Gets btfo once again

In response to the one fag.

I was wrong on that one point. I was getting ahead of myself.

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Might as well ban me now, I won't stop. Better dead than red.

This guy in the webm is pretty funny, even if he pulls a nothing gets past this guy once or twice.

Who is he?



Singapore is an Asiatic hellhole representing the worst of the materialistic Asiatic mind.

Singapore is especially great because the social housing (roughly 80% of Singapore is social housing:, social safety nets (it is impossible to be incomeless) and authoritarian Keynesian style labor subsidies (businesses, notably imports, are taxed progressively.)

Also hi.

hey it's the "Singapore is ethnically homogenous" OP back at it


It's something they've started doing more and more, pretty annoying. Mod log should go full public tbh.

This is full retard and then some.

Venezuela crashed because oil prices did, just like it did in the 90's. Perhaps you should read a book instead of sucking your boss' cock once in a while.


Not an argument.

Never happened, and they were probably kulaks.

Says the guy posting a postcard of Singapore as proof that it's a great country.

Read some basic economic theory.

Just give OP what he wants Sao he can go back to Holla Forums and gloat about how he triggered those damn gommies already.

But we have, you haven't read Marx though.

I don't see him talking about Marx. Stop strawmanning you pathetic child.


What part of "we make fun of stalinists" didn't you get? I know reading isn't your strong suit but come on.
Also [email protected]/* */

I haven't seen you read some basic economic theory.

Provide an actual argument instead of

Not an argument.

The kulaks had it coming, literally their own fault. Don't want to starve? Don't burn the fucking crops!

Here's the thread that a FUCKING RETARDED MOD deleted.
Whatever, OP will keep spouting memes and greentexting assuring us Singapore is a great country to live in.

Interesting that you would even try to claim it was, though. I'm sure it has nothing to do with your ethnic nationalism masturbation fantasies.

Go on then, what concept would you like me to read up on?

Saying we idolize Stalin when we don't really isn't an argument either fam.

No you faggot, a book on current events or recent history. Venezuela is not crashing because muh evil commies offended lord market, it's crashing because oil prices dropped. Just like it did in the 90's. You'd know this if your head wasn't lodged so far up porky's ass you could taste his stomach acid.

I thought this thread was about Singapore? lmfao

Holla Forums is one person then, just like Holla Forums huh?

Are you old enough to use this website?

Not an argument.

Thanks for proving my point.

Basic economic theory.

You just said "we" don't. "We" implies you all.

Good argument :^)

Yes, which part do you want me to read on?

Did you think you could keep telling everyone to read basic economic theory and you would win? You haven't read a single fucking book, have you?

I'm not surprised you're this autistic tbh.

First we were talking about Singapore and you got BTFO because it's not a great country to live in. Then you moved the goalpost and started talking about Venezuela and USSR. Fucking pathetic.

You haven't made a single argument in any of your shitty threads thus far


This infinite loop of you being utterly fucktarded is hilarious.

It's a question that's relevant because if you think it's some sort of secret history you must be pretty wet behind the ears.

Still not an argument.

No, I'm asking you what book you want me to read you idiot. Why won't you tell me?

Why is this allowed

And you're ignoring all the posts telling you otherwise in the past thread. Congrats.

Memes is all you can do at this point.

You're really reaching for straws here, lmao

Tell him what book you want him to read on instead of resorting to memes, you sad fuck.

Tell me your favourite basic economic theory book.

Nice meme.


Holla Forums likes to delete their own threads and then blame the mods on it.

Have you live in Singapore?

No it was actually a braindead mod both times.

Top kek



When Holla Forums is so dumb they can't speak properly and can only resort to meme arrows

You're expecting a Holla Forumstard to realize giving someone two breads and someone else zero so the charts show each person gets one bread doesn't mean economic success.

You could have at least posted Smith or Ricardo.

But he got literally everything about Singapore wrong

5 out of 5 meme points


Your commie brain is too simple for anything more complex. :^)


All you can do is strawman our posts. That's fucking sad.


Maybe you should go read "Not Getting BTFO On Imageboards: For Dummies"

Recently I've been hearing leftist praise for Singapore as an example of succesfull multiculturalism because there aren't any white men to ruin it.

He's trying to get the last word with meme and greentexting lol

This faggot probably deleted his own idiot threads like the faggot he is.

