This is what Holla Forums actually believes

This is what Holla Forums actually believes.

What are delusions of grandeur?

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Well, for example thinking that your pepe memes helped to get Donald Trump elected even though he got as much votes as the previous republican, but lots of people who would have voted democrat couldn't be bothered because Hillary was openly shit.

It is slightly better than Holla Forums though. Slightly. A bit more diverse banter and a bit better news articles shared.

Why are you so afraid of books?

Belief in meme magic.


You should know all about that, Holla Forums.

no, you

>>>Holla Forums8281255

We had a thread like that yesterday though
I never found out what books he had read.

But instead of "protestatism" is "Holla Forums".

In my 4 years lurking in Holla Forums i never heard of a single philosopher being discussed seriously or extensively, not a single reading group, nothing but unfunny stale memes, the same threads over and over and over.

In my short 2 years in Holla Forums i leaned more philosophy, ecology, economy, science, culture etc… than my whole 4 years in Holla Forums being a fucking brain dead retard.

become a better (You)

I mean, we are vastly more well read than Holla Forums. You can't deny that.

reading's for queers

nice try Holla Forums

Not even right wing philosophers like Junger, Spengler or Evola were discussed seriously on Holla Forums?

Yeah, Holla Forums does wind up being the same 8-10 threads over and over, but I just assumed that was because it was a large board with lots of people. What Holla Forums does have over us, though, is a commitment to shitposting all over the internet, and taking over entire sites to "redpill" everyone. I'm just not sure whether that's a good strategy, or not.

This image confirms the thesis of The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

It won't save Holla Forums as a viable political movement in five years, if that's what you're asking.

My book knowledge has gotten me laid several times.

Has your anime collection and shitty political ideology ever gotten you laid?

I've seen Junger and Spengler discussed on Holla Forums more than on Holla Forums and 4chan's Holla Forums combined.

But they got a David Duke approved president. How much of a role did they play in getting out some of the youth vote for Donald Trump?

How pathetic. No works of philosophy. Nothing scholarly. Just all alternative history and sophistry.

Holla Forums go so much deeper in Evola and link him to other fields of philosophy, politics etc.. and harsh criticism that never fail to impress

This linking of any philosophy to other fields of knowledge is what Holla Forums lacks

Trump did horrifically in the youth vote, so very little.

Holla Forums's ego about Trump is far greater than the political leverage they've gained from this affair.

That's what happens when you reject every field of science you don't like as being "kike shit".

pol gained all it's momentum from gamergate after Anita couldn't shut the fuck up about how evil white men for liking GTA

They are autistic neets, we don't have as much free time nor the autism levels required to shitpost incessantly.


Liberals being retarded and adding fuel to the far right fire should be anticipated by the left in the future.

Spengler is a mess. On the one hand, he proposes that civilizations pass through ineluctable periods of immaturity, maturity and decline, yet he withdrew this judgement and decided that a corporate state could somehow reverse what he had presented as a natural trend.

And correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember him mentioning how modern technology could upset this cyclical trend of rise and decline. If we decline now, it could be so destructive we might never climb to these heights again.

He was a shit thinker.

we already are declining, and we won't climb back to these heights again

It is, only it's hard to counter when both have been invested so deep in identity politics for so long, and when often they can come up with the most out of the world excuses for ignoring evidence.

Yeah, that's true. If the internet actually picked the president, we'd have had Ron Paul over and over for damn near a decade.

Don't kid yourselves. It would be Kim Kardashian and a Korean idol or something.

Fucking chans, always thinking they're the whole internet…

The biggest problem that I've seen is that people take "getting rid of identity politics" as code for "ignoring the fact that racism/sexism exist". Until we find some way to push people towards class without parroting the KKK, they're not going to listen.

I am not so naive as to think that they do not, but I don't use these words because just labelling something or whatever as such can shut a conversation down fast. Instead, I would rather take the time to explain how the material interests (read class) shape the relationships maintained between "sexes" and "races." For me, at least, stronger solidarity will be had on something more apt to be described as the interests and unity of all, rather than fixed albeit generalized categories of identity.

Lowtax once said that the internet is a place where a bunch of freaks and weirdos who normally would be a minority of society go to form an isolated community and convince themselves that they are the majority.

