Tfw no bf

How do I get a leftist bf?

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you'll have to come and find me, I'm too much of a shy virgin

Attention whoring on Holla Forums might work.

Life of solitude is the true life.

This. Save me. Please.

Are you a grill? If so:
1) Get fit if you aren't(everyone should get themselves at least reasonably fit)
2) Get into femdom
3) Post on Holla Forums about pegging
4) Post pics
5) Collect emails

If you're looking here this will be your best bet. Just make sure you don't end up with a tankie.

ru a qt? I've been looking for leftists on campus but I can't find any at all. I wish Holla Forums was right about cultural marxism so I could find some lefties to talk to. :(


Dude, Im right here.
I'm not hard to get at

Go to a Zizek concert.

Post tits


i'm literally Holla Forums's fucking nightmare

why? what's wrong with dating tankies?

They're faggots.

This tbh

But can stay T H I C C

idk where to look :(


they will never love you as much as they love Stalin

but who could blame us?
just look at him and his work!

Dude, I would say stop being a faggot, but it's clear that would eliminate the reason for you wanting a bf.

Send me an e-mail if you feel lonely: [email protected]/* */

You're just fat. Stop this.




In my experience, if you spend enough time with a certain hobby or interest, you will eventually meet like minded people and connect with them. My current bf is a leftist, but I met him mostly by chance.

As long as you are attractive and fairly sociable, you will eventually find someone. Just give it some time.

libraries? i'm a quiet guy

Go to a Leftist rally. But be respectful of the cause and don't just jump on the guys' dicks. It's very annoying to get groupies while yelling from a soapbox.


What are you,a faggot?

Dunno about OP, but I'm just a (mostly) straight grill.

Why are you scared? I've been involved with leftist movements since I was 15 and haven't faced too much backlash yet.

Just afraid of getting mocked and shunned even more. I'd probably be incredibly out of place around leftist normies.

We can be out of place together famrade.

No prole is an island comrade.

what are you trying to say?

Dogs are really cute…. :

unspeakable things

No such thing since the fall of the USSR. If you're a far a left person in the post Cold War environment, it says that you have the guts to stand out and go against the normal flow of society.

are you a grill?

I suppose, just feels lonely sometimes. If I ever get the confidence and fix my anxiety I'll organise and get into activism

yes i am a girl


Post on this boards theres plenty of thirsty loners here.


I was thinking of putting out feelers to see if anyone was interested, does Holla Forums think this flyer is autistic


Pretty autistic but go for it, Chris. Although I'd suggest you make it a bit more assertive than

Way too get the wrong audience mate

where you at?

thats cute and a bit sad at the same time.

it seem that you're more interested in meeting people than actually talk about politics.

not criticizing or anything.

but i think there ae better options for that.

thanks user, made me feel comfy



They eat all your food, take up all the space on the bed, and will cheat on you with a nazi for strategic reasons.

Not to mention they're tankies

If you're serious, you've probably already read this, but I might as well post it anyways.

wonder if nazi grills like femdom

Pls don't bully, feels bad frog. I can't help that they're fluffy and nice people.

I wonder if they like getting their head smashed to the pavement

I like dogs too.


nazi grills like having their pick of men from a horribly gender-imbalanced niche culture. That's it.

Just get a disposable email account, post it here, and take your pick. Its seriously not that hard and I think you're more interested in attention than a bf.

It's true, that's one of the most popular forms of zoophilia. Straddling something so wide and ripped, bobbing up and down… Too bad I find horses scary. I'll stick to the cartoon ones.

delet this


You have made a terrible mistake.

So small…so poof 11/10 would pet and cuddle

it's actually a legit theory that girls like horses as perfect bf's

You are all thirsty virgins and op is probably a pizza faced man with long greasy hair and bitch tits.

Take it elsewhere, your loneliness is your own fucking fault for being ugly and autistic. God I hate you people. Socialism should be an ideology for charismatic don juans not a bunch of tfw no gf ing shitheads who would still be ugly and autistic and will never have a gf even in socialism

Wasn't there that YouTube commie that ODed because he was lonely? You should follow in his footsteps


A-user, please stop!
Ahn~ Humiliation turns me on so much~

Small puffy dogs are the best, unless theyhide under beds and steal your gfs clothes.

