What should be done about the National Policy Institute (NPI) and Richard Spencer aka the leader of the alt-right?

What should be done about the National Policy Institute (NPI) and Richard Spencer aka the leader of the alt-right?


We have now a physical face, and a physical organization behind the rise of Neo-Nazism in America. Should we bomb their headquarters? What should be our response? We need to show them that the left will deal with harshly. Fascists need to die.

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Found his autistic fat little British cousin


Chlorine gas attack

just shoot him

this seems like a false flag

honestly, they're insignificant

trump is not a racist and neither are most of his supporters

currently there are more brown babies in the us than white babies, and most whites already aren't racist. white nationalism has no chance of succeeding.

Spencer himself acknowledges this, so their goal must be to at least talk about it in the hopes that one day millions of white people are going to flip some switch in their heads and suddenly start murdering non-whites.

He thinks the Overton window will save him. He is wrong.

This tbh. I'm trying to find the address of the NPI but I'm struggling. Can we find the address?

We've all seen Inglourious Basterds, right?

yeah, the number of leftist whites and minorities is too big for someone who is a white nationalist to get elected. it's really too late. the only hope is that a conservative gets elected and then goes full fascist, but even then, they would have to get congress' approval for "peaceful ethnic cleansing." seeing as even republicans condemned trump for some of his quasi-racist remarks, there's just no way that would ever happen.

What sounds like a false flag is all these posters wanting to straight-up murder him.

Unfortunately I've seen a lot of this ultraviolent wankery on leftypol recently, which is a shame for me because the tendency towards violent repression of other belief systems is why I left the fucking alt-right in the first place.


Don't be a retarded liberal. Pacifism does nothing but protect the state, and refusal to take violent action is a form of compliance, even worse, reporting those who do to the cops makes you a traitor the revolution.

Fascism deserves to be repressed tbqh

[liberalism intensifies]

But if you kill him you'll be just as bad as him, batman!

Stop calling them "alt-right" for starters. They are neonazis.

whites have already been outbred

it's just a fact

i dont give a shit

not taking this threat seriously is a mistake

They have not.

What the fuck? What happened to this place?
Is everyone a tankie all the sudden? Purges, gulags, show trials, is that what you want for America. "Enemies of the revolution" rounded up in the dead of night?

You edgelords are starting to make Holla Forums look sane by comparison, and let me tell you that is a monumental fucking achievement.

it's not a threat. people are more tolerant of other races now than ever, and there are too many minorities already.

and like i said, if a fascist somehow got elected, the us has checks and balances for that exact reason.


Don't get all of your opinions from Holla Forums memes holy shit. That's almost as bad as being alt-right.
Do you understand the necessity of revolution? If property is not seized by the workers, which will undoubtedly result in violent retaliation by the state, we will get nothing done. We must initiate force. We must smash the fascist movements in their infancy to prevent their rise. It's not edgy you idiot it's grim, but it's the truth, what you are advocating is a suicide of apathy.

What do you think should be done with enemies of the revolution? They should sit comfortably in their high rise castles? The police should be allowed to continue to crack skulls? Nazis allowed to organize and hunt people down? Our violence, is, inherently a form of defense, until we reach communism, violence towards any who stand in its way is defensive.

Even if I believed that means white people were being genocided by outbreeding, which they're not.

This guy sounds like a lot of Holla Forumsyps

I like the way you think.

Defending yourself from fascism doesn't make you a tankie.

the problem with that theory is that if is not correct, by the time it fails is too late.

Seriously how the fuck does liberalism only mean idpol to you? The fuck is wrong with you? You're likely a liberal without even knowing it. Class traitor.

Attacking a fascist is always self-defense

I think you're missing that point

Activists are always lurking. Trying to round up more players for their autistic LARP sessions. Just hope they don't end up in the moderators seat.

you realize richard spencer is an AMERICAN and his grand plan of a white ethno-state applies to AMERICA

also, op said

this thread is about fascism in the us

i guess the us government census is wrong?

there are currently more brown babies than white babies. when those babies grow up there will be more brown people than white people since the elderly who are predominantly white will die.

Liberal class traitor scum. You demand we allow the fourth reich, because taking necessary action makes you uncomfortable, why? Are you friends with a police officer? Are you a porky trying to protect himself, or Holla Forums trying to protect itself? Everything you stand for is suicide. It is suicide.