Kim Kardashian and Korean Idols don't run for president.

why not? reality tv stars with no governing experience can make it

All of these are shit, if you want good Right wingers and classical liberals "that i respect" here the top of the list:
Martin Heidegger
Edmund Burke
Alexis De Tocqueville
Nikolai Gogol
Adam smith
Niccolo Machiavelli
Carl Schmitt

I disagree with them on somethings here and there but man they are very good reads.

Race and sex don't exist.
Let these libtards think whatever they want.

Then why does mommy have a cock and daddy has a hole?

I'm not talking about pro-union chatter with your white work buddies, I'm talking about talking to people who aren't white guys, listening to people who aren't white guys, and then joining people who aren't white guys in fighting against the oppressions that affect them. You don't need to rail against the gendered bathrooms at work all by yourself, in a shop that employs 96% men, 4% women, and 0% transexuals. But if a transexual worker does show up, I would expect you to have something to say to them other than, "just join our union brah, in a zillion years, we'll overthrow capitalism, then you'll get all the bathrooms you want!"

Whether race and sex exist or not, racism and sexism are obvious issues in our society, and there probably isn't going to be anything resembling a revolution at this point, until we address those issues in some way.

I'd rather deal with people that only pretend to read literature and theory of value than schizos that think Marx's work is the Necronomicon and that they can't read it lest they be brainwashed by the kikes, but somehow they still know it promotes mixing races or something

Why do you think I am white?

It doesn't matter whether you're white or not. If you can't get on board with other people's struggles, you're not going to get very far in your own struggles. Solidarity requires actual solidarity, from everybody.

Also, I am what some would consider "trans" but it really doesn't matter, pronouns being a stupid thing to concern so much over, and find it kind of condescending that I would need a THIRD fucking bathroom installed just for myself. Are you even aware of how ready capitalists are to have these sort of transgender initiatives, dividing the worker up into yet another identity? I would be much more pleased to use the unisex washroom that's already there.


If I'm not white then "pro-union chatter with white work buddies" is already solidarity with others.

You are doing it wrong.

I was actually thinking one of the two that already existed. That's what most people say that they want.

And if you come to them with a racial issue, I certainly hope they return that solidarity, and give a shit about your problem. You know, instead of shouting "IDPOL IDPOL" at you, and rambling about some nebulous revolution that we've been waiting centuries for already.

believing that your shitty board is an important mover and shaker on the world stage and single-handedly elects the US president, for one

funny to see a Holla Forumsack asking questions like that

Mommy's cock is structurally different from daddy's womb. For the former, there are dangling balls, a thick phallus poking out. For the latter, there are little ovaries and eggs, a big balloon in between.

But we should be clear here Lacan is talking about gender identity (not biological sex), in itself, as a Symbolic discrepancy. Physical differences do exist in reality, but these physical differences between people have no sign-ificance or meaning without the inductance of cultural signs and symbols.

This, and I'd like to point out that we also happen to have a thread on Evola, right here right now, still in Holla Forums's catalog:

Look at everybody who predicted Clinton's victory.

Only a retard would think this is some kind of characteristic exclusive to or inherent in the internet. In fact I see more idiocy going on the bigger a movement is.

"Fighting against the oppressions that affect them" is the same useless liberal formula that's been followed for decades. The core idea is that some kind of revolutionary struggle can proceed from the marginalized, but those concerned about identities are endlessly reabsorbed into capitalism once the identity concern has been addressed by bourgeois politics.

The content of the concern was one from the perspective of "oppressions that affect them" alone instead of a general struggle. Solidarity is founded upon a common basis of struggle, not a bunch of people struggling separately nearby. Saying you can simply link them through "solidarity" as if some abstract ideological glue is liberal nonsense which wants the form of solidarity while depriving solidarity of its foundation.

that what i said tho, What exist is masculinity and femininity.

We're supposed to be doing both, as in, working with class-conscious minorities to battle the oppressions that they face. We aren't supposed to just become liberals fighting for capitalism with a black or female face at the top. That's why nobody in our circles gives a shit about the glass ceiling anymore. It only affects the capitalists.

Also, if racism and sexism are nothing but distractions from class issues, getting rid of racism and sexism would also get rid of those distractions. When nothing changes for those social and numerical minority groups, the only remaining issue would be class.