Let the thirsty fucks have their vent, worst comes to worst we get rping instead of bait threads for a lottle while.


why do I find it strangely arousing knowing girls love horses

No, kys

are you a horse

t. whorgeoisie


kek, I'm just clueless with women and find it intriguing to hear them talk about this shit

because you're a sensitive boy who likes to be rode on and stored in the stable when your job is done for the day

Uh, why does this turn me on so much? I swear to Marx I've never been into Zoophilia before…

I'm so confused.

I would like a qt girl to take the lead with me in social situations. Maybe that's why

requesting timestamp.
i'm pretty sure your a fat dude with a pizza face

If you're not slamming college qts and smugly enjoying the satisfaction of knowing that Holla Forumsyps can't do this, what kind of leftist are you?

holy shit this thread reeks of bait after bait

fuck off normie


I thought I misclicked and landed on /erp/ for a second.

No wonder the global revolution is so far away: you're all too busy jerking it to pony play and bestiality just like me ;____;

uhuh, makes sense

it does for me

I don't know if I'm a "normie", but I do know that between hearing communist folk tales about revolutionaries getting all of the puss and bitter Holla Forumsyp saltiness about "degenerate nonmonogamist decadent leftists", something clicked in my head after high school that gave me a lot more confidence with grils.

I don't get any satisfaction out of gloating at comrades, though, so I guess what I'm trying to say here is who knows, maybe adopting that perspective will help other anons too. Couldn't hurt, at least.

Do you get satisfaction out of lying on the internet?


That's just Natalie Dyer from Stranger Things. I think she is supremely babely. I would like to bed someone reasonably similar in appearance to her. That is all.

No hard feelings user, I know boards like these don't lend themselves to earnestness.

No, you said too much for that to be all.

I'm not bitter, I just don't like having sex rubbed in my face and used as a tool to beat people over the head for not getting it.

post on craigslist LFcuckold. 2ez mane

I'm not sure what you're inferring here, and I suppose it doesn't matter. This issue isn't close enough to the heart of substantial issues in leftism to justify any further effort spent on it.

All I'll say is that if you're intent on believing that I'm lying, I have no way of definitely proving anything differently - but try what I suggested earlier. What's the harm, right? If you think this is some kind of plot to make you spill spaghetti or something far away from where I could hypothetically laugh at you, I'm flattered, but you might be overestimating my ability to manipulate people.

Fair enough user.

Holla Forumsyp falseflagging confirmed

There you do it again.

Because I want to fuck someone attractive? Wouldn't the humblebragger thing to do be to suggest that I've already fucked said attractive person? This is getting a little tortured in here.

So there isn't any harm, is there?


You do realize GIS is a second away, right?

Ok, hang on, where did I say that?


this is a new and esoteric form of bait

Oh ok, right, I read it again and I see what you're saying - but then again, so should you:

This all comes back to "I haven't slept with anyone who looks like this attractive person", and if you want to interpret this as humblebragging I guess you can, but at the time I thought I was conveying that I'm falling short of my ideal expectations as well. Believe me, I regret trying to go that route now.

you should just stop posting and let this thread die



They'll spot the food in your smear test.

Go to a bookstore, go to the non-fiction sections the guy in all black/green who isn't talking to anyone and looks crazy is the leftist you want.

1 Talk to guys
2 Make them talk about their political opinions.
3 Pick a guy with leftist opinions.

I have no idea how to meet people

Honestly the only things I care to talk about are politics



Do it faggot.

Then you're fucked. Not because you're not good at meeting people, internet takes care of that, but because you don't want to do anything else but talk about politics.

How decadently bourgeois

or you must be speaking about psychedelic trance festivals, those are basically gigantic porky mud baths

Very proletarian, comrade!

Doesn't help and the hangover is literally your serotonin neurons dying.

All my other interests have faded away thanks to capitalism and depression

there's a reason you only know porky stuff, there's a big proletarian club, and you're not in it mr.oinkenstein

Get better stuff.

Worth it.

That's why you have to preload before taking it.

No, one rat study from the 90's does not prove that antioxidants do dick for MDMA neurotoxicity in primates.

that sounds hot



wish I had that choice

tfw no tankie gf

Sucks for you m8.


If I weren't still madly in love with my ex and depressed I would probably really like to meet you

If it makes you feel better I can't find anyone I'm interested in. Getting sex is pretty easy, but months go by without meeting a grill I want to spend time with.

