So, a few days ago I was thinking about creating a Popular International between the Holla Forums-right (or alt right...

So, a few days ago I was thinking about creating a Popular International between the Holla Forums-right (or alt right, or whatever it is called now, the amorphous blob you guys hate) and the revolutionary left

Simply because we share common enemies, we could use less fratricide warfare and more coordination to take down the social-democrat/liberal/conservative cabal that runs the world

And doing that without screwing up the environment, since we (on the right) don't really give much of a damn about the environment and all that sort of stuff

Nazi flag, because, that's the closest I've got I can associate with since there's no Sorelian Socialist flag, although a black and white flag could also do, also my favourite last read, Reflections on Violence by Georges Sorel

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Oh snapedy snap, I used the wrong field for the subject's name

I will not work with Nazi's. Ancaps are the only rightist we should agree to work with, so long as they agree the first step in creating the just acquisition of property is expropriating the current property unjustly acquired.

fuck off

Will zionists participate?

I don't see the problem
Yeah, that's why I prefer the term, Popular or Populist International to that term.

It will eventually fall apart but it is what we are having now with Putin, Trump and the right in Europe.

Which would resort in a 'restoration' of the current SocDem/Liberal Order, which none of us want

The current order must be weakened so that either our, or your interests may be achieved. Maybe we could even reach a synergy where everyone's just on their own place, minding their own business, without messing with each other's 'interests'

I don't particularly like the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and I see no reason for repeating this mistake.

Do we have always to assume we are cosplaying as Hitler and Stalin?

What's next? Anarchists saying 'don't kronstadt me bro'?

I thought we were past this stage, I believe we've all learnt a couple lessons from how shit went down.

In the end, M-R didn't matter jack shit, because the USA just fucked both NS and Communism in the ass, although at different speeds

And the Liberal World Order is going to fuck us all in the ass again, and all we've got to show we've learnt from it, are a bunch of sucky t-shirts and a bunch of douches with weirdo haircuts

I rather have liberal democracy than ethnic cleansing.

Alright, but don't come knocking on the door when we begin walking the walk rather than just talking. He who announces doesn't betray

No we don't. Our enemy is capitalism, yours is flavour of the month scapegoat race. In 5 years I've seen that go from Pakistanis to Eastern Europeans to Middle easterners.

You are reactionaries.

Death to fascists tbh.

B-but the Global Bankers and their corrupt system that keeps importing said vermin into our countries for their own profit

the flavor of the month is whoever the jews are shillling tbh fam.

Who use private property relations (capitalism) to carry out all their shit.

Communism is the only answer to Judaism.

Bullshit, we don't care about your obsession with race.

We have very little in common.

From time to time our enemies may overlap, but for very different reasons. If we helped you then we'd only shorten the span of time to when you'll be at our throats again. And how are you even going to get the right to work with a few pinkos? The only way I can imagine is through one side brown-nosing to conceal away ulterior motives.

And we don't care about your little obsession with class, and fags going out in the open and doing their little parades?

This is about bigger fish in the ocean to worry about

Now, now, am not suggesting we just join together in the same bullshit mass movement, just suggesting we have a rather convenient alliance, not just a non-aggression pact, that'll allow us to get rid of our foes.

Then we can go back to beating the shit outta each other if you so wish or whatever you like

But not as long as liberalism stays on the table, making all of our lives hell, and ensure liberalism goes away, and stays go

why did you skip over my point

Jews and communism?
Because who the hell do you think invented communism? If not a jew

And am far from being the most anti-semitic on the internet

You are fucking stupid

really, REALLY makes me think

Convenient for whom? You nationalists only seem to be in it for the short term, to use its apparatus to secure, or rather purify, some vague, meagre existence for a category of people. But this cannot last, among you already are traitors and they don't even know it. Still, who is it convenient for? Why is it that you articulate your demand in this way, at this time? I cannot stress how much it would worry me to be that much closer, no more centrist liberals between, to people who think they can reverse stages in the revelation of history. You are not the revelation yourself, no, but merely the back-side to its exposition, perhaps even footnotes. It worries me that instead it would only be to our detriment, our long-term goals of realizing the apolitical as communism, post-scarcity, no apartheid nor imperialist state.