You say sex doesn't exist, which is sort of true in Lacan I guess (il n'y a pas de rapport sexuel), but what you mean could be said more clearly.


those especially don't exist

CTR operations proves they can't

You can't simply "get rid" of racism and sexism the same way you can toss out garbage. People put aside these things when it's in their common interest to do so. Saying "you have to attack these things" when there's no common basis for acting is as useless as any moral cant. The two can't be pursued separately and effectively. They must be pursued as a single thing and fought on a single basis. Solidarity isn't a basis for anything but rather the result of having a common basis.

Capitalism has a way of creating new desires and new resentments for new identities. There will never be an end to it because these identities are ideological fictions which, as fictions, can be created and recreated in different forms without end.

very porous evola discussion, believin rihcard spencer actually has original ideas and a complete disregard of heidegger and jünger as well as a belief that nietzsche was an egoist

Holla Forums google philosophy oin a nutshell

Clinton's campaign did consider the "sinister cartoon frog" important enough to attack it in an official statement. It amounted to a huge own goal that convinced a swath of people not only that Hillary is "openly shit", but also that their fearmongering against Trump has little legitimacy. So yes, it's perfectly accurate to say Pepe memes helped to get Donald Trump elected.

Racism and sexism are identity politics, and the left needs to strive for a race-less and sex-less society in the same way it strives for a class-less society.

It's really not that hard.

Gender segregation in sanitary facilities is one of the very few examples of systemic sexism still left in our society. Systemic racism is long gone.

There exist and always will exist instances of individuals practicing racism, but they're best dealt with by increasing economic status and safety of the working class, which reduces the power and influence said individuals hold over other people.

The point is, we've already (mostly) gotten rid of "those distractions", and the only remaining issue is class.

Yet it seems that, yes, people would rather wait until all positions of power are mapped 1:1 to demographic divisions instead of recognizing the real problem.

As someone on the far right I have never understood the borderline cult-like adulation that Spengler inspires. He comes off as pretentious and thin. The subject matter on the whole seems more suited to sociologists and political economists than to dour German poets. His abuse of symbols and vague (but always authoritative) terminology brings to mind the fatal image of a gypsy astrologer frantically pulling cards from a deck.

Also, I know that saying this here is like flinging the curtains open in Dracula's bedroom, but I think Spengler's airiness, innate sense of poetic authority and political pessimism stems from his being Jewish

CTR was like 15 guys

There isn't anything wrong with working to oppose or dismantle sexism or racism or whatever as long as it's in material terms like dismantling Jim Crow or things like that and not spooky bourgeois bullshit like demanding more female CEOs or shit like that

Thinking that posting frog memes on Twitter is what got Trump elected.

where is the literature?

No, he said we need a right way to decline.

they do as structure, but not as content

Lacan wouldn't use that term, tho, but sexuation.

Recommended to you too.


mods refuse to allow discussion of anything that would be intellectually stimulating.

half chan's Holla Forums is probably worse than cripplechan in terms of content.


poor delusional user.


But user, Adorno is thoroughly reactionary.

take the green pill user & I'm only using this flag because it's the closest you guys got to thule wizard.

oh man, I forgot to put it back on

If you want to spin your wheels with magical thinking and empty flailing, more power to you.

Except… not really, of course.

look user if I give you some books will you read them?

If you'll read some of these, I'll gladly read some peer reviewed articles on measurable magickal effects under controlled and measured environments.

Oh look it's Althusser on ideology.

Oh look you didn't read it and don't realise your own scientism.

You do realize that this word doesn't mean "any attempt to use science ever," right? Magick either has a material impact, with direct physical mechanisms, that can be scientifically measured or else it's just Sagan's dragon.

How would a reading group on Holla Forums even go ?

Would it be ignored or would people actually read shit

If its the ladder then good people will at least understand fascism more than just memes and edgy posts that mean nothing

[Spoiler]all I know is that I posted the same thread everyday for a week trying to get discussion of mein Kampf back in my nat soc days and all of them devolved into shitposting within ten minutes[/spoiler]

Give me scientific proof that something needs to adhere to the scientific method to be valid.

well I don't have any papers on that but I have a video of an asian man using energy work to light paper on fire.

Why does it have to be scientific proof in this particular case? I don't advocate scientism and therefore don't consider everything to necessarily need a scientific justification for everything. This is a really feeble strawman.

What are you doing wasting time with me then? Go get this dude to redo his trick under controlled conditions and publish it already ya big dummy.

watch the video yourself user, god forbid you try something before making a final decision.
it's at 3:03 for any anons that want to see
why can't you guys embed videos?

