This keeps getting better and better

This keeps getting better and better.

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le happy merchant trump looks much better than porcine trump phampais

Show this to every liberal, this proves that Trump isn't a fascist.

If Trump were a fascist Hillary would be hanged.

"Hegel is a great guy, nobody understands Hegel better than I do, I really, really like dialectics, people always tell me "Donald, you're the best dialectician there is" -T.Donald Trump, art of the negation

The Cuckening of Holla Forums will be long and hard.

neocon Holla Forums by the time summer rolls around
They've already started purging the neetsocs


only natural I guess. not much of a leap from "DAYUZZZ VAULT" to invading the MENA region




Wait what


It is kind of sad that Holla Forums has turned into just another bunch of dipshit Republicans. It was fun having and pretending to be nazis.

How does someone so chill become a trumpcuck

Is there any proof to this? I love critikal

Holla Forums actually mirrors the development of teenagers with conservative worldview

Whereas the left progression is anarchist->tankie->liberal

What is the dominant ideology on Holla Forums anyways?



You have your arrows backwards. It's more like:

Liberal->SocDem->maotist->(The Ego and Its Own)->anarchist->(Das Kapital)->marxist

I've gone Social Democrat > ML > AnCom


wishful thinking



Look at the title, then look at date of the video. Also, that Turkish guy who he watches movies with tweets a lot of pro-Trump stuff.



I know some of you were maybe hoping Trump would lose just to laugh at Holla Forums, but this is even better. He's backtracked on basically all of his campaign promises and there are probably more to come. The alt-right has been cucked by Trump and watching them find out is going to fucking hilarious.

We know. The Cuckening began the day after the election.


I don't really see crit voting Trump because he's an alt-right fuckboy.

Perhaps, just perhaps, a med student interested in philosophy who gives a large sum of money to charities he personally vets shares the similar views to those who were saying you should vote Trump here. Judging him off his actions, he'd be a Bernie supporter who didn't want to ramp up tensions with Russia.

Going to need to see some proof before my dick even twitches though.


Seen it before, didn't seem out of place. You're being autistic. I want proof, evidence, something that isn't r/socialism tier shitmongering. Not joining the revolutionary catholic plastic face mans team isn't proof of shit.

Constantly hovering between socdem and socialist

So, Schrodinger's Leftist?

so demsoc then?

Unironically just unsubbed.

Why? I don't watch this guy but I thought he just made dumb YouTube videos about games and shit.


It's gonna be dubya 2.0 with this guy in office

T. member of a diehard conservative family who pulled the same thing after Bush got reelected

To be fair, Holla Forums was always more anti-hillary than they were pro-trump. i don't see them clinging to Trump if he fails to deliver what they ordered.

I'm not sure where you get that from. Holla Forums was pro-Trump before Hillary had even announced her campaign. It was a perennial joke that they decided to make real, and hell look where are we now.

lol, this meme.

draining the swamp

check em

I've checked that guy's twitter, but even then, I'm not too sure about both of them. His friend seems to be right in the middle, but a bit right-leaning based on his tweets and retweets of Steven Molyneux and he makes some racist jokes in the movie videos. But on the other hand, Cr1tikal is exactly how describes him, and can be uncomfortable and silent whenever his friend makes racist jokes. I'm not sure where to put Cr1tikal, but he doesn't seem like he would part of the aut-right at all, especially since he attacks Google's corporate practices a lot.