Jimmy Dore

is he, dare i say it, our guy?

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He's getting more left as time goes by.

I'm surprised how quickly he switched from "corporatism" to "capitalism", and I commend him for it.

Of course he is.

He's on "predatory capitalism" to be specific now. So he's basically a Chris Hedges on the almost-lefty scale.

He just needs somebody to introduce him to Richard Wolff and he's there.

he recently followed the based prof. on twitter

his powerlevel is increasing


I hate the way he talks and acts to be honest

he converts normies like crazy

look at the stats for his youtube channel, it's blowing the fuck up

evidently he's doing something right


Dore is a Californian liberal, and TYT is a liberal mouthpiece.

You're foolish if you think he's in support of your end goals.



rdw? Proof?

He's a humorist doing the work that journalists should be doing, for fucks sake! He packs heavy pathos!

What we need now is a chart with similar trends representing his immersion into theory, tbh.

Apparently user was fibbin'

Honestly R Wolf interview on secular talk when
Slavoj on the Jimmy dore show when
David Harvey interview on secular talk when

Anyone with Twitter accounts, message Comrade Dore this interview


fuck secular talk tbh

Well, which is it?

he's not libertarian you dumb ass


lel how far up your ass did you go to come up with that?

Possibly. When he reaches peak black cock lust he'll be one of us.

its rebel

HE'S ALWAYS up his own ass…

and politically retarded

He's still a New Deal big government capitalist who thinks Sweden is socialism, but I don't think it would be hard to educate him. I want to like him, but he did spit in Commissar Jones's face.

The fuck?

This bugs me too, but you have to remember he's with TYT. The Ogre's spell is a strong one.

Do you me Chris Hayes? Hedges is a bit silly but definitely leftist.

This tbh, how do you go full lefty when your best friend is a petty bourgie fuck who also writes your checks?

These "tough, no-nonsense" type liberals annoy me to be honest. Guys like seculartalk are so confident and brash and will talk about how hard they'd rock the establishment but it seems like they got all their political education watching the news and some tv documentaries like everyone else in America. Recently Kyle even said that some right-wing host was misusing the words marxist and communist, and then went on to describe marxism as "the state owns everything, no rights." They buy into the libertarian socialism = government and capitalism = non-monopolized ethical happy free markets dichotomy.

Also Dore interrupts too much. He goes on these long (agreeable) rants, and then whenever someone tries to comment, and even agree with him, he'll cut them off again and interject.

Uhh.. I saw it recently on his Twitter feeds.


Agreed. I like their intellectual honesty in relation to most of the DNC shill media, that, at the very least, they're willing to call out democrats and not simply fall in line no matter what, but your point is sound, they are only slightly better. They are still way off on most issues, still fall into the "muh evil Republicans, everything is racism" fear mongering, have no concept of what socialism actually is, and, at the end of the day, do the bidding of an entrenched capitalist system.

It's probably because he's high

Sure he's entertaining and sometimes even strikes some informative key notes, but so does John Oliver. Unfortunatly Jimmy's just another liberal cuck.

Someone write an e-mail to Democracy at Work, explaining that a rising anti-dem lefty youtuber just started following him, and that they should consider checking out his content and put out a few messages that resonate with Jimmy's focus.

also, someone make an Dore - RDW edit of this pic

Esp. the lady commenter, who I like a lot.

Isn't that the problem, i.e. that at the end of the day they're effectively validating the Democrats because "they're still better than the (Republican) alternative"?

It's not really Dore related but I can't stop watching election day TYT meltdown compilations, and how they went from excited for Hillary to…blaming the Democrat party for not supporting her



The best Jimmy rant so far.

The spirit bomb of Mao Zedong thought.


Can hear the rest of TYT sighing over Jimmy dropping this much truth. They cant contain the class rage and fervor in his bones.

This is great

jimmy's power level is growing by the day.


That was the last bits of liberalism ejecting itself out on the nearest reactionary. Az Zizek sayz the toilet of our minds seeks an outlet to flush.

idk what youre talking about. that was just a spit take in reaction to a hilarious joke.

He was so close to saying obama is putting a pretty face on capitalism. I know it

He is one talk with Wolff or Hedges away from going full red. We should go on twitter and suggest it to him

I already tweeted How Class Works by Wolff to him. Maybe he will see it

Agreed and their promotion of the benign D vs evil R false dichotomy only serves capitalist interests. And, yeah, I'm loving watching their meltdowns to Trump and the election, I must have watched that 26 minute clip of TYT on election day at least 5 times now.

i've watched this like 10 times. Fucking god-tier rant.

I don't really think they did either of those things to be fair.

Dore wasn't excited for Hillary, much of TYT was very much behind her after Bernie lost because of muh evil racist Trump. By election day some of them were downright giddy about the first female president. Now they are in full blame the DNC mode. Even Ana admitted on election night she hated Trump so much that it caused her to be delusional about Hillary.

To be fair to Dore he never backed Hillary for a second, he often was in heated debates with them about Hillary being the greater of two evils, and he's been blaming the DNC since the primaries.

I just reread what you quoted, I think he probably meant blaming the DNC FOR supporting her

Cenk seemed to think that a populist candidate had a really good chance of winning but thought that Trump's incompetence, buffoonery and vulgarity would narrowly cost him the election.

He is on "global capitalism" now

class consciousness rising

cried a bit tbh

this is fucking glorious. has anyone got a youtube link? I need to hit up normies

His offended listener -bits are awesome

Holy shit he's getting red in the face

Straight fire.