There's only 24 hours in a day, user, and I already have to surrender eight of them to sleep; a video outside of controlled conditions doesn't meet the minimum standards for consideration when bidding for any of that precious time.

Here's an excellent example fam:

What was the last book u read, nigger.

user I seriously doubt you have more important things to do than read a book or two and do some basic 5-20 minute exercises once a day for a few months.

You're right, I could - and do - read books and do exercises. I just won't read those books, or do those exercises, because nothing you've shown me so far suggests that I should shake up my schedule to make room for them.

We deal with the material world here, user. If a metaphysical claim cannot be described with an even remotely predictive model, it is irrelevant whether or not it's actually "true." In such cases "true" is a distinction without substance.


so into the trash with dialectical materialism?

fine user don't, I'm not going to force you to believe in anything, I'll just keep going and find anons who are willing to walk the path and improve themselves.


Tell you what; once you've got together a couple dozen such anons, get ahold of someone at a university in your area and see if they want to take some really simple measurements to record this "improvement." Nothing expensive or fancy; just get it published and then show me how your methods will prove to be beneficial for my… whatever it is that you think this is good for, exactly.

damn, so much delicious ashurt from that pic

I have a life user, I'm not going to drive or fly to other wizard anons for simple tests but
I can link you to a meet up thread for some fringe wizards, I'm sure if some lived close you could ask too attend and see something.


You don't understand:

1) There's no amount of talking to me that is going to pass muster here

2) You don't have to all gather in one place to participate in a study like this

I've not really read much philosophy/theory and I'm not really sure where to start, but I'm fairly familiar with Economics. Should I just jump into any particular book recommendations or would there be anything in particular I should start with? Was considering starting with ancient greek works by Plato, Aristotle, and so forth since I'd assume elements of their works will crop up a lot in Western Philosophy.

And yet all muh theory ever seems to do is relentlessly divide the Left, to the point that you can't have a successful revolution or political party without someone purging or fragmenting over some minor doctrinal squabble.

Leftism is like the Protestantism of political ideologies - even a single text has a million interpretations

That's not a great list, if the inclusion of Piketty is any hint.

The point remains, Leftism as a movement can't go five minutes without intellectual slapfights and fracturing over minor quibbles, despite any and all rhetoric about being "united against the capitalists"

based fucking Robert Anton Wilsonij

What, and the right doesn't have it's own sectarianism? I forget, are Slavs white this week or not?

At least leftist sectarianism, obtuse as it can be at its worst, isn't a shitheap of DnD-tier spooks.

OP's picture is honest and fair.

Well, for a political ideology that's apparently so wellthought-out and "basically a science" it's amazing that you can't seem to agree on anything

Debate and disagreement are natural parts of any legitimate theory. Read up on history of science.

Progress is messy and inelegant, user, in every field.

Furthermore, just because something is a science doesn't mean it's easy to implement - quite the opposite in many cases. How many fast breeder reactors are in service worldwide, just as an idle example? The fact that the "science" on those isn't in dispute hasn't helped them proliferate any faster.

Do you think science ever agrees on just about anything controversial without serious rigor?

Even without that, science is a giant shit flinging debate, from everything between quarks and if Torosaurus is the junior synonym for Triceratops and should be considered nomen dubem.

Science is never at peace, for every fact there are twelve times twelve interpretations debating at once.

Yeah, but when was the last time scientists killed each other over the extent of global warming, or any issue in science? I can't recall Bohr sending an ice-pick-wielding colleague to dispose of Einstein

Yeah great list, whoever compiled this list definitely doesn't understand the connection between philosophy and politics.

How many scientists have access to people in roles of use of force as subordinates? Artists don't usually off people either, because they're no closer to having the authority to send state-sanctioned killers anywhere than Bohr did.

You'd be pretty surprised at the dynamic you face as a gradstudent in organic synthesis, comrade

Yes, but none of those roles have potentially lethal force behind them in contrast to positions of political and economic power. A scientist might force a gradstudent to work shit hours doing the shit work nobody else in the lab wants to do, but the WORST he can do for insubordination is kick them out of whatever project/program their involved in. It's still a hierarchical and often exploitative hierarchical dynamic, but they work on different scales and towards different aims than political matters; they're hardly comparable.

I've been saying for months now that Holla Forums should read way more theory. But memes are more important to them, so fuck it. Still less spooked than Holla Forums.

Kek this is exactly what I was contradicting
Am I too subtle?