Is nazism just social democracy + nationalism + authoritarianism?

Is nazism just social democracy + nationalism + authoritarianism?

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It has nothing to do with social democracy.

Economically liberal, socially reactionary.


It's social democracy without the democracy part





I'm not American. Aren't nazis free market capitalists? You know, with the socialist part of Not Socialist being absent?

dont compare nazis with socdems

Don't murder Rosa Luxemburg

"national-socialism" was a public relations con

the term was coined by hitler in an attempt to create a mass movement reminiscent of socialism but with reactionary aims

Sort of. They had a weird mix of corporatist and socdem policies.

Kind of, especially the Hitlerite one.

calling their party "national-socialist workers' party" was probably the greatest ruse ever lmao

No, it's monarchist anarchy.

no thats leninism

There can be fascism without the whole Nazi aesthetic tho. e.g ISIS.

Have a (You)


What is affirmative action?

Affirmative action doesn't boost test scores white boy.