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Not today

Some day.



I love you

Go get drunker.
And don't put on pantyhose this time.

Not gonna lie, hashbrowns, bacon, and eggs all cooked in lard are like so unhealthy but dear god it's delicious.



It's okay. I tip well ^~^

Sure you do~


im not sure my self anymore.




At least I have my trusty titanium spork

get out

For fuck's sake, you already put them on and aren't even drunk?
Jesus, get a hold of your life, man.

Like, the only time I don't drive is when I go downtown and that's to the medical center, which it's illegal to carry regardless of permit. I just take a bus to the nearest train station and use that instead of paying like $30 in parking and fighting rush hour traffic.

I got up in them

What. Are. You?

'cause you sound mighty gay right now.

(toshika sellium)
aww... :c

I think it's time you really go see a therapist, Norman Bates.

I don't even wear socks.
Shorts, hairy legs, and canvas topped slip ons.


Also, just Rin's fine, sweety, hah.

I bet you kiss girls.

and not even transgender ones either, like the full blown bio type.
Fucking faggot.

Real talk: Not even socks? Huh.


how do pantyhoses make you kill people?


i thought i was getting fat but im still only 134 pounds

Please say it back

It really grinds my gears when you guys have a problem with being attracted to biological girls and calling it faggotry :/

I'm gonna need some proof here.

it's irony

Hey baka

What are you?

Some kind of faggot?

I actually don't.

How tall are you?

Nope, sorry

It's stupid.

Apparently. x_x

ok gimmie a minute!

hi bloodchan


I met up with one of my brother's friends that was like a 7/10 and trans. I still felt really uncomfortable and kind of repulsed by her flirty-ness so despite me being a tease, I probably never would. I even did something so goddamn unexpectedly nice: I complimented her, and said I was taken just so I seemed like an asshole and that the reason wasn't because they were trans.

In like super thinned sole running shoes, I don't wear socks either. And those shoes smell like rank ass from sweat.

Never mind then.

It makes you seem all Buffalo Bill.

Yes, yes it is.

what anime should I watch?

i'm thinking kino's journey atm

I'm not expecting any good taste from here though.

Just wondering what you would choose

How do you know that name?

well at least we agree on that.

I took a picture of mah foods, but it won't upload x_x

I don't know about cowboys!

My Little Pony, binge all seasons

I'll just wait here then.

Watch Trigun


I entirely agree.

I- well then.

I am completely uncomfortable with the idea of not wearing socks when I wear any kind of shoes.
I can only do it with sandals, and I never wear sandals.

My laptop sounds like it's going to take off help it's not even doing anything

i want love

i like a bunch of those movies
they were good.


This is why girls shouldn't handle electronics

kaiji, planetes.

A few of those on there are probably too pretentious for you.


Ask it politely

I haven't even done anything to it~!


cause everyone knows you're bloochan!
Rager told me a while after you got on and someone in the TC told me last night


oh what?


L-laptop-sama, please calm your titties kthx gg no re

It will calm now


I tried and it just wasn't for me.

I won't diss on it though

seen planetes/ It was good.

Haven't watched kaiji

also the list I posted was from an anime general. I have seen a lot of "good anime"

You probably spilled nail polish on it

Rager doesn't know who I am and I've never shown my face on TC lol

Damn you weigh 30 pounds more than me, fuck you

Silence of the Lambs.
The guy who wears women's clothing and skins people to make a people suit.

If I admitted that was why, it would've just been needlessly cruel and she was nice and didn't deserve that.

Like, the only thing I wear these days is Sanuks.

I weight the same but I'm shorter

You have pretty big feet.

I regret spending the money already.

Kaiji is great, very suspenseful. Especially the first season.

I'm not a psychopath


I don't even have nail polish!

Wowwwww diiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeee

Watch FLCL then

What the fuck is wrong with your toes?

What even is a Sanuk?

It looks so good, though!?

Ugly ass feet and fat

What kinda girl doesn't have nail polish?

A girl with a penis!

casual anime and rushed imo

23 left over on this card, after buying that.

It's not bad. I'm over it. Still got the raviolis and other stuff I haven't even opened yet too.

This is my life :(

christ, literal Auschwitz mode
im jelly though, i don't have the self control to eat well, nor do i care enough
trade places?

wanna cut your femurs off and give em to me so i can make myself taller and make yourself shorter

i wear a size 8, that scale is just tiny

gag me with your cock so i can vomit

nothing? why, what looks fucked up about em

Bitch you don't have a penis

-stare- alright then... oh season 2 is coming out ^^

Hmm watch Outlaw Star, I love that animu

yeah i'm only 5'4, I wish i was taller...

I think I'd rather it be the other way around, sorry

im okay with my height
i can be a sub, but also a man
it's nice
why don't you just get really risky and expensive surgery to make yourself taller?

okay well what if i do it anyway?

I can't remember my shoe size.