More brown babies than white babies does not equal a genocide through outbreeding.

This is a political discussion board, not a political activism board.
How you want to do things is not the consensus of everyone here.

Hi Holla Forums or FBI.

When your political enemies are proud Nazis who openly call for the genocide of other races and leftists then you best believe the only way to deal with these animals is through violence.

It is the only realistic path for communists, and anarchists. Socdems, and liberals, can go suck their capitalist apologist selves off while the actual left does something.
To denouncing Rojava, Catalonia, Chiapas, those at standing rock, and all others who are now realizing we must meet their violence with our own violence, is absolutely nothing short of demanding we all sit down and accept our immediate deaths. You are a class traitor, through and through.

I hope we never meet, you'd likely try to turn me in for possession of drugs. Cop cock sucker.

You are extrapolating nonsense, nobody here denounced any of those groups.

What you have advocated for in this thread is the bombing of a civilian building.

We need to be winning hearts and minds, not creating martyrs. Also, fun fact; bombing their headquarters wont do anything close to making them stop, even if you happen to kill a few people.

not for long

You did as soon as you demanded violence not be an option, as soon as you decided to demonize activism. Nazis are not civilians.

Last time I read something like this was on /isis/

Interesting, last time I heard opinions like yours it was from a teenage liberal pacifist girl. Unironically, this is, entirely true.
Have you read conquest of bread fam? You should. Because your demand of non-violence is a demand standing rock gets poison water.

I didn't even realize there was apparently a "leader" of the alt-right (or at least the person who coined the term) until this shit blew up recently. No idea who this guy is.

I still don't know anyone who actually self-identifies as "alt-right". Holla Forums hates the term, and the Milobots+r/the_donald aren't white nationalist or even racist.

Why doesn't the media just call it white nationalism?

Do you actually believe this lol

That is a lot of trust in one half-hidden sentence

alt-right is a general term that includes both

I think Holla Forums would like his NPR interview


'White nationalists' is in the Atlantic headline.

there is no such thing as coincidence user, white restoration soon.

At what point does being anti-fascist become pre-emptive violence?

I agree that fascism must be stopped and that direct action and disrupting fascist meetings and events is a crucial tactic in doing this. Are self proclaimed antifa types in favour of violent actions against people who potential carry fascist beliefs but don't agitate for them?

I consider myself alt-right and I have no clue who this faggot is. Kill yourself, OP

The difference is Nazis. They actively want to murder us and minorities in our community. The danger is now especially high since they are now filling out incredibly high ranking political offices.

This is not online, this is real life, there are people out there that are going into political offices and they want you dead for being Red.

There has to be organized resistance, physical and violent need be.

I though do not support Terrorism. Resist against Fascists with force if need be, but saying "lets blow up these buildings", "Lets assassinate these cunts" is going too far and screams FBI.

P.O. Box 100563
Arlington VA 22210

That's the address given on the donations page of their website.

I might keep using it then, but at the same time I feel like it'd be better for us, even if it's coincidentally also better for you, to refer to the alt-right and neo-nazis.

that's where to send mail. we should find their street address so we can send them some papa johns this fine monday night

oh no, please don't fire bomb some retard part of the alt-right.
How will they ever recover in the public eye, not like this will make him a martyr and make the left look even more deranged in the public eye.

Hi Holla Forums

I apologise, I'm not American.

For future reference, what is a P.O Box? I get that it's a post box, but why send mail to one instead of to the residential/home address.

tfw Nechayev was fbi
the Tsar did nothing wrong!

We can only overcome the system by increasing class warfare

Fascism risisng proves our point, since fascism is capitalism in decay

Replace the phrases Fascists and Nazis with Jews, minorities with the majority, and Red with white, then your post will sound like it came straight out of Holla Forums.
LARPing faggots like you really need to leave this board.

love this meme, wonder how many times this will be spurted out today with zero thought


Not everyone would like their mail address to be associated with their physical address over privacy concerns. Some homes also do not have their own mailbox.


Denazification can only happen at the gallows

Good keep fighting those evil totaly not irrelevant nazis instead of focusing on the real problems

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