Why? Is there any legitimacy to this "movement"? Other than comforting male comrades?

It's not even a real ideology. It's just a meme flag. It just doesn't exist. Just call yourself an "anarchist". It's just not even real.



anarcha-feminism is just anarchism that is more inclusive of women's liberation. while anarchism is, by definition, inherently feminist, it historically has been male-centric, so anfem was created to address that issue. I feel like it is very much a legitimate movement because many male leftists still have a tendency to be very patriarchal.


Anarcho-[thing] is meme ideology 90% of the time.

WHO ELSE /égalité/ HERE

that's true. I can only think of Goldman and Michel

wonder why though. i mean surely if anarchism will liberate women they'd all rush to support it

disappointing tbh

What'd you expect?

All feminism is is an anti-civilized man ideology. Feminists want a society where any woman in public is raped by angry men, so they all support immigration to replace white men.

thanks for correcting the record


it's the ideological manifestation of nice guy victimology


an anarchist

God I love "manish," in-shape women. Step up, niggas.


I agree. People attracted to feminine women strike me as pedophilic. Most of "femininity" centers around being childlike and needing a paternalistic protector.

i've heard this is common

why? fucking women

I would like a bold, outgoing gf to bring me out of my shell, given I'm a shy guy. Never happened though. I agree overly feminine is trying too hard

Youth is beautiful.

on Holla Forums: exclusively a shitposting flag

irl: lesbians and thirsty teen boys who think they can convince the lesbians to suck their dicks

If by youth you mean, like, peak physical health at age ~25 then yes. If you mean "I'm such an emotional cripple that I can't take care of myself" then no. It's extremely unhealthy how so many women have been raised to think "it's ok not to have any self-control, some man will take care of that for you" At that point you are dealing with a virtual child.

Your body is already wrinkling and rotting at 25, that's not youth at all.


you're just as perverted as the people you cry about. Femininity is a meme, but I don't want to be around someone who's a cold robot every moment.


Heil hitler.

A lot of nice, non-criminal guys on Holla Forums are also lonely and loveless, though. Women don't care about politics, they just care about how much of a piece of shit you are.

awww man you're making me beel saad now ;_;

I used to think that too until I started socializing and realized lots of perfectly decent guys have gf. Then I got gf. Then I realized I had been dumb.

Don't confuse your feelings for the world.

Which is exactly why they need their vote revoked.

what kind of hellhole do you live in

get the fuck out of here

don't confuse women walking away when you start sperging out about race realism for "women don't care about politics"

they just don't care about you

this isn't r9k

You are just thinking of normalfag women.


Nah, man. It's healthy. Although very few know theory and conversation is boring.

true, it's even worse than that

whatever helps you sleep at night

My gott, it's ideology

You know 11 million people died in the holocaust, right? The six million number is zionist memeing that ignores almost half of the people the Nazis killed.


You misunderstand my point. If you're a civilized, white feminist socialist, women won't want you. If you're a civilized nationaI socialist, women still won't you.

If you're some molotov-throwing anarchist who just adopted his ideology because he loves violence, you'll probably get a gf. If you're a neonazi skinhead who loves getting in street fights, you'll probably get a gf.

All women are normalfags.


What would happen if I insinuated that you were easily knocked out, particularly compared with ordinary average men? Or rated less attractive to women than them?


You don't need to know anything about my head, I'm asking what your reaction to those questions would be. My head doesn't enter into the picture at any point.

what the fuck are you talking about and why are you being so vague?

You're autism is preventing me from speaking like an adult to you. Try again when you're not on drugs.


Lost in a fog of meta-humor.

Is "go back to reddit" next after this? Or are you going to actually answer the question? It isn't hard, I'm just asking what your response would be to hearing someone tell you that you're much more easy to knock unconscious than an average human male.

I thought we were already past that part. What difference does it make whether your here or reddit? It's the same fucking shit.

