Hi Lefty-Pol

Hi Lefty-Pol,

I'm struggling. I've worked in Hollywood for 7 years and am watching it fall apart. I used to work in the Studio System but am attempting to leave it. It's the worst shit in the world.

The multi-national corporations are doing everything in their power to control art. And they are winning. Here's how:

-THE CRUSHING OF UNIONS. Did you knwo that Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon don't offer residuals the way VHS and DVDs did? Artists/filmmakers/actors rarely bought their homes from their intiial fee, but from the royalties of these works. This is a similar issue as to what's happening with Spotify/Pandora.

-INSANE BUDGETS: With TV shows like Westworld costing 100 Million dollars a season, Netflix's The Get Down at 120, and movies like Suicide Squad at 500million and Batman/Superman at 850m, the cost of a movie is becoming that of a small nation. Add on 17 dollar tickets and you have a recipe for a Late Stage Capitalism disaster. (Always double the budget for Promotional costs. Hollywood lies.)

-CROWDFUNDING SCREWS INDIE ARTISTS:. By placing the burden on the consumer instead of the wealthy, artists are now forced into micro-patronage, taking money from the poor instead of the rich for passion projects. Corporations/Celebrities have also co-opted the system so everyday artists struggle to get their shit made as it is.

-PROPAGANDA 24/7: Did you see the AT&T/Time Warner deal happening? Over the past four years, NBCUniversal's merger with Comcast created a propaganda outlet for the Democratic Party that rivaled that of Fox News. MSNBC became the first Pro-identity, pro-wall street channel. Going against these idpol views gets you silently blacklisted. Hollywood hates "bernie bros."

-VERTICAL INTEGRATION makes it nearly impossible to advertise on the internet. The corporations only advertise their own stuff on their own platforms. For example, see the new symbiotic relationship with Conan and Buzzfeed.

-HYPOCRISY EVERYWHERE: Hollywood is an industry of hypocrites. While Adam McKay talks up the evil of banks and the need for stronger unions, he pays his staff at Gary Sanchez/FunnyorDie poverty wages. Hollywood constantly pushes idpol but also refuses to make movies for black people that doesn't treat them like slaves or retards.

BUYING UP THE INDIE FESTIVALS: The new way of getting a director for a huge movie is to see them make something cheap win at a corporate-run festival, buy up the director, then take away all of their control on behalf of the execs. See Colin Treverow, Josh Trank.

-CHINESE PROPAGANDA. FUCK THE US AUDIENCE: As these multinational media corporations become bigger and bigger, the American audience becomes more and more useless to them. Look at the recent wave of Chinese propaganda in Hollywood films. Look at how Dr. Strange took out Tibet to please the tankies at the PRC.

NEPOTISM: Max Landis. Nuff said.

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sorry, fallon and buzzfeed*

Are you Susan Sarandon?


This all boils down to class antagonism fam. The people who own the movies and studios have to take away from people that make the movies.

it fucking sucks. I've made a lot of people a lot of money except for myself. That's why I'm going indie.

also, and this is really hurtful, but Hollywood made a pretty strong effort to shut out all the pro-Bernie voices. A lot of "liberal" entertainers and execs I knew and worked with revealed themselves for who they truly are.

crowdfunding is the future fam. Keep porky out of it, the only thing is is most artist have no theory and become porky themselves

i used to believe that until Zack Braff/Veronica Mars

more specifically, i feel like the most successful crowdfunding projects are just the ones that prey on corporate nostalgia, ie Tim Schaefer projects or pixel games, music based on previously successful music, movies based on previous projects, Louis CK funded TV shows etc.

This is from the famous 1865 Communard song, La Canaille ("Riff-raff").

C’est l’artiste, c’est le bohème
Qui, sans souper, rime rêveur
Un sonnet à celle qu’il aime,
Trompant l’estomac par le cœur.
C’est à crédit qu’il fait ripaille,
Qu’il loge et qu’il a des habits.
C’est la canaille !
Eh bien ! j’en suis !

My attempt to translate in English:

Think of the artist, of the bohemian,
His belly empty, dreamingly reciting
A sonnet to his darling lover,
Fooling his stomach with his heart.
He can not feast bar he live on credit,
and so does he find clothes and shelter.
If that is what you call riff-raff,
Then I'll be a part of it.