As a 24 year old virgin wageslave/college student with about one friend, not really.


Virginity isn't special, sex is really good but if you're lonely now fucking a different qt everynight won't help. Fuck, it could make you more lonely.

I fucked around in highschool and early college a little bit but had a three year dry spell because I was depressed and doing too many drugs. I got fat and really fucked up. About two years in I started doing less drugs and working out. It took a little over a year but I got fit and had been clean for a while. I thought finally being able to fuck bitches on Tinder everynight would be great. And you know what? It wasn't. I'm just as lonely as before and am fucking miserable with a dead end job and a degree I hate. Everytime I meet a girl I know that it's going to end with one of us leaving soon and never talking again.

Saying virginity isn't special is the same as saying sex isnt special. They both have their purpose. People should be able to enjoy and appreciate both in their life.

i don't understand how you sex havers work

Do you jerk off?

Imagine if instead of that you go out to meet a girl. Sometimes you have sex, sometimes you go home alone. This is what your life as a sex haver will be like. Expecting it to radically improve because you get laid is like expecting capitalism to improve because you got a raise or better job or something.

What cool place you live?

Class conscious people would know what socialist means (though may be turned off). Dumb liberals would be more likely to take the idpol bait, and user could maybe (though not likely) despook a nigga or 12.

My hormones aren't cooperating with that idea.

Also, you know what gets you off way better than some random person. You just get the added "I had sex!" feeling which is pretty much pure spook.

It reaches a point when you realize the ideology swirling around sexual relations are garbage. You are extremely lucky to meet someone (either gender) who isn't giga-spooked and doesn't bring loads of retarded expectations to a relationship. Not to mention the way that other people react to your relationship.

I wish I could just shut off the part that makes me feel lonely and horny, but it doesn't shut off.

I get no long term satisfaction about off jacking off, yet my body wants me to do it. (Or at least, it wants me to fuck).

Then again, there's plenty of things I hate about human existence, but you gotta do it with what you got, I guess.

that's even more depressing

I guess. It's also the social aspect too - virgins (men usually) get shit on

How do you respond?

tfw no bf

I don't even care about sex anymore

I just want people, just someone to care about me

Part of my motivation to do this was to hopefully get to talk to the girl I have a crush on

Yeah but having sex does the same thing for me (and most people). We're just socialized to think having sex makes you worthier or some nonsense. I only even whack it for health/hormonal reasons.

Yep. That's why volcel is a thing.
Yep. The concept of virginity is retarded in general, but it's one of those things where people who get out of the "lower class" can then shit on the lower class, kind of like how "middle class" people shit on poor people.

But in all seriousness I would probably stumble over my words and suspect the question asker of trying to trick or ridicule me.

i talked to a qt girl at college yesterday, it was so nice just to have her smile at me and laugh a few times :3

got a big crush on here

BTW guys and gals, nice loneliness thread as per usual.

This feel I miss it

oh fuck what was the name of this game? it was a pretty ehh arousing visual novel

I have no idea, I found this picture somewhere one time.

Stop taunting me

sorry friend, didn't mean it. I'm a KHV so I sympathise

real feels hours

also how do uyou do this if your a tranny

what did leftcom mean by this?

Nothing against you friend, more so decrying my current position

I just wish I was able to socialize and wasn't a broken human being


I mean theres guys whos standards are low enough to go for it.

I will rub your puss,
eat you out
cam wit you
cuddle with you
let you cry on my shoulder
what eva u want
get at me.

Do you pass/are stealth? If so, you'll have a lot easier time. Just date guys like normal, but don't reveal you are trans until several dates in after you have gauged how they would react.

If you judged them properly, they will often stick with you despite the revelations regarding your past. Be prepared for bad or violent reactions too though.

My current bf didn't know I was trans until two months after we started flirting with one another. Granted, it also helps that he's bisexual so he didn't have the usual homophobia regarding dating a trans woman.

This is probably more of a discussion for /lgbt/ than Holla Forums, but I'm always willing to help out a fellow trans comrade.

It certainly is. The beauty of loneliness.

I feel the same tbh. Wanting what you can't have I guess.

We need a leftypol zeemaps like they have on cuteboys. Mock if you want but I found my qt.

You can't just say that without telling us how it happened, user.

That's torture.

I dont trust random internet strangers, sorry.