I'd gladly go to reddit if it would keep you from using ancient cliches like "autism" to worm out of answering simple and straightforward questions.

You were given an entire fucking thread! How can anyone be against this? This isn't fucking Holla Forums

I don't speak hipster.

What are you talking about?

pls don't remind me

do you really take the alpha/beta shit seriously?

You don't speak english, either, considering how many times you've tried to worm out of answering my very simple question:

What would your reaction be to someone telling you that you are much easier to render unconscious than an average human male?

as "evidence" we're reddit.
We have entire threads debating Holla Forumsyps and /liberty/. I agree vols sometimes overreach, but it isn't comparable.

Great logic man.

Yes, you're reddit, that's already been established.

There we go, you got deflective and defensive. That wasn't so hard, was it?

Oh? I did? Thanks for telling me how I feel for me.

No, I just dislike how submales bring up their shitty fetish on every occasion they can.
I'm so fucking tired of that shit

You don't have to cop to it, it would just be less cringey if you did.


that's literally the first time I've ever talked about it anywhere


I can't tell if this is more projection or not. You tell me.

No, it's not. This is just you trying to worm out of coming to terms with how easy it is to trigger a subculture full of sexually frustrated and insecure numales.

Oh look it's the stormfag who wants government provided gfs… Again.

>One guy who always turns up to class in an "I

You must be new 'round the chans

Sex is like the virtual space of feminism. They're mental wrecks who crave a master, but this contradicts with their ideology, so they create it in a virtuality to negate the contradiction.

The problem with this being that sexuality is not a disconnected set of random triggers for fun times.

I will support him on that policy if not on anything else. We must crush the bourgeois concept of romantic and free love.

just because something is "natural" doesn't mean it's right or defensible lmfao

I think all MLs could get on board with it, honestly.

It sorta does since it implies authenticity and adherence to our true being.


I suppose the historical lack of support is due to what was societally acceptable of women in the 19th century, which was obviously not inclusive of politics. So, even women who recognize the liberating nature of anarchism likely didn't deem it to be a "woman's space." Additionally, men were socialized in environments in which women were barely more than objects, so anarchist men at the time likely still had a hard time fully letting that notion go. Even in the modern era, politics is still seen as a "male" thing and most leftist spaces that aren't targeted directly at women are dominated by men. Given that, I think it's important for anarcha-feminism to still exist so that anarchism can be more inclusive of women and femme presenting people as a whole.

dude you have to be kidding. wasting people that piss you off is "natural" but that doesn't mean that's morally defensible. get outta here.

On the day of revolution, anarkiddies will be the first to go.

You're a lucky bastard. All the women I've encountered are vanilla or liberals, mostly both.

I have it on for the reason this thread even exists

Sam Hyde isn't a good comedian all his money should be stolen and given to the Kaufman estate

Look at where you are. Denial is what denial does. That is to say, you don't know how to emote properly and can't use sensitive and passionate all at once.

You're a retrarded boy, stop worrying about people's love lives when you have no love life

That's interesting because I've never met a public nazi who wasn't mentally ill to a fault. The yelling about the mentally ill and cringey is just icing on the cake of putting too much pressure on yourself compulsively cake.

I don't even know who Same Hyde is but since you're here and agitated I'll ask again. Why?

Sam Hyde is a spectacle meant to be observed from a distance, try to understand him and you'll end up disturbed.

They said the same shit about Marilyn Manson. Sam Hyde isn't going to last long if he can't change his watered down version of the ali-g show when the ali-g show was fucking awful anyways.

There is no point in being postmodern without being funny, the problem with sam hyde is he knows he isn't funny and is banking on it, and it still isn't funny

I have it on for the reason this thread even exists



I think he's funny, and I think he's subversive in a way that's not unlike Wonder Showzen or Tim and Eric or the like.
His whole schtick is that he's the product of spending the majority of one's developmental years online. He's ironic, subversive, and incredibly abrasive.