How do we compete with Holla Forums

Pic related. That's a Holla Forums user. We can't compete with that! Why are we so effeminate, Holla Forums?! WHY?!

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1. revolt
2. disrupt access to food
3. watch LARPer retard break down and cry when his aesthetics become unmaintainable

That's one method, anyhow.


I don't buy half of the shit that guy is spewing. He is like the epitome of LARPing.

Peaceful ethnic cleansing via breeding.


He has a girlfriend though! How do we get girlfriends?! Why don't girls like us, dammit?! I WANT TO FUCKING KNOW!

tinfoils pls
Whites aren't going anywhere

roidmonkeys are so embarrassing

he's acting 24/7

kinda sad!

Punch him in the face? You don't actually think he knows how to spar between all his aesthetic fetishist routines, and we all know women secretly get turned on by violence, right?


can we keep this thread just to have something to look at and see how bad Holla Forumss shitposting is?

I can pay for sex

The fact you have this image saved on your hard drive says a lot more about you than it does about us. Work on your bait son.


Holla Forums please, if there's anyone who's more concerned with masculinity its you. This is ,aside projection on your part.

Not to mention like most Holla Forums users, the golden one isn't necessarily the smartest tool in the shed

Any population group of any species that has lower birthrate than 2.1 per female cannot sustain itself.

You ever actually worked out how long it would take the present birthrate of the "population group" in question to dwindle down to zero there, professor? 'Cause if the answer is on the order of centuries, you're getting triggered over matters that could be subject to literally thousands of unforseeable factors that make it virtually pointless to speculate on.

But he practices martial arts. Anyway this is Holla Forums, we don't believe in violence here. We believe in equality, safe spaces etc. How dare you insist I infringe on his safe space when YOU KNOW DAMN WELL YOU WOULDN'T WANT HIM DOING IT TO YOU!

the constant hypocrisy of fascism and the right in general never ceases to amuse me

i'm sure they'd call you a beta cuck for pointing that out though

As a full time Holla Forumser I keep pictures of Holla Forums users on my PC hoping some of their immense masculinity seeps into my frail estrogen laden being.