I also don't have any social media so even if the other person is legit, I will look like a catfish or anonymous creep.

i'd date a qt trans leftist at this point

On the cuteboys zeemaps.

You're fuckin gay then. What likelihood do you think there is of you being murdered by a random person, just go meet them in mccoffees.

I could see the m'lady thread now.

I understood that, faggot. I expected you to go into story mode about meeting him, getting to know him and so on


I'm not going to meet up with people I have not extensively talked with and have some form of picture off. I'm not afraid of random murderers, I'm afraid of being catfished and other shit like that.

I don't want to go on a fucking date with someone I barely know and dont know what they look like, and I am not going to share pictures of myself with random people on the internet who could be ill-intentioned people seeking to invade or ruin my personal life somehow.

Nice try.

ESPECIALLY if it can be linked with my political activities somehow.

Haha, I know we're often known as being the lowest on the dating totem pole, but some of us pass well enough that the only significant difference between us and cis women is the fact that we are infertile.

okay im sorry famrade

not that much to tell tho, we exchanged emails and then talked on steam, eventually met up and went to a cat cafe since it just opened (don't recommend them tbh, the cats just ignored us and it was overpriced), i was worried he didnt like me since he was all shy but when we got back to mine he was all over me and he was just nervous, i took his virginity and then we were casual for a while, eventually we realised we liked each other a lot and decided to go out. he's a cutie.

you avoid getting catfished by not talking to someone you haven't met for a year. pretty sure me and my bf met after like a week or something. yes you should share pictures first so you can tell you're not repulsed by the other person but beyond that just go grab a coffee with them jesus. if they look different from their photo just walk out.

Holla Forums wants you to be lonely, I am your comrade and I want you to be happy

doesn't bother me, I've never want kids, even if I somehow stop being a virgin sperg and find a gf one day

blaire white is an idiot couldn't you have chosen someone else there are plenty of hot transwomen

I've fucked trannies, but I'd never fuck a cunt like Blair White.

This is what leftypol actually believes.

That and the dick. Also, Blaire White does not pass very well she's right on the edge of the uncanny valley. It her mouth/jaw especially. I knew she was trans the moment I saw her. Not that there's anything wrong with being trans, but saying people pass when they don't is shitty.


sorry if there's anything in particular you wanna know just say


would most people guess though? i mean if you spend time around trans people a lot you might notice tiny details

i've probably met trans people without realising

Aww. It's really not that hard to do online dating ya know. If you like boys it's easier of course because we are a bit more easygoing I find. But hell even if you only like girls there's hope, you just have to put yourself out there.

How do I know its not some Holla Forumsack or other ill-meaning person trying to get a picture of me so they can find out who I am and proceed to announce the whole world my political affiliation?
My country only has 17 million people and all of the youth is very interconnected. If they post a picture somewhere on some kind of mainstream website, or even an alt right website, someone in my class or in my school will see it.

Wish I could

Do you really think there's much chance that A: anyone will care enough to talk to you for several hours or so to get your picture just to mess with you B: They'll figure out where to post it so that someone you know sees it, considering that 'this guy is a left winger' is not exactly interesting or likely to spread, and C: that even if someone you know sees it, they will even care. Hell just tell them it's a joke or something if you're that worried about it.

Geez man don't be such a pussy.

You have the internet, so you can use a dating site if you have a camera. Get to it.

Blaire White passes fine from what I can see. Sure she wears a lot of makeup but idk that's kind of whatever. This is a cis woman, are you going to say she doesn't pass either?

Why are you hiding your political beliefs? Job, socoal stigma, or something else?

It's scary. What if someone who knows me sees?

Oh I agree, I just picked the first transition picture I saw in my folder. Here, have a slav instead.

Nope, finally had SRS :)

I agree with you to a certain extent, but mainly I just think it's that she acts like an obvious tranny. In other words, like an effeminate gay man rather than a woman.

Where is this place in the West where I can go and be a hardline commie normie? I would like to know.

Among people who transitioned young, it's mainly personality quirks that you notice rather than physical discrepancies.

Yes. I have experienced it before
You'd be surprised
I would rather not have to deal with it at all.

Social stigma. I am living in what I've heared described as "an elitist village" full of upper-middle class people and petit bourgies, and im semi-involved in local politics. My parents live here because we basically never buy new shit and save every penny so we can afford this house and a vacation.

