Reminder that if you don't support DPRK

your a de facto imperialist

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Not that I support North Korea but how is that a contradiction at all? Has anybody ever said that Hillary was anti-imperialist?

thats true tought.
Atleast donald supporters are on a path to realizing whats wrong with todays world.
Hillary supporters are just status quo whores.

Which would, of course, make it the lesser evil.

But usually tankies try to say that North Korea is not an evil at all, because it's anti-imperialist and they usually write off a lot of things as just propaganda.

First off your lesser evil argument dosen't make sense considering that donald was the lesser evil then Hillary.
Second of the DPRK is "le nazis" meme is just imperialist propaganda.
Their nationalism exist to protect there culture and people from bourgeois western culture

I want tankies to leave.

Fucking kek, you guys don't even pretend to be Marxist. If you're not just a fucking troll.

what does Juche have to do with Marxism?

Why do you think NazBols like NK so much?

Well atleast he don't want to start ww3 with Russia, Or kill of Assad like Hillary did with Gaddafi


You can't trust anyone in North Korea. He's 100% a shill.

if north Korea is such a oppresive evil country as imperialists says why would they hire someone to say they aren't communist?
If anything he is probably just messing with the westerners

동무는 똑똑하다

So why does the western propaganda say that Juche is not actually marxist, or even materialistic? Why do they have a leader with a cult of personality? Why is it hereditary title.

Of course South Korea is bad too and has its dark parts of history that clearly show what happens in capitalism.
It would be foolish to think of it as some senseless bloodshed for the sake of violence. In both cases it is clear that it has been a cold calculus, to use fear to subdue the population into compliance.

A massacre of more than 100,000 suspected communist sympathizers.

Uprising against military dictatorship that came to power in 1980. The army started to shoot at protesters after the tension escalated. Official death toll around 200, reasonable estimate is more than 2000.

Interesting comparison between Gwangju Uprising and Paris Commune.

Yeah, OK fam.


Dude no they aren't, he's just the logical conclusion of the southern strategy. Angry white guys have been voting against their own best interest for 50 years



why would anyone who isn't Kim Jong Un like the DPRK?

nice CIA maymay, "lefty"

how about you listen to the people that actually try to move back but the southern regime wont let them legally go?


Norks are shit.

why do they want to go back?

not doing the research yourself is reason enough for me to assume that you're not interested in an answer but rather talking shit like the faggot you are.

fuck off jason