Is he right? Are there really two "alt rights"?

Is he right? Are there really two "alt rights"?

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read korzybski

I say it's bullshit, since he can't even come up with a legit ideology for the "good" alt-right. Create memes? Have fun? how very shallow.

No meaningful difference between the two

I don't think it's possible to be alt-right without being a ""race realist""

He's full of shit, per usual.

I like that this national backlash against them is making them squirm.

The first isn't alt right, they're just generic conservatives.

Which I why they did the heiling in the first place, they saw reddit and jonesstein getting away with their memetic work.


No. I have yet to find this "ethnically diverse moderate right wing" that memes donald trump into office.

Not really. The alt-right had been a loose amalgamation of reactionaries dissatisfied with the establishment Republican agenda whose only real interactions are virtual. It ranges from neomonarchists to fascists to disgruntled Republicans to neo-Nazis to ancaps. The media is trying to make it into a formal organization.

No, he's just trying to damage control because new a useful idiot who got played

I think he's right, to an extent, about how many alt-rightist are just doing it uh… for the lulz. They adopt the rhetoric, aesthetics and history of Nazis because it's edgy and novel.

Is most of Holla Forums *really* Christian, or are they just pretending to be? Will they *really* never date a non-white person? I think there are a ton of people there who are just having a blast trolling ppl, and they can take or leave any part of their ideology if it stops being fun.

I thought the "alt" in "alt-right" already implies they belong in the fringe.

At first I thought alt in alt-right meant "alternative lifestyle", like a right-winger lifestylist.

Reactionaries aren't having fun. They're angry and frustrated by nature.

But he didn't get played. It's the Nazi faction that got played. They still think Trump is on their side on Holla Forums, even after staffing his whitehouse with neocons. They think he's just playing x-dimensional chess and will gas the jooz one day. Meanwhile the Paul Joseph Watson faction has such low and fluid expectations it's hard for even Trump to fail at meeting them.

This is largely true, but they also really do mean it. When I was Holla Forumsack I still dated a brown girl even though I actually believed in most what Holla Forums says about race.

Watson is never right about anything.

I'll repeat myself: I think a lot of people on Holla Forums are just having fun.

You bet your ass there is, and the πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€alt-rightπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ is almost definitely controlled op.

So what you're saying is Watson is a spook.

No, the trad-right and neocons is what you're talking about and Trump was resolutely not their man.

They did not support Trump during his electoral bid.

And I say the "fun" is a facade for their misery.

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Unless he has real statistics he is just as baseless in his claims as the MSM.

Do I think he might be right aside from that issue? No I don't think the lines are delineated as heavily among those types of people. Nor do I think either was a big enough block of voters to catapult Trump to the presidency. They were just his loudest frothing at the mouth constituency.

I would say a bigger swath of disgruntled democrats voted for trump than memesters or WN's and this has actually been shown by statistics. More people hated Hillary than they liked Trump.

I'm saying he's a fucking idiot.

Git yer fookin hands off me pot o gold ye sasanach

What's happening is really simple to understand yet people are still getting confused.
The real alt-right is the "fringe nazi minority", this group is using the other group "the normie memers" as useful idiots to get attention and spread their ideas. It only works for the same reason propaganda works, people are fucking stupid. To this day you can still find idiots who don't realize Holla Forums is actually serious and for some reason think it's all just contrarian and ironic, probably because they are liberals that only had contact with other liberals their entire lives and are completely clueless about how people think outside their bubbles.

I fit in the first category. The alt-right split between nationalists and white nationalists.

The Alt-Right doesn't just mean Trump supporters. What a garbage excuse for apologia.

This is the edge that Holla Forums has over those people, Holla Forums actually believes in something, giving them an implicit understanding of faith that tooironic4u people lack.

Those of us who were on /new/ and Holla Forums remember it before the stormfags took over. The racism was always there but originally most of the reaction to the stormfags WAS ironic meming. Then Poe's law proved true.

Do you realize 4pol used to be very left-leaning website?

Most of us were probably 4chan users for a long ass time and have some insight into the way that site works.

No one is denying that. They're sincere with their animosity, but insincere in taking tangible action because of the negative stigma associated with right-leaning ideals.


True, but I think everyone's playing each other at this point. Richard Spencer was seen as a commanding figure

Yes, compare it to the youtuber ramzpaul, he mocks and denigrates them as 14/88-LARPers

why? does he consider himself a real 14/88er?

Yep, about 10 years ago.
Also "very" left leaning it's a little bit of a stretch, it was more of an apolitical for teh lulz shithole.

Who was the retard who made this image? Moot created /n/. And then repurposed /n/ for transportation. Then he created /news/. Then he deleted /news/, on MLK day. He recreated Holla Forums only after he realized he was hemorrhaging userbase to Holla Forums.