Communism is the way of the worker and it is the way of the artist.

like this does not instill much hope in me RE: Crowdfunding movies. The biggest money is going to celebrities/nostalgia traps.

thats beautiful.

Have you been in any movies we might have seen?
I'd just like a hint, maybe.

maybe. but bourgeois celebrity culture is really a disgusting thing. it's what got trump elected. i think about the cult of celebrity and everyday and how people will automatically assume people are "good" because their work is good and people are "bad" if they aren't famous/popular.

Another thing that hurts unions and artists is the prevalence of "reality tv" which can get away with not paying real writers and actors and is one of main reasons for it's widespread adoption in media.

A lot of the stars of these shows are unaware of the business side of show business and get fucked in the ass hard. A lot of them don't even get agents or real contracts. It's hard to feel bad for them when they're essentially the luxury equivalent of scabs but I think if everyone realized how bad this all is for all of the "talent" in the industry you could be able to convince these people it's in their best interest to frequent the same established unions.

no, this is true. And it's not just the goofy "contestants" who act for free/low wages who get screwed.

I know a once successful sitcom writer who works with plenty of sitcom writers all on reality TV shows. They hate it and it's soul crushing but they need to feed their kids. They have no union protections as the WGA has abandoned them even though less and less sitcoms get made and the ones get do are usually made by the same people who have had power since the mid-90s. .
(Hollywood unions are deeply corrupt but that's a whole different story.)

the majority of comedians today are scabs too, sadly. They are so willing to perform they'll pay to do it. most "talking head" comedy shows are nonunion as well.

This. When the Hollywood bigwigs realized the blockbuster model of endlessly increasing budgets was the most obviously profitable in the short term, they imposed that model and the golden age of New Hollywood (think films like Bonnie and Clyde, 2001: A Space Odyssey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Taxi Driver or Apocalypse Now) was pretty much over.

Yes, and has corporate greed has spread it's tentacle into international territories, the budgets are now the size of micronations.

You've got movies that are 2 million dollars or less or 250 million or more. Only auteurs with lots and lots of money already are capable of tapping into the midbudget, which is rare as can be.

The only midbudget films i can think of this year was Hell or High Water and Don't Breathe, and they were both 12m, which is on the smaller end. everything else was either huge or tiny.

Are you asking me or OP. As for me I am apart of a media co-op called Meteorkick. Here's our youtube channel


I do voice work, I'm the one doing to voice work for the "How much is a Billion Dollars Really" cartoon

Ah, fuck it.

My name's Jonathan Daniel Brown. I was the fat kid in Project X and Kid Cannabis. I lost 75 pounds, lost a ton of work, and the studios threw me in the trash. Also I'm a hardcore Leftist and Hollywood hates those more than Trump people. They blame us for losing the election. They still don't get it.

I do VO on an untitled animated series for a pretty big network, but the pay is sub-optimal, especially considering the franchises.

I just directed a short romantic comedy about a white supremacist and a member of ISIS with Jackson Rathbone from Twilight and Amir Malaklou from Argo. I'm submitting it to festivals now. Fuck it. Check it out:


Password: horseshoetheory2016

All wealth is created by labor. If you find a way to make movies while at least avoiding some of the contradictions of your old bosses you could find success.

That's why I like the co-op movement so much. At the very least let's the workers keep the surplus value they make.

I started a media co-op but it's not making any money right now. But Costco and Winco are examples of employee owned companies being successful in extremely competitive markets, namely retail.

I think all you artists really need to start reading marx and organizing yourself into a parallel studio system. No one said its going to be easy but nothing will change unless you do something like that.

It's a good idea, but the last time Hollywood tried this, the Blacklist was started, the Unions became corporate-owned shells, and United Artists cratered itself.

As for a co-op/B-Corp type thing, I have thought about giving each member of my crew a piece of my first feature. I'd make less money selling it, if any at all, but I'd encourage everyone to kick ass so that the better it does, the more they could get. I'm so sick of old school Hollywood accounting. it's sleazy and needs to be fixed.


that meme is tired as fuck comrade, you should really brainstorm on a better name for the video

It's making fun of the idea. I don't believe in it. Watch the fuckin' thing.

