Why aren't you an anti feminist?

Why aren't you an anti feminist?

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Because idpol is for faggots and woman hate is for virgins

because i'm not a cuck that goes against my own interests

Because female supremacy is my fetish

Because it's neckbeard as fuck

i am. there's just not much to say about it

because feminism and socialism are necessarily interconnected no matter what the virgins and edgelords on this board say

Never trust a smallcase poster.

because gender-based hierarchies must be destroyed

How so? What does worker control of the means of production have to do with feminism?

How is letting women go out of control against your interest.


Because some are cool and would make good gfs.


I mean I'm against what the sjw's like Brianna Woo and Anita Sarkesian want but they represent feminism just as much as women trying to prevent female genitive mutilation in Africa do. The problem with feminism is that it is so nebulous and without a consistent orthodoxy like Marxism has to judge against itself its impossible at any given time and place to determine just what people actually mean when they say feminism. Two feminists can have completely different opinions on virtually everything and still both be feminists so really it means nothing so its intellectually irresponsible to just say you are against it full stop.

I also hate how people like Sargon of akkad and others like him conflate feminism and Marxism like they are the same thing.

Feminism identifies the root of oppression as gender and not class. He read Bella hooks and decided that was enough to gain a theoretical understanding of the intersection of feminism and socialist theory.

you have to go back

Because both the contemporary sorry excuse for feminism anti-feminists can't shut up about, as well as its equally contemptible dialectical opponents I just mentioned have the same roots, namely: capitalism.

Anti-feminism is just as much stupid, destructive idpol as feminism. Where women are discriminated against and underprivileged, they should be raised up. Where men are discriminated and underprivileged, they should be raised up. It's not that hard to figure out, even if some large groups of delusional idiots try to make it that way.

However, wasting inordinate amounts of energy on trifling gender issues in the face of systematic class exploitation is really fucking dumb. We need solidarity, and to convince people to put their stupid idpol bullshit on the back burner, not encourage it by further feeding their stupid victim complexes. Remember how for the last 16 years, rich liberal idiots have been shitting on poor rural Americans and the working class, and are suddenly surprised they aren't getting any support from them anymore? If you're attacking feminism on principle, you're just as stupid as those liberals, and are going to reap the same reward.


The virgin shaming on this board needs to stop tho tbh

not gonna happen

virginity is spooky

Said the anime watching virgin

the left annoys me with this shit

show me one :-DDD


Take the redpill


i am and i am a virgin.

1.) How are women "out of control"?
2.) How is being in control of women truly in my interest if I'm a man?

It's not just that. The true communist society will a stateless society without money or classes.

Is this what a forum slide looks like?

you're right, but fat-shaming is still ok

I don't believe woman have any value outside of sex tbh.


And caring about virginity is for traditionalists.

Only because of hijacking. Socialism means common ownership of the means of production. Any other crap is just hyphenated bullshit, and I don't care if Marx or Engels came up with it.

It's in my personal interests to be a socialist, and then it's in my strategic interests to not be bigoted against women or other races so that workers can be united fully, but this doesn't mean I have to sign up to their agendas that come before socialism. Socialism first, always.

Marx knew well enough to expel people trying to play that game at least.

should tell the left to stop using it as an insult then

Define anti-feminism

If its pseudo liberal feminism then yeah it's terrible

If its just being against all forms of feminism then no

Anti-feminism is the worst product of feminism. Woman's rights is a close second.

But that's not true. There are many feminists who insist on the centrality of class and denounce bourgeois feminism for what it is.

this boards lack of knowledge concerning feminist philosophy is pretty striking imo. we should be aware of how easy it is to write it off as idpol nonsense, and how any kind of 'analysis' that simple is almost always completely off the mark. not only is it completely capable of functioning within a marxist worldview, but it in fact supports it.

read at least a bit of something before you criticize it is all im saying. and that means –actually– doing the work, not reading some terrible everydayfeminism horseshit and thinking feminism as a philosophical branch is dumb.