Check the log fit fuck's sake

What the fuck are you talking about you dipshit. You asked for a book and got it, you're the one trying to move goalposts this fucking hard. Hilarious how you resorted to this because you got btfo so hard.


Kek, you're right. There are 3 user deletions in the last 30 mins.

The mod did the right thing



We meant a book you've read, but obviously there aren't any.

Well, if "Economy for Dummies" is the only book you could post that tells a lot about your posts, really.

No, it gives these faggots a victim complex when we kept proving them wrong and left no evidence of it. They're doing them a fucking favor.

Meanwhile >>1076547 >>1076534 >>1076523 >>1076510 etc

Thanks for ignoring all the posts that proved you wrong fam




Which ones? None of them?

Pathetic. :^)

sus jejejejej wwwwwww

Says the guy bringing up Venezuela and the Soviet Union after being shown Singapore sucks for the average Joe.

I can understand you'd think that having never read a book yourself. But when asked for an economic principle to read up on, and what your favourite economics book is, you choosing the one post that allows you to get away with posting "Economics for Dummies" makes you look thick as fuck. Gg m8

That so called "meme" that I showed was to prove that your "Venezuela is Socialist" claim is bullshit
But keep on ignoring all those posts

Pretty sure Marx was influenced by their works, as Smith came up with the labor theory of value.

I thought socialism and communist weren't the same thing comrade :^)



I can understand you'd think that having never read a book yourself. But when asked for an economic principle to read up on, and what your favourite economics book is, you choosing the one post that allows you to get away with posting "Economics for Dummies" makes you look thick as fuck. Gg m8

One more time for you.

I don't see anything in that article disproving that gif though.

GOOD point, really made me think

What the fuck are you going on about?

Tell me about the worker did he own the means of production ?

Congrats, even your article says that it's oil what caused Venezuela to crumble coupled with "socialist policies" (aka anything slightly liberal).

Come back when the workers own the means of production m8.

You asked for a book and got it, stop trying so hard nigger commie

This is as much of a cop out as "it's not capitalism, it's crony capitalism!".


Singapore isn't this great place you make it out to be
Read the Heart Truths

Yup, coupled with its socialist policies. Good job proving me right again :^)


You think you're clever but posting "Economy for Dummies" when asked for a book only makes you look retarded.

Again. You asked for a book, you got it.

So America must be socialist too since it's got socialist policies as well.
Notice the quotation marks you dumb shit.

Never forget when Holla Forums couldn't name a single economics book except 'Economics for Dummies'.

What's your favourite part of the book?

And it proves you're a fucking retard.

Workers didn't own the means of production, which is the most basic thing in socialism.
Can't expect much of a Holla Forumsyp and a Forbes article that calls current China "communist" tbh 😂

not an argument.

Why won't OP explain basic economic theory to us?

explains a lot lmfao

lul, so you asking for a book, getting a book, and then desperately goalpost moving makes me a retard

So you see nothing wrong with posting "Economics for Dummies" when asked for a book. 😂

you asked for a book faggot, not a specific book. again you are

Why are you fucks taking the bait?

No, the part that makes you a retard is all these posts

Asking not just to "Name any book on basic economic theory whether you've read it or not" - it's very clear that it's a book that you've read and understand and would recommend. That's what makes you a fucking idiot.

What's the best part about the book that makes you recommend it?

We believe in rational discourse, unlike Holla Forums.

Saved, the post-modernism really saved Zizek of marxisms dogmatic pure ideology.

This flaw in thinking is called "word thinking", when a concept is seen as it's definition instead of it's implication.

Correct, it's a comparison as an explanatory device.

This is some normie tier understanding of what trolling is.

delete the fucking thread and permaban the fucking Holla Forumstards.

This is bait
I'm done

No, the thread should be bumplocked or left alone.
The faggot baiting and derailing should be permabanned though.

Yeah like when you asked for a book, got a book, and proceeding to sperg out because nothing else is working LUL


Good, you got BTFO. Bye fam :^)


Top kek, maybe put less effort into tirelessly researching your retardation to make it more believable that you're just a retard next time?


he literally provided economics for dummies as an example. he is baiting.


Not an argument XD


You've really tricked everyone into thinking you're retarded here, good job!

cry about it classcuck

I think you're overestimating people here.

see (all my posts)

not an argumento

because you asked for one book, ein book

now check em commie cucks