.

All I heard is that she threw a tantrum ("blast of reality") towards a bunch of Corbyn supporting celebs, including Ratcliffe and Martin Freeman.

I am very surprised myself that the usually vicious and yellowish British press is not reporting on that. Guess she made a fool of herself in front of a bunch of VIPs, which you simply can not discount as mere Trots bending reality.

>Marine le Pen will never win look at muh polls

Didn't the French Socialists and their conservative party collude to fuck her and National Front over in the last elections with tactical voting?


i voted leave and i bet jezza did too in private

explain this Britfags

smh tbh fam

Damn this is scarier than my own home countries propaganda.

Brits remember the Trotskyite sects.

What is the context of that?

Rowling is slooowwlly but surely flushing her reputation down the toilet. It's going to be fun watching her burn out over the next decade and end up a smut writer in the 2030's.

and which country would that be?

Jk rowling is a neoliberal and zionist, she probably loves brown peoples as long as they dont move next door

Yes. In the first round she won quite a few regions, I think even most of them. In the second round she won none because everybody voted against her.

In my country they don't need any such aggressive propaganda because alternatives are irrelevant and impotent while people remain conformists despite not believing in the system.

Post rare Corbyns

comfy fisher corbyn