White people should be taking their rifles and confronting the cops at Standing Rock, refusing to surrender unless it's to the US Army, and only if they are also arresting the police.

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Guns escalate situations. Stop having an arms race against your fellow humans.

I mean that is true. Plus the more people have guns the more likely some idiot gets upset and suits someone. Two guys with guns get into an argument at a bar and innocent people could get killed.
Then again, if most people had guns in them, I could see it preventing spree shootings.
Then again, crazy lone wolf types could still use explosives.
I'm pretty neutral on this one, it's a complex issue. Universal registry and back round checks are probably a good idea (keep track of mentally ill people)

The situation needs fucking escalating.
I don't think "sitting peacefully" or "sharing the video of the watercannons on facebook" is doing the job at this point.

But political polarization is good.



ideally we would live in a pacifist world. but that isn't possible while nazis are around


Naziposter, pls

Why is there a no sign over that picture of a gecko or a chameleon (I can't tell which)?


You know, I have no idea what that one is about.

sorry dude, meant

At what point do we start fighting this?


I was browsing the plebbit thread about this in the library today, and the majority of posters think the police are just pawns of the elite, and wealthy. Not gonna be long before we start cracking open the heads of some pigs.

In Japan and the UK, the people can protest without fearing for their lives. The police is demilitarized, because the protesters don't need weapons to make a point.

If we got rid of the second amendment, the police could demilitarize in turn.

But they're oppressed workers too. They should be fighting with us.

Looks like at least the Vets are getting with it.
It is the Kshatriya's job to defend the society, not fight foreign wars for capitalist parasites.


Why would something that has power give it up?

Go fuck yourself.

Every day I'm more convinced that fascists are just racist liberals

Here you famrade


fascism is just liberalism taken to its logical conclusion.

Or maybe it's because you're not protesting anything they actually give two shits about. Maybe that's why they don't crack down on the people.

I checked it out, and while the prevailing sentiment is sympathy with the protestors, there are still a lot of people complaining about "muh property", saying that the protesters deserved to be sprayed with freezing water and have their hands blown off with grenades (pic related) because some of the protesters set fire to a pair of dump-trucks a month ago, and everyone knows that violence against property is the worst kind.
Porky says they only brought out of the water cannons to put out fires, then had to turn the cannons on the protesters because the bridge was too dangerous for the protesters to cross and they were just trying to protect them, really. And quite a few people are stupid enough to buy it. Their comments mostly seem to be contrarians who get off on the smug satisfaction of disagreeing with the hivemind and believing they're the only ones who sees the real truth.
Part of the counter narrative is that the Sioux didn't follow the proper arbitration procedure, so whatever happens to their sacred sites is their own fault. Also, it's not their land anyway, so they have no right to protest that it's running under their water source.

We don`t need to demonstrate. We need guns to inflict high as possible casualties against the bourgeois hegemony.

Holy shit was that a protestors leg??


You ain't done nothin if you ain't been called a Red


Thanks, comrade.

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Mollyneaux should take some cues.

Fascism is the death throes of Capitalist (see, liberal) society.

Fascists are just liberals under a siege mentality.


You know, maybe he's just a troll? Or, the exception to the rule?

It's like if you judge all of leftypol and the left-wing by looking at my political positions. Or even worse, judge all lolberts by my positions on issues.

(And, I don't even like Nazis, especially that Nazi flag faggot.)

Also, we already talked about this last time. Fascism is socialism in decay, and Nazism is reactionaryism in decay. American liberals aren't economic liberals, though they take a lot of liberalism's individualism and, since Clinton, free trade/globalist stances. (Except for black people and spics, they get to have racial collectivism and extreme religiosity. :^) Cause muh muh privilege.)


With that shitty TD and muzzle control, you're gonna inflict more casualties on our side

Indian user? Kshatriya is warrior clan, right?

After some research (reverse google search) it is real. twitter.com/zhaabowekwe/status/800897331218370560

It's her arm. It was completely destroyed and had to be amputated.


Kill yourself. Leave this board, first.

Hardly. Cops get their wages from tax revenue and private donations. Cops are enforcers and as such produce nothing. Moreover, the army, media, and judiciary have their back – to the hilt. Working class my ass.

It's high time Americans stopped being afraid of their police forces and judiciary. In their facebook pages and whatnot the Vets openly state that they're putting their lives and bodies "on the line", i.e. at the tender mercies of the state. This is going to get even uglier. If you're ready to die, then why not follow through to the logical conclusion? You can bet the police will, no matter what old uniforms are worn.

I wonder who could be behind this post



Apparently the private security firm in charge of Dakota Access pipeline intelligence has ties to Blackwater:


Frankly I don't understand Holla Forums's aversion to non-violent resistance. It has a proven track record of getting things.

He truly lived up to the name "Red Ed"