How to fix this shit

How to fix this shit



Russia's just mad at them for hoarding grain

Don't leave it alone Ukraine isn't worth it.


Ukrainians are useful idiots for american imperialist.
Russia should just nuke the place and annex it.

Just leave Russia do whatever the fuck they want.

t. tankie tankerson

Eu has to support Ukraine form Russian cancer.

boot all tankies and nazis into the black sea

Give western, pro-west half to Poland to actually develop towards a modern state and give the other to the neo-tankies to keep it running as a corrupt oligarchy owned shithole.

kill of the EU

Two most reactionary countries in Europe
combined in one that will be hell on earth tbh

Ukraine is rightful Russian clay

first step:

Imperialism is good when not done by America, obviously.

take note of pic 3 in this post
it will cripple Poland. they're already pissed because now ukrainians are "taking their jobs".

since ukrainians shills for EU/USA they have proven they don't care about being free from imperialism. so Russia might aswel take them since they are the lesser imperialists.
never said Russian imperialism is good but you have to chose the lesser evil otherwise American hegemony will never be broken

Uphold Putinism-Assadism!

that's pretty intense shitposting, i wonder if reporting this will get you banned for a week. much more valid reason right there than the shit i had to deal with.

this tbh

alright back to 4chan Syria General you go

i'll just keep reporting since this is pretty low quality shitposting