Have some self respect you disgusting man child.

I'm not THAT insecure...

And you're too tall to be a sub :/

it doesn't look right



go look at your fucking shoes then baka

but im not a man im just a child

tfw 6'2

wow im going to actually choke you to death
i can be a sub you FUCK

Thatttt kind of sounds very painful

can you fuck me?

i'm hungry now.

tfw 6'0

For you.


Count on the Scandinavians to fucking arise everyone.

Why don't you just stay in?


Why, do you need another 8 inches? ;v)

Tall scandi genes


If I had some tuna I'd make a macaroni salad.
But I don't, sowwy...

Size 10? In men's or women's?

rape me

Sure thing.
Just don't check your attic, right?

Shoes made from like yoga mats and beer cozies.

thats a big shoe

i'm a guy sooooooo

oh, I see.

4 u

They offered to buy my drinks and pay for my gas and called me an ass if I don't come.

i'm obliged to keep the friends I have so I never end up in a bad situation.

eww... salad.

mac n cheese with tuna sounds yum at least~


oh my god

Why did you wanna know?



Nothing, forgot.

Was just trying to be playful or something I guess.

Baka get better glasses and let your hair grow out

I don't know what you're talking about.

goodbye animus.

We will probably meet again.

who the FUCK are you laughing at, little nigger?

It's not a salad like Caesar is a salad.
It's made with macaroni, tuna, mayonnaise, celery, sometimes bell peppers, or onions.
Sometimes you can cube cheese and add it too.
I usually do.


Soto, can you please give me attention tonight please?

how about you suck this dick
I'm going to keep my shit how i like it, fuck being a trap and my glasses are fucking tight as fuck right now

the picture you posted! Her boobs were made out of knees! Did you even look at it???

Oh I thought you were gonna make fun of me or something.

Okay, clothes off you slut.

For what?

I wear 8.5 or 9s depending on what kind of shoes ;3

Sometimes I just let my fingers post whatever they want.

They're tight as fuck because your noggin's so large

What are "better" glasses to you?


The whoremoans are 2stronk tonight.

tear them off me
rip and tear

that sounds like "shitposters disease"
eventually you just get so used to shitposting you just post whatever from muscle memory
it's a very serious disease, i would get it checked out by a professional

Do you wear heels or something?

Sure I only have like half an hr tho since I go in super early but I get out early too so expect me shitposting in like 7 hrs

Literally no one thinks of sharing a drink as an "indirect kiss".


pls no, just no...


Gilgy, pls don't start with that. I'm wicked stressed and my boobs are super sore, mmkay?

of course.

o-oh... I hope I'm still awake when you get back then :/


It's manga they're allowed to be retarded


I've already had it for like 7 years though.

Luka strictly eats meatball subs. Make a meatball sub salad.


why are you such a spastic

I believed in you

i do
my cute asian friend left his drink in my car and i licked where he put his mouth then masturbated on it

you're going to die

but im not

Not bad

2 nukes was not enough...

Does that hurt to wear?


You shouldn't knock it before trying it.
Bell peppers are sweet!


im just playing Kancolle, I'm from the USA


i have tried those.

soo difficult to not gag...

never again.

uhh no?

Not really, it's basically just like walking around on your tiptoes.

It does kind of make sense for it to put sex drive at puberty levels.
Funny nonetheless.

Anime/manga is retarded in general.

you're fucking annoying and you're a huge fucking bitch

fuck off

yeah you are
stop fucking shitposting so hard man
once a month its fine to go full retard but everyday and you'll burn out or turn into an actual faggot like desu




It's not even sex drive I don't think. I just want to be cuddled more than anything which in itself is super awkward for me to want lol

You take that back!

Alright fine we'll play the old rape game.

I haven't done anything to you.

What are you up to?

Oh god.
You know what I could really go for right now?
Stuffed peppers.

I meant the macaroni salad...

but it's okay you can still be alive for like a while i guess, probably
what are you going to do with your precious time, now that you know death is coming

i don't understand, im not shitposting, nor am i doing it very hard
also who is desu and why is he an actual faggot

Anything but the oval roundish thin aluminum frames

Oh yeah my bad
Im busy trying to do stuff

Get a load of this faggot

Add this to it

You don't have to be a bitch to me to be a bitch in general

Isn't it you being a bitch right now? Because I haven't wronged anyone in here or been a bitch to anyone. But you are being one right now.

You'll find someone to platonically cuddle soon enough.

He wants your Lundgren D.

Right now I'm doing a solid nothing.

What are you doing?

Play videogames and watch anime

hi soto
i got new glasses, the circle ones
or did you see those

I messaged one of my friends on FB to netflix n chill. I don't think he'll take me up on it though :/

Nah I'm just calling you out

Btw aren't you Kitty? Otherwise I have no clue who you are

Gau gau!