I mean Hedges. Hedges occasionally talks about socialism and gets really mad at all the injustice that capitalism brings, but if you listen to him long enough he'll say the problem is global neoliberal capitalism and that capitalism in small doses is OK. I think the last time I heard him say that was this fall, so he still has some progress to make.

Guess that is what happens when one reads philosophy without being able to think critically, I mean he is a guy who decided to become a christian because of reading Kant.

People really shouldn't treat works of philosophy the same way one treats religious texts.

So close Jimmy, so close.

I hope he doesn't fly off the handle too far and lose his Young Turks gig soon.

He's still able to hold himself back from going full class warfare on his bourg TYT buddies



The classcucks in the comments are calling for him to be removed from TYT.

>Jimmy is trashing the brand

You know, sometimes I have faith in humanity. Then I see this.

that's a Trotsky quote innit'?

end my life

I take it all back, he's not our guy at all


Richard Wolf and Chomsky have been on Cenk yougurt.
Zizek with Dore would be perfect.

been waiting for him to stand up and raise his fist

I googled it, it's a Lenin quote, he's our guy again

Libertarian socialist is best socialist

All criticism of the Democratic Party is right wing when Republican and Democrat is everything you know about a political spectrum

come to the red side
end their life instead


In 1974 Olof Palme had legislation that would have facilitated a progressive democratic transfer of the means of production to the workers in incremental steps. It was real social democracy, or democratic socialism if you will. However international capital got quite upset and as a result of an incredible hardcore campaign from the bourgie the socialists lost the next election, for the first time in like 40 years.

I'm just saying legitimate Social democracy is a real thing and not something COINTELPRO invented. Problem is most social democrats are of course welfare capitalists.

Comrade Jimmy engages in direct action, it was beautiful

Never unironically use that word

in the right context it's actually our slur against the capitalism apologists

wanna organize a "raid"?
we could get that yt fag (you call him "muke", right?) to point out that this scapegoating is essentially the same tactic right wing idpol uses, hell even alex jones who's calling it "crony capitalism", and that only real capitalist analysis and critique can give a solid answer why these conditions are inherent to capitalism, period.
then we'd just have to upvote it enough, probably repeatedly do so under any video he brings it up, and he'll take notice.
even if it doesn't reach Dore, it's still gonna attract some attention by the viewers that are already hooked by Dores lazy ass anticapitalist rhetoric and more responsive to our ideas

>the one who disappointed the whole of Holla Forums on that one debate

Even fuckmuir would be a better pick tbh, mustache man

This is actually a good idea

dude i don't know your board snowflakes with yt channels, whichever guy would up to that is fine, i don't like any of them

wow fuck off

im not a tripfag uwu i was just using that to show it's me

wanna do it?

anyone who'd support this and "upvote" the comment?

im not actually well-known at all i only have 200 subs

better to get one of the established board personalities on board, like muke, rebel, or pierre

muke is probably most likely to be on board

subs really don't matter, all you need is upvotes and maybe some replies
i once got a comment chain of 200+ replies and hundreds of likes with 0 subscribers and it was shown under top comments

How can TYT have people as fucking stupid as Cenk but people as based as Jimmy

Jimmy "I talk way too fast at the worst times and then take long breaks in talking at the worst times making me nearly completely unintelligible" Dore

Something about that pic screams plebbit at me.

He's a weird looking estrogenated hipster jew, so my guess would be yes. He's your guy.

You'd better watch out for Spittin' Jimmy

He'll fuck you up

He doesn't think this. I'm sure that he wants it to happen because it WOULD help if it did, but in practically every video now he talks about starting a Progressive Party and to just leave the Democrats behind because even now they choose people like Schumer to lead the party.

Duck you Kyle is the best liberal possible.

"Donny Tinyhands" should be a wordfilter btw

Why does he interrupt his female commentator so often?

Wow… Jimmy Dore….

wouldn't be surprised if that happened tbh

well… wish it was a worker's party instead of a "progressive party"

GO back to /r/socialism

I would appreciate a WEBM of this tbh


Don't like his latest video quoting that Italian talking about how Trump won legit. No, he fucking didn't; massive voter suppression in swing states and in several the exit polls deviated considerably from the reported results. Maybe many of these protesters are out there for the wrong reasons but it does us no good to ignore election fraud every time it happens. Not to mention that bullshit with the electoral college again.

Trump is 100% an illegitimate president.


But he doesn't look like any of those things?

Are exit polls so reliable that a disparity with the results is evidence of fraud?


The reason we have exit polls is indeed to catch election fraud. A mathematician caculated for example there was only a 1/6000 chance that the primary had NOT been tampered with.

What video is this from?

racism is a problem

He quoted a Hill shill, the revolution is upon us.


Jimmy "Giving Books to Class Cucks" Dore

kek i think cenk has already done that himself, jimmy is literally the only sane person in that entire yty crew.


I love Zizek.

Olof Palme already knew that said policy would fail before it was even enacted since he was warned by his own chief economist about it.
The bourgie fuck sabotaged Swedish social democracy for his own international status gain among people like Castro and Mandela.

Jason! I didn't know you posted on Holla Forums.

He did but towards the end he was supremely overconfident because The Polls and stopped thinking very hard.

Honestly TYT is coming out of this pretty clean. They had Dore criticizing Clinton but they also can't be accused to helping Trump win, and also on the night of the election Cenk directed their anger in exactly the right place and immediately set a vision for the future which was to create an authentic leftist challenge to Trump and not play the identity politics game and say this was the fault of racism, women-hating, etc.

That is he knows and admits that racism and muh-soggy-knee played a role in Trumps win but he wasn't letting that become the position of his show anyway in favor of holding the DNC to the fire for their monumental failure to win again Trump.