Is this fair towards women, tho? Has post-modernism gone too far?

Is this fair towards women, tho? Has post-modernism gone too far?

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We all know that it has. Besides, the Olympics are segregated based on sex, not necessarily gender. This person should just compete with whatever their biological sex is.

Problem is, I think bunch of transgender MtF persons would compete with women and btfo 'em cuz high test.

it's only fair

i like tennis but i'm against equal pay atm, because women don't put in equal effort.

Bourgeois spectacle.

And sex is already not segregated in sports. Haven't they seen any League of Legends tournaments?


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Biological men have like 50% more muscle mass on average

it would be a bloodbath

why would anyone give a fuck is a better question

It's very tough you know, all the training and sleepless nights those players go through…

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It has already happened:

Letting men beat up women in the ring is a progressive and enlightened thing, it affirms the rights of their self-perceptions.

Men should be able to beat up women, though, especially when talking back. What, is there special card vaginas have that says they're free from punishment? Don't be such a fucking pansy.

I've always thought that ending sex segregation in sports was not necessarily such a bad idea. Sure, that is going to make women less likely to win due to the fact that men have on average significantly more muscle mass, but doesn't that mean women have a good reason to try and surpass themselves even more?

If only women having some muscle on them wasn't frowned upon by society.

Sport is fun user. Way better than some sterile gym or boring bland diet.

People who take hormones shouldn't be allowed in sports.

Sports is all about the ability of the natural body in its top performance.

If youre a tranny or special snowflake you should find something less retarded than sports to dedicate your life to.

Sport is fun, but it's also a much larger commitment and act of organization than going to the gym or coming up with your own home workout. My gym plans aren't usually scuttled by four or five people texting me at the last minute to tell me they can't make it, unlike team sports.

I wouldn't want to have to rely on others so much for what I do with my own body, nor the other way around. Besides, I would probably bring the team down (unless it's waterpolo). I have to disagree though, running by myself is very exhilarating and would not give it up for anything.

sports has become a neoliberal ideology for entrepreneurs. it wasn't always like that though.

This would be a good thing to be honest. Let the cunts compete on a level playing field (literally) and show off how equal they are.

Are we talking about average persons or are we comparing people that did the same physical activity?

I would just respond.

"Everyone is gender neutral. Gender is just a spook. The sexes are divided in sports because biological men have higher testosterone-to-estrogen levels, giving them much higher muscle mass and thus and unfair advantage over biological women."

If we're sorting by biological sex, MtF trannies would be competing with the men. It's the FtM trannies who would BTFO women. It sounds shitty, but the only fair way I see to do it would be to have separate categories. Taking hormones is basically a performance enhancer/degrader anyway, so I think trannies might just belong in the paralympics.

Why not take it to the logical conclusion and have one category per unique genome? Only identical twins can compete against each other. Everyone else automatically gets a gold medal.

This whole debate just kind of highlights how arbitrary the "fairness" of sports is. Either let people compete using every advantage at their disposal or just admit it's completely arbitrary and give everyone participation medals.

why is it that anarcho-feminism is so attractive to high-functioning retards?

LoL is a legitimate esport

Sure, the aversion to performance enhancers is kind of spooky, but if athletes took full advantage of performance enhancers, we would end up with Ancapistan-tier caste systems where athletes are almost inhuman because they're on so many roids. They would be dying very young and their quality of life would be shit. You'd have Chris Benoit -like incidents happening all the time because modifying yourself to that degree would rape your mind.

But they ARE all roided up, user. The "ethical crisis" of professional sports is entirely one of how not to be caught while doing as you're "unofficially" mandated to do, that the public may continue to consume their nicely packaged fantasy.

Think adderall at carnegie mellon,


They're roided up as much as they can get away with. If they were totally unrestricted they would never pass for not being on roids even to the biggest idiot.

For first time in ears I can understand the topic that polack is talking about!

It's kind of funny that people cite biology to disprove religion, but ignore biology when it comes to when it comes to activities that heavily utilize it.

doesn't seem like a necessarily desirable outcome

feminists will be able to find a way to claim how something is rigged towards men winning though