Being an attractive male leftist is a contradiction.

Women do not respect men who treat them like equals, and are humble.

Pic related. It is the ass beta lefty retards will never caress. It also represents the lefty, who is an ass.

I think most people would subconsciously pick up on it at least.

That's what "passing" means. TBH I kind of think if you out yourself publicly as trans you've given up on passing.

She looks weird but nothing about her makes me think she's trans. She mostly just looks like she's aged. Trans women have masculine characteristics acquired during puberty, not as a result of hormonal changes later in life. For someone in the same age range, compare Jenner.

really? why? that's fucking depressing

quit replying to bait idiot

Because the guy you responded to is a social retard and decided its easier to blame women for being sluts than it is to face the fact that his behaviour might turn women off or that his mindset causes him to not pick up on hints.

That or he has much too high standards.


Leftism isn't pacifist by definition.

Just the women who are raised that way.

I am a university student who wants to join the french foreign legion to become a freedom fighter, but I'm worried that I'm going to die a virgin fighting radical Islam and brutal dictators. The reason why I'm a virgin is because I'm half chinese and half jewish, and happened to grow up with a high Autism Level and don't really `get` normals. My favorite food is chicken tenders and chips with a light worcester sauce, paired with a nice cognac and a fortified wine.

Any other pseudoscience RooshV was cramming down your throat while degenerate nonmonogamist lefties were out having decadent western sex?

well it's not like I have a clue about grills

Nice helmet. You should probably say where you live though if you want any useful replies

idk dude jenner is 10 years older than her and transitioned at like 65

I think this may just be another case of people holding transwomen to a higher standard of 'womenhood' than cis women.

Can you explain in detail why exactly you could immediately tell Blaire White is trans?
Did you know she was trans because she is open about it or because you really could tell just by her looks?

Main problem with mtf trans people is that the male hormones have added certain facial features such as more square jaws and bodily features such as broad shoulders.

Its more easily to pass as a scawny dude than it is to pass as a woman. And even then, you can't take more hormones to get more feminine features later in life, as these are mostly based on skeletal phisiology, which define a lot of how you look, whereas you can get male hormones to promote musclegrowth and beardgrowth.

Theres a reason lesbians often look like teenage boys but gay men never look anything like women. Testosterone's effects are very dramatic but men have varying levels, so you are likely to pass as low test man. But having had testosterone as a woman will aways leave a mark.

Just my non-medical uneducated opinion from the few things i know about it and my personal facial gender guessing talent.

really makes you think

That's a pretty nice helmet. Looks like a rare SAS helmet. how much did you buy it for?

You're going to be hired by a dictator to shoot at his workers for him. French foreign legion is shady as fuck and full of neonazis and most of its former members are literally SS paratroopers who fled, fearing for the trials. Their marching song is the SS anthem with different lyric.s

what sort of behavior turns them off? what hints should I look for?

Shape of her mouth/jaw like I said. Especially her mouth and how she emotes with it. She hides it better with makeup, but her eyes are similar. The orbits are very pronounced. Very few women have facial structure like that. On top of that, her facial expressions (which we learn very young) are still quite masculine. I'm no expert in physiognomy so I don't have the vocabulary to describe that, but it's like how someone still has remnants of an accent even after living in a new region for years. She's aware of this on some level and overcompensates, which results in acting "like an effeminate gay man rather than a woman" as says.

Not really, it's just that there are many many secondary sex characteristics that get solidified in puberty. Most are subtle enough that we don't bother learning them consciously, but we'd still pick up on them subconsciously. Not to imply that trans people aren't real people, but we have a very keen eye for "normal" appearance, and trans people looking off is the same kind of thing as CGI people looking off.

problem, Joe?

suck good cock and bitch about taking a load.. my ex always fucking did that



She has the exact same mouth shape and cheeks as Ms Jenner

You've never touched it either mr pick-up artist

Are you saying capitalism is hook-up culture and socialism is falling in love?


That's a pretty good analogy.

Under communism we won't allow genetics to be such a fucking lottery; that will be enough to decrease human antagonisms immensely. Not Gattaca style, more or less Futurama where if you're male, for example, you don't have to worry so much. I mean, a lottery is very democratic; but if genetics is a democracy then it can go to hell.

Why join a bunch of crypto-fascists when you can fight for Rojava?

It won't work out

probably not, no. it made me happy though