The Alt-right is a meme in of itself

sounds just like the pro EU fascist junta in kiev

wow rly makes me think :DDDD



Ding ding ding.

"Oh I just shared this infograph from stormfront as satire LOL"

Fuck off.

Yep, criticize Holla Forums anywhere and everyone will throw in your face

As someone who has been on 4chan since the week it fucking opened (and I can actually prove this through my GoGaia account post history) Holla Forums while always slightly racist, was completely overwhelmed by Stormfront a few months into it's life when it came back after Moot deleted /new/.

Hell, remember when 4chan was rabidly anti-religion and hated Christianity? Remember when there was that one christfaggot trip fag? Deus Vult or whatever the fuck his name was, constantly posted crusader images that everyone made fun of, he was the fucking abatap of /new/?

I'm almost completely sure that 90% of Holla Forumsfaggots only came to 4chan during Gamergate.


Unfortunately now we have these insufferable assholes

It had nothing to do with Holla Forums, it was because they were spilling onto other boards like /int/.
There's a reason its called a containment board.

The goon that owns this board plays both sides just like Holla Forumss mods do, specifically imkampfy. If you're not in the IRC, you're just as misguided as the rest. Have one of your vols crossref ip logs from here and Holla Forums, you'll quickly realise to the detriment of your psyche, that at least half of the userbase are and have been goons.


It didn't. This is a historical revisionist leftypol meme. It didn't use to be full nazi either like Holla Forumsyps think with their own revisionism, but it's not like 4chan was ever hardcore communist. More like fug de gubbermen left and right libertarians in a blender.

nobody said it was communist or significantly left
just left leaning, as explained in posts above

Nice gaslighting, Holla Forums

the concept of fun to pollacks means shitposting degenerate right wing memes on an online imageboard in their mom's basements

Haha, I love that time the "new right" deported everyone they didn't lynch or put in the oven for fun, sick maymays fam.

Id say there is three.
there is the redditor milofags that unironically believe that Trump is going to drain the swamp.
There are the white nationalist Holla Forumsacks that don't call themself alt right and only supported Trump for the lulz.
and there are the retarded white nationalists like spencer that calls himself alt-right and use "meme speak" in his speches and act as if Trump is the savior of the white race.

I would say it's more that there is an actual alt-right which is just an offshoot of gamergate libertarians and other related non conventional conservatives and then the far right which the media is desperately trying to lump into the alt-right. I can tell you having lurked Holla Forums for a long time, they hated the alt-right since as long as I can remember, now the media is pushing a narrative that the old time far right, (i.e. Nazis, KKK, etc.) are actually the alt-right.

I'm pretty sure the whole thing is meant to intentionally create confusion.

He is systematically wrong about every single thing.

For example here we see Tila "Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen" Tequila, an immigrant of Vietnamese origins, among fellow nazis, in what is a clearly offline event. Yes, she got her account suspended on Twitter for this shit.

Hell, even the historical nazis not only in the Wehrmacht but also in the very SS were an inclusive bunch, exactly like liberals.

This pragmatism is why a narcissist and openly gay man such as Milo Yiannopoulos can be on, say, Michael L. Brown's radio show, the latter being your typical conservative pastor and the author of "Outlasting the Gay Revolution: Where Homosexual Activism Is Really Going and How to Turn the Tide" and "A Queer Thing Happened to America: And What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been":

Because all the right, in all its incarnations, ever cared about is people toeing the party line without asking questions.

Scratch a liberal. A fascist bleeds.

i don't get that picture isn't diversity supposed to be a bad thing

As for the impact on the election, or the lack thereof, nobody can honestly quantify how many people would vote for a resurrected, americanized NSDAP this weekend.

So far this Trump thing has galvanized them and made them more willing to appear in public. Not exactly the deep web or this website.

Diversity? Well, the diversity of opinion, for example, is what the right and liberals viciously attempt to combat, and what the good folks of Holla Forums practice on a constant basis.

The "alt-right" is not a "movement". Just like Anonymous or GamerGate, it's a directionless swarm of atomized individuals with no unifying ideology or platform who simply happen to rally around certain issues β€” a cyber-cloud of impotent political resentment. They do not have any body of theory; they have gossip, buzzwords, slogans and, more importantly, charismatic figureheads. So it goes without saying that whenever someone with publicity claims to be a leader or spokesperson of the "alt-right", be it Milo or Spencer, this is what the general public is going to assume to be the public face of the "alt-right".

Whatever the case the "alt-right" is extremely cringeworthy.


Don't know who this guy is but he is absolutely correct.
The "Milo" crowd in this video are just edgy liberals/conservatives, the rest are several internet special snowflake of neo-right-wing ideologies

Teridax is a troll who shitposts most of the time but on rare occasions he posts some very on point shit.

What game is that picture from?

Technocracy & Management 2015


Don't take my word for it, but I'm pretty sure that's from Cities: Skylines.