Hollyweird is filled to the brim with child-abusing sick fucks, and the sooner it burns to the ground and 90% of those involved are dangling from lampposts the better

Not the hugest movie buff but didn't United Artist creator more because of Heaven's Gate?

Yeah you're going to have make your system completely independent. Meaning you're going to have to go all the way down to the janitor / maintenance man level and find comrades that will work in the paralle system.

This is why I personally try to inform myself on idpol. Keeping informed on feminism, racism, LGTB issues has opened so many doors for me. Being able to let someone know you are not bigoted toward them and actually care about what they feel is what's oppressing them, is such a huge boost, especially considering I don't have much money to offer them.

Also proles, especially young people are more class aware than you may think.

This is dope.
Good stuff, dude

good luck with the indie stuff though, for real.

Let's do more than wish him luck. Maybe we could have some kind of leftypol spotlight for leftypol artists trying to get their work more well known.

Alright, I watched a bit of it and it was pretty SNL-tier, with a bit too much heavy generic stereotype stuff. I guess later it would subvert the stereotype or whatever, but it was boring early on.

Still, this means Holla Forums actually has some kind of contact into Hollywood and indie film shit! If we brainstorm really hard, we could BTFO Holla Forums with our own counter to MDE. The best art comes from the margins of society, and Holla Forums is about as obscure as shit can get. We would just need some people who are really creative to come up with the concepts and scenarios.

Just to set a bar, IMO the writing from the Catgirl comics is pretty good.

First day here?

hey thanks, comrade.

self esteem ++

this is what happens when you get sold as "the fat and funny guy" for 6 years and then you lose the weight and then you're just a Short Jew.

how are you going to subvert the corporate machine if you can't even finish a 12 minute video.

Hey Op, I'm a writer in college atm but I've won some awards for screenwriting. I've been thinking of trying to get an internship with a tv network and then work my way up from there.

Any advice? I'd also love to get in on indie projects like this.

Tbh American audience is cancer. I would like to see more Europeans in our WESTERN cultural sphere.

You mean like all of the British actors in every American studio movie ever?

My advice is that there is no cavalry coming to help you. If you do get lucky enough to get a major paying gig, after that gig, you will be likely tossed in the trash.

Get help from friends. Offer them a percentage of your movie. Make it yourself and sell it yourself. Create a team of smart, dedicated filmmakers and get to work. Beg people for money and patronage until you get the tiniest budget you can handle and just make the goddamn thing.

More Caucasian actors, latest star wars was rather disappointment for male leads ehm, "facial" traits.

Heaven's Gate wasn't the same United Artists of the 50s and 60s. That names been passed around for years and years. Owned by Mark Burnett for Christian movies now.

You are wise, RE: Parallel system. It's funny, because a good chunk of my friends are anti-idpol minorities. Hispanic, black, gay, etc. All of them understand how race and have been co-opted by the elites to turn the poor against each other.

My co-op was playing with the idea of open sourcing our product. Meaning not only would we license our ip royaltiy free for non commercial use but we'd make our sketches designs and raw animation data freely available.

This way our work could be used by other artists without reinventing the wheel

also i quit comedy because lunatics like this began dominating the conversation. I even got called a "chinless shit pudding" for Patton Oswalt for supporting Bernie. it is so bad out here on the west coast i can't even tell you.

I'm a picky fag who stops watching movies if they don't meet my tastes. Don't worry, I'm perfectly capable of sitting down to watch three-hour epics. Most recent I saw was Hard to Be a God by Aleksey German, so there's my hipster cred.

you missed a great guy on guy make out then

not literally a fag though

Winco is employee owned but Costco is definitely not, Costco is a public venture enterprise.

How do you feel about movies like project x playing around with Jewish stereotypes?
Not trying to talk about idpol, just expanding on what you said about hypocrisy.

I'm not even a tankie but all Hillary supporters deserve the gulag. Cameron and Michael deserve to live in relative obscurity while desperately seeking fame, oh wait they already do.

Hold on, I remember you:


You know I self loathe from time to time to, but geez I wouldn't ever put it out there so candidly like this.

Stay strong man.