Also, you are wrong on two points when you talk about the invention of communism. For one thing, it hasn't been realised as such, not yet. Secondly what was known to primitive man, where nomadic tribes roamed and need not hoard surplus for their consumption was immediate, was a communism of sorts, not invented, but a gift from God.
Now, why the obsession with Marx's Jewish ethnicity? Does it somehow invalidate his theory by the mere fact of being born in some way?

This is why you're reputed for being dumb

Like those who want to reverse to a linear conception of history?

Sorry, he meant eternal* scapegoat race

A revelation is a circle. It is complete and tells itself.

i believe we've achieved maximum spook

A circle is just as much of a failed device as a line.



i consider you guys of an enemy then them.
Bourgeois are an annoyance, you guys are criminals.

i would actually help the bourgeois to fuck you over.

Aren't you an-fems supposed to be post-modernists?

I don't know. I don't believe in some wishy-washy "maybe it could, maybe it couldn't" version of truth if that's what you mean.

A recognition that no historical narrative device is able to negate it's exceptions without undermining itself isn't really wishy-washy.

Why though, they're just aspiring petite porky

I'm not sure I can parse what you mean. Exceptions themselves negate the necessity of a generalization, in such a way, I think, that new accommodations (or rather sublations) have to be made for contradictory constraints within history.

Sorry guys, I went out to get a haircut, can't get no pesky hair get in the middle of my eyesight.

I-I could actually explain myself by saying that I believe Marxism is controlled opposition, and go on, but I guess I'll just let you believe what you will

I believe in different peoples living in different places, free to do whatever they wish, without resorting to imperialism or whatever the fuck the flavor of the month horrible relationship, getting in the middle and screwing everyone over

Whatever you wish to make out of such society after that condition is met, is for you to choose.

I just don't believe we are all inherently equal and are developing or should be forced to develop at the same speed, and this shouldn't be taken as an insult to the societies that just can't meet the criterion for being 'developed'

Even if we were to grant that we share common enemies, I don't see this coalition working. It's like calls for "left unity" but even more far-fetched. Having a common enemy at the moment isn't enough. Immediately after revolution both sides would want to kill each other so working together in the meantime will always be very difficult.

funny we believe the same thing about nazis for the most part. They take the reigns whenever the liberals can't deal with us. Hence the saying "scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds" or whatever.

Please tell me you are just trolling.

So an apartheid state it is. Ah, how the nationalist finally culminates in a seemingly paradoxical anti-Semitic Zionism. Instead of new tools, new machines, and factories to largen the spirit of the people at large, to evolve their skills and shorten necessary labour, to produce the goods people need, we get walls, fences, and ditches to protect and fan the flames of your cowardice to move forward and beyond.

No, we will not add ourselves, for I see more clearly that it is rather you who are an enemy.

How was it a mistake?

Instead of united Anglo-Franko-Germano-Italo-Polish invasion, Soviets got 2 years of respite, got rid of France, and forced US and UK into neutrality - if not actually supporting them.

Well, we are growing sick of fighting their wars, and defending their troves of monies while the sick fucks sleep with children at their mansions.

I think you are confusing me for an imperialist or a capitalist, which am not. I simply think those who don't evolve as swiftly should be left to their own devices, not forced to advance, only for us to be dragged down with them, or worse, mixed with them, so they can have their ways with our throats.

I don't see the contradictions in linear and circular history allowing as much for sublations, when the straight line becomes the bumpy line and the circle a flawed circle, the stretching will eventually a require radical break to not become a meaningless ad hoc device akin to "god works in mysterious way".

So basically like a zoo, with people in exhibits, sticking to their folksy traditional cuteness, forever.

But the diversity though.. what would happen to all those cutesy Laotian tribes when globalisation sweeps them up? Do you really want the white man to impose his globalism on these endangered species?

what do they want with our throats, i'm confused

I just don't believe we should be loitering around a bunch of middle easterners disarmed, that's all

Not that person, but if you think that's what anti-imperialism and respecting people's right of self-determination amounts to–that says more about you than anything.

I frankly believe that's absolutely correct though, and totally okay if that's what those peoples want.
I would vouch for my own society to be that way too, albeit a bit more 'advanced', in my obviously euro-centric paradigm.

Totally don't believe in the multicultural mishmash of shit getting flung all over, as if all cultures were supposed to be destroyed, that's my main beef with the far left

It's how the British practiced colonialism.

Your cultural relativism makes you quite similar to the far-left.