I'm not anti-anything, I'm just not pro-feminism.

saying people should stop x-shaming on a fucking CHAN

Because I'm not a bitter loser.

my nigga

I am a feminist, dipshit.

Because I'm a socialist.

I don't need to waste time with the philosophical underpinnings of feminism when i can plainly see what they do in practice.

I'm not saying you can't disagree with feminism without hating woman, but the whole 'anti feminism' thing going around is rife with woman hate.

I don't, neither do I care if people are faggots. But this is a chan.

its a non issue.
Feminists never killed anyone, Nazis on the other hand…

as annoying as they can be, they're not really a threat.

I don't consider virginity to be a shameful thing any more than being fat, transexual or homosexual are, but if the right continues to imbue these qualities with some spooky value judgments then I'll happily hoist them all on their own petards until they learn to stop and despook themselves.

sauce pls

Mame - Double S Size

I love you.

I see it irl too though. Not cool

Cause this with and against mentality is retarded. Feminism is an empty word in todays day and age

if you mean modern liberal facebook-feminism, we're talking about two very different things.

You sound like a typical ignorant liberal whenever we try to talk about socialism. If you disagree with an political ideology you should read its seminal texts to be better able to criticise it.

thank you.

im as against current liberal idpol as anyone else, but the simplification of what is really very complex academic theory regarding feminism as "lol idpol" on here is intellectually disheartening

Do any of you anons have a feminist theory reading list? I'd be interested tbh

the most logical starting point is de Beauvoir's "The Second Sex" (Simone was a staunch communist btw).

if you're interested in aesthetics or psychoanalytic approaches, Laura Mulvey's "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema" is a very short read and a cornerstone text in feminist thought.

I am. Feminism is bourgeois in origin and started out when uppity white women were jealous of the newly acquired right to vote of black freemen.

wrong. the majority of feminist texts written in the 60's were explicitly marxist in their foundations.

and on top of that you push le workers control xD meme
read idiot.

I'm wondering too

Don't see what feminism does for me really

any feminist author worth their merit can easily explain why the gender binary concept is against the self interest of both men and women.

read some foucalt, he fucking loved Nietzsche.

Because everything is oppressive to everyone. That's the conclusion of Foucault.

women don't seem to like feminist men


Underrated post.

women just want chad to fuck them hard. male feminism is completely pointless

look at your post here. does this not seem like a comically reductionist view of an entire body of philosophical work?

not only is this not even close to a representation of the views of all feminist thinkers, but the article itself is concerned mostly with liberal quasi-feminist people dealing with other quasi-feminists.

But I am
I was a liberal for many years, I always supported gay and ethnic right (etc), and I still don't particularly give a shit about these things because I'm not some sperg who is scared of "the other".
But I could never wrap my head around feminists. I've always had positive female role models in my life - none of them called themselves feminists - and everyone I met who did was always arrogant and aggressive, which I assume was a way of projecting insecurity.
We live in a society where if you actually believe women are inferior, you're just a cunt - so being a feminist just makes you the otherside of the same coin quite frankly.

A comically narrow end conclusion can have a very substantial build up.

i know. sucks

i mean sure, but what you said is completely off the mark in understanding foucalt's ideas.

{where available}

Aren't we all?

Because anti-feminism is a fucking autistic, anti-intellectual movement and feminist critique is absolutely perfectly fine when done in the context of class politics.

I also do not believe in economic reductionism to the point of "When workers seize the means of production, racism and sexism will disappear", I think that is utterly naive. What in inherent about democratic control of work places that stops people from treating black people or women like shit? Nothing.

I think there should be a very sharp distinction between Marxist-Feminism and Bourgeoisie Feminism. Surely, nobody here would be so anti-feminist to say that Kollontai, Luxembourg, Goldman, Bolton, de Cleyre, Keller were not comrades.

I just don't understand women tbqh

hopefully they're replaced by traps under communism