I just googled the trailer
Holy shit, this looks awesome


I don't wanna be rude, but this short film is pretty lame. It kinda feels like some skit you'd see on The Daily Show or as sponsored content on Facebook, to be honest.

The characters are too obviously stereotypical; you can't take them seriously because they are nothing beyond stock caricatures, especially when it comes to dialogues. The photography is bland and the cinematography uninspired — you're just filming a story with virtually no creative input as a director. It sort of work as an unremarkable skit, but the writing is simply not good and nor is the filming.

It is not my intention to put you down. It's your first film, it's okay if it's you're not doing something as good as Orson Welles. Just thought I'd put my two cents for what it's worth.

I actually really like the idea, but the execution could probably be a bit different.
For what he was going for, I think he did a decent job.
It's kind of hard not to do "stock caricatures" when all you have is 12:00.

It was mediocre, once the montage began, it was clear what the punchline was going to be at the end, so it felt like waiting for a bus to arrive once it did happen.

It wasn't actually funny to have them sucking off shotguns, that's Buzzfeed tier comedy and that crowd couldn't hold up a heavily marketed movie like Fembusters let alone bother to watch yours.

If you want to ever flesh this out into a full length movie, just ditch the romance altogether or at least have it subdued like a running gag.

Oh cast someone else to be the Muslim, is it that hard to find a brown person?

Dude looks like Frank Zappa.

Oh and the racist should be more akin to Dale from King of The Hill, not full blown swamp inbred supremacist, you should have a look at Holla Forums or /k/ to see how these kind of people think, dress and talk.

Have you thought of doing or being a part of animated stuff?

Don't write at Vice. They will edit your shit to make you look like a dick and pay horrible wages.

That said, it was fun to interview girls from my past. It's one of their more popular articles and has gotten millions of hits. Was the 100 bucks worth it? Not so much.

Project X is the only studio movie in years where 2 of the 3 leads are played by Jews.

lol the actor is Middle Eastern and comes from a Muslim family. Not brown enough for you? you racist, idpol worshiping bitch.

yeah I do VO work plenty. Pay is not what it used to be since SAG-AFTRA merge but love doing it.

An Alien Vs Predator with Identity Essentialists and Alt-Right losers? I'd watch that.

I don't doubt that he is, but is he really the kind of guy who gets profiled in the states?

I speak as someone who got profiled at Universal Studios in Florida to fill in a "questionnaire", I was naive enough to fill it out honestly and my white friends pointed out that I was the only guy who passed through the turn-styles who got pulled to the side to do so.

I would imagine. Heard on one interview it kinda has to be a real passion, since you have to work part time on the side. How do you feel about anthropomorphic characters?

You ever seen the movie 1900 btw?

that sucks. im sorry you had to deal with that.

also Universal Studios is bad.

Any notable people you've met who are left, or at least Sanders supporters?

I take it just making the damn thing on my own is the way to go huh?

I have the same feeling. I also don't want to compromise my little dream for anything unless there's like a plothole or something.

my brother was thinking of starting a film-studio co-op, you should gve it a try, it's not really that expensive, I saw his list of expenses

Is it possible to start one of for animated stuff matey?

probably, after all animation is not that expensive, its just labour and time consuming, 3D is harder from what I know

my brother was going to make shirt films however


How much fun was this?

yo what


How many actual Socialists have you met in Hollywood? I would assume quite a few would keep it on the down low due to the history of Red persecution in the industry.

Who was the most surprising Red you've met?

I assume Hollywood has quite a few of us, A lot of films I've seen have been very sympathetic to us and our movements.

It's been falling apart for longer than that, man. The US hasn't produced anything worth watching for at least 20 years.

Hollywood is pure shit. I don't bother watching anything they made in over 8 years.
The last time hollywood bothered about producing original works was in the 60's and early 70's. The so called "new hollywood" period.
Ever since is just pure shit and rehashed stuff. Granted sometimes there are interesting films coming out from hollywood, but very rare and years apart.

I've always had dreams of animated movie done, I just can't draw for shite.

Like, two people. And they capitulated quick.

nigga lmao

Who was the most woke person you met in Hollywood?

On a Semi-related subject, I know it will never happen, but the idea of a big budget Hollywood movie about the early 20th century labor movement makes my dick hard.

