Getting owned by Roland Martin

Rofl. What a god damn buffoon. You aut-rightists should really get a representative that isn't so fucking stupid. He has zero grasp on history, dialectics and formal logic.

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why is the right such huge faggots

Idpol, straight from the horse's mouth.

You Holla Forumsyps are literally worse than SJWs.


this, they're as delusional as people who believe in progressive stack


He's clearly playing Interdimensional Blackjack


holy shit

what a coward

embarrassing interview. but martin is also spooked out of his mind

holy fuck that was hilarious


I bet Richard Spencer only accepted this interview because he thought he's end up embarassing Martin because 'lel dumb blackman'. Imagine if he debated with someone with a modicum of intellect.

Spencer accepted because he's a perennial attention-whore that - thanks to journalists being too lazy to do any research on the alt-right - has found himself in the position of being the leader/media punching bag for the alt-right

Nobody knows who this guy is. It's really strange that he got elevated so quickly. Like It's really bizarre that every single news outlet simultaneously identified him as the Leader of the Alt-Right.


Because he's obviously a crypto-Jewish plant sent to derail the nascent white nationalist movement

But really, he's just a useful idiot that lazy journalists have appointed "Lord Commander of the Alt-Right" because it's easier than actually bothering investigating further. They get a few soundbytes to scare liberal readers, Spencer gets his 15 minutes of fame, everyone wins

Investigate what further? His ideology comports with the ideology of the aut-right.


this is literally the "we wuz kangz" stuff they mock black nationalists for

the constant doublethink of the far right is honestly fascinating

So does… every single person who belongs to the "alt right". What's special about this guy?


It's a big tent for you, of which Spencer's views represent a fraction of it.

Plus I think a significant proportion of the alt-right would disagree with the notion that the EU is actually the best thing for "white Europeans"

Supposedly he coined the term "alt-right." And he's the president of the alt-right's think tank.

Is Roland Martin /ourguy/?

lmao can't make this shit up

and then they call others cucks


No, he's actually fucking awful. But kudos to him for making this turd look like an idiot.




feels bad man


Damn, what a sad guy.

Now let's try international waters where maritime laws apply:
>>>Holla Forums6436576
(sry, banned from pol)

bump for more comrades in that krautchan thread

based based based based based based


Lost it at the "STOP IT" part


Comparing all feminism, in your case liberal feminism, to basement dwelling

is fucking hilarious still. Like this is a point, despite all the contrary positions, and how much we've been part of this struggle since the beginning.

It'd be better to show how much liberalism itself and Holla Forums have in common.

Holy shit, this was glorious

Holy cringe…

please someone take that clip of jimmy saying stop it and make it its own webm. i dont have access to final cut on this computer :(

Is the alt-right just a meme?

It was always a meme

dank meme

Agreed, this whole clip was a roller coaster of cringe.

Autistic LARPing taken to a whole new level.

This is almost painful to watch. That Roland Martin guy doesn't sound too bright but he almost appears as a luminary when compared to that bird-brained buffoon.


So much damage control.

Definitely not, but he somehow stumped the superior Aryan lad.

Memify his ass



but my identity is the good one!

He's actually been a figure in white nationalism for a few years, his articles/websites have been making the rounds

Now that he's being given airtime all the people who were sharing his race realism shit are going "yeah but he doesn't represent us" lol

I literally have no smug image to convey how retarded this idiot is


are they not? are 4th generation Chinese Americans not Americans?

spooky post

I seriously don't understand these people. They go around without any attempt to hide the fact that they're Nazis, but as soon as the media spotlight is on them they backtrack. What a bunch of pussies.

Well of course they backtrack. Do you think they want to admit to being nazis in public openly?

It does anyways, but they're trying their best.

But when they aren't being actively pressed on it they don't make any attempt to hide it. In the original video that fuckhead made no effort to reign in people's Nazi salutes, but when asked about it he backtracks. It's like they want to be openly Nazi but they don't actually have the balls to do it. Like some nerd who brags about all the pussy he gets and then clams up when a girl shows up.

They're already claiming a "conspiracy" and "false flag".

what ideology will Holla Forums embrace next I wonder?

Reactionaries are paper tigers

As soon as any of these retards go in public and get challenged they just crumple. That's what Martin was really good at - he had enoigh facts, but as he just went on and aggressively hit Spencer's shitty talking points and ideology he fell apart. You can tell that this guy has no real points and a huge fucking ego.

Whites might be natural crusaders, inventors, and pioneers, but apparently they compensate by being shit at debates.

Holla Forums never embraced the autistic right I recall

they literally are that, though, despite the ongoing damage control





Can't even own up to his beliefs

is Holla Forums aut left?

I don't get this gif. She has really small hair that then gets bigger while her head is still in tact.

I wonder how cucked he feels

When they idolize conquest and still get triggered by the Ummayyads

umayyads were smooth bastards too
as opposed to the omnishambles of the 4th crusade
we wuz vikingz

You heard the museum, time to fight the race realist, apartheid-restoring, liberal menace.

Nah, even though it triggers every left-wing community on the internet, it's still not edgy enough

Isn't white nationalism actually internationalist or at least pan-nationalist? After all, people who call themselves like that talk about "white people" rather than about "Gemans" or "French".



They confuse brownos for white people.

They fight among themselves over this. Some are pan-Europeans/pan-white but others want to maintain national identity. It's all so very retarded.

it's simply cognitive dissonance

To be fair, he had him by the balls with the Christianity thing. Bad move by Martin.

They only attack the "we wuz kangz" shit because they think they're the ones who really wuz kangz.

That's the problem with "white nationalists" like Spencer - they're generally Americans that believe Europeans are equally interested in a "United States of White Europe". For fuck's sake, Spencer thinks the EU can somehow be reformed to align with "white interests".

that was entertaining tbh