Ok good

J-Jōdan desu yo

For what reason? The amount of times I've posted since you used to talk about how you wanted to be my friend are so few I could count them on my fingers. I don't see ANY reason for you to "call me out" on anything.


shit better run before he pulls the trigger!

How'd you even ask it?

And this

that sounds like a waste
you should go skydiving or something
or fight for ISIS and kill infidels

I'm kind of new on animus, i've posted sparsely before but never for more than a night.
I'm baka.

Another failtrap from /lewds/ that Boo probably brought over.

You could play laggy NA overwatch with me.

All you do is be annoying here

Does master wear glasses ?

Me: Netflix n chill?

LOL I'm so hopeless.

Sorry but I walk my own path.

I like this drama, don't pussy out now.





You never gave me your tag


grim pls

no need to be so grim

Instead of being like this, you could try to talk things out instead. Just message me on steam or something, I have no idea why you're taking a 180 and being mad at me for no reason.

Maybe, I've been playing all day though, so I'm taking a break.

I love how she's blatantly a third wheel.
I need to catch up on YRYR.

you don't even post enough for that to be worthwhile
just leave

nah TP advertised the TC on /lewd/ and it made me want to post here again since lewd is getting boring as shit

that's manly
are you a man then, or a little pussy girl?

i don't think i did anything
are you on your period?

Manycam has warnings now?

What the hell version is it at?

If you had to wear glasses, why wouldn't you just get contacts?

This is like Boo levels of smooth.
Good job.

Way to ruin everything.

Oh aight. Pics!

Hue, Grim hella thirsty

I didn't change, you changed. I'm curious why.

mhm... i've cooked a can o tuna into my mac n cheeze before~ ♥

Me too, but I mostly wear contacts..
Show me your glasses on steam

because contacts are disgusting and im not touching my eye with my dirty jerk-off hands

of what

You don't say?
Never would've thunk it.

Nezumi #1121

Oh damn I've been not playing all day and now I kinda wanna start.


I mean, if he goes out to the bars tonight I'll try and tag along instead, cause for some reason I find him incredibly cute now, but I was hoping he'd appreciate the straight-to-the-point-ness of it because he likes dumb stuff like that. Ugh fml


I've worn mine for so long that it just feels wrong not to now.

Now instead of making Mac and Cheese, boil the macaroni, strain it, then mix it with mayonnaise and tuna.

I still havent watched the most recent season

Don't let my avatar or gay personality fool you because i'm actually a big strong man.

no dummy

he was manycamming as obama

I didn't detect the autism


I think he'll get tired of it
I hope

kk thanks sure do hope that isnt fake


Glasses look better on some people, and it's less effort than putting on/taking off contacts every day


You didn't detect the autism when they were manycamming as obama?

Grim, you be slippin, mang x_x

You'd make fun of me so bad if you saw my glasses.

but didn't you just say you were shorter than me
you can't be a man if you're under 5'10

No its 100% real

I'll watch your most recent season.

I was very tired

I'm 5'11

You, naturally. Gotta know what I'm raping :3

Is 'thunk' actually a word?

They changed Zyra's E? Why?

Bringing tarps in because you judge too quickly?


Maybe I'll join you in a bit.

That's just as acceptable an excuse as me saying I was hungry that one time~


He sounded like a normal male youth to me

E is still the sameeeeee

You don't really know me if you think I would actually do that

They buffed a load of mage champs, changing abilities or giving them new passives, etc.


sounds like a fatty mess.

the mayo is too overpowering alone.

That'd be a menacing sight to behold

you're like... a giraffe!

no thanks im ugly to most people

maybe you're judging too quickly right now?

It was shit, nothing happened and was a waste of 24 eps

You accepted within like .2 seconds

I dont even own any swords

thank god

might buy a gun or something though

maybe you should stop being a fucking hyper fag




lmao, gargle my fucking cock

Well just tell me if you want join.

I wanna play games with you.

How tall are you ? 5'10? Yeah I tower over you.

I was ready

It can't be that bad.
But bluntness and directness still need a bit of subtlety on when and what to be blunt/direct about.
Otherwise it just seems a little desperate.

Yeah, same with your hair. : ^ )

Jelly tbh, I have to join an actual shooting club to get one.


I know, isn't it just disgusting?

well i said to most people
some people find me adorable

you're scaring me
please squat down to my level

You just wanted to be my friend really badly, I understand

It's a dated colloquialism.
It's used intentionally to show the statement is either sarcastic or like self deprecation that you didn't realize it sooner.

I resent that on the grounds that I did actually hit my cousin up.
She's working open to close tomorrow, fml.

Nobody taught me this shit ;~;

I have to pay mad money for it though
otherwise I'd have a bunch
licensing fees and whatnot

I played support a gorillion games in a row today, it was so boring.

I'm just so irresistible that people feel compelled to provide me with that which I desire.

Maybe if you weren't such a shitty human being you'd understand and people would do the same.

It really is, its just outright gross.