This is relevant to my interests, although I totally understand any need to keep people's leftist views on the DL, what with the history, and as you say, current culture of Hollywood.


The list of famoose people knowing about leftypol grows:
Richard D Wolff
Jimmy Dore
Jonathan Daniel Brown

What do you think of Red Letter Media, Daniel?

very much related: youtube.com/watch?v=sXNsT7-Lwsk


It got like 3 academy awards and was nominated for 12.

such radical movie

Holy shit, we're attracting more and more big names to this board.

So proud.

i watched Hail, Caesar! last year, thinking all the way that is a Coen Bros. meta to tell exactly this story in a riddle
especially when Clooney gets BTFO by the porky running the studio, that was basically a metaphor of how the Bernie movement got stumped culturally.

I couldn't get into that movie, it was an unorganised clustfuck.

Post timestamp

so far so good

I just got a great idea for a skit called Communist Party. It's an actual house party hosted by Zizek. Guests include Marx, Engels, Mao, Bakunin (for shits and giggles), Lenin and Hegel. They don't let Stalin in.

I think RLM is good. It's done a better job of getting young people to talk about movies then the old Porky worshipers in the corporate fan press and the dying trades.

He's linked us to a personal project of his which requires a password, I think that's good enough proof.

Vigo Mortenson?

But on the plus side, the rich don't sink their filthy claws into the profits. Owning your own IP is liberating.

The very existence of IP is cultural theft and oppression of every human on Earth. Art is not the property of one man but the culture of all men.


Hey man don't listen to these assholes, this was actually pretty good.
I mean it didn't make me weep with joy or anything but it did make me laugh so fucking kudos to you man. Also I know jack shit about directing lighting or shooting a film but it looked nice to me.
Make more shit

Goddamn this guy is cool as fuck

Jon is /ourguy/

Do you browse leftypol often? Also what do you think about Bertolt Brecht?

Hold on user how did you find that in the first place?

*tips hat*

In capitalist societies, the only true art is warfare.


don't be a cunt

speaking of Holywood, what does lp make of hail caesar?


Jesus Christ so much cringe. Honestly the fact that you are in film is a good job/hobby, but it is only something you do; you can't share it with the girl. That's the key issue here.

Remember that women are extremely mercenary and judge you on how much social value you can provide them, be it a lifestyle, social connections or emotional fulfillment/attraction. It's also your attitude; there is a studied carelessness operative in attracting women. Can you share what you do with the woman? Does your media job give you million-rating-level exposure? There are independent youtubers who are probably more famous, and since social media is considered "hot" now, it is higher on the social value scale than a regular media job. Do professional videos about some intelligent leftist stuff on the side and make it funny: instant youtube hits. Maybe we could even spread you around a bit if it's really good.

It's just a shitty comedy.

As if men are any different in that regard. Nobody will want to engage with you unless you offer them something.

Men are way less mercenary than women tho.
All we ask for it's for the woman to be pretty.

Under capitalism there is no such thing as art, just wealth extraction.
The movies made by hollywood are profit driven. SO it is why 90% of movies are now cape shit and remakes and expanded universes, making anything original is just too risky to the bottom line.

Oh this thread is still alive, worse things could have happened, other than that and one other place where I got profiled and told to fill in some information (a fucking rest stop/visitor's centre in North Carolina in the middle of nowhere) I wasn't hassled at all, and I've been to almost 40 of the US states.

I actually liked Universal Studios (themepark I mean), I wish I went there when I was 12 rather than 22.

I showed Horseshoe Theory to some of my D&D buddies. They loved it. Also, polite sage due to what is basically a non-contribution to.the thread.

thanks, user. just found out we got into Slamdance, so I'm going to Utah in January!

yeah, lots of fun. I got ripped off but strangers get me high all the time.

twitter is bad.

i browse leftypol pretty frequently. Reddit is a sewer, halfchan is a nazi shithole. I saged my Facebook and I pretty much just dick around offline now except for a few boards here and there.

I'm not familiar with Brecht. If you're into WW2 era theater, have you read Rhinoceros by Ionesco? It's all about trying to maintain sanity and moral consistency as the world around you goes to shit.