Alt right cringe thread
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Jason Untrue is alt-right in leftist clothing.

No, he's just a typical tankie lol.


Watch from about 5:30:30s

um… maybe the animal doesn't want to get fucked? also, it's nasty



At least ones on the right. Left-wing girls seem to actually hold those views.

Then eating meat is also wrong and nasty.

human beings are omnivores and it's a perfectly natural thing to eat meat, every anima does this

now answer me, how many animals fuck other species?

A good amount, but not for reproduction.

I don't think humans should nessecairly normalize it, then.
Then again this place thinks it's a spook to be against that so idk.

A lot.

Check mate.

lmao, and all i need to do is link you faggots to tumblr

Don't appeal to nature.


LMAO @ r/the_donald

pigshit ignorant retards who think everything is soros

thanks for the new OC


I'm pretty sure it's one guy doing it.
This like the 6th edition. >>>/leftyb/ was created for this but you retards don't listen.

Get it through your fucking skull once and for all.

there are a lot of communists on tumblr thou/

Nope. There are a lot of """"communists"""" on tumblr.

Alice :(

Has Boogie gone too far?

Plenty of animals eat their won shit and practice cannibalism, clearly we should follow their example.

filthy dogs

I'm fairly sure that's not what he was referring to.

lmao he doesn't even know what a false dichotomy is and thought she was saying his post was false instead


Most commies use Twitter.

Most commies are non-existent.

Gas attack when?

Then why did we outnumber you in DC and Texas this weekend?

Outnumber who? Real commies?

Aut-rightists. A real commie wouldn't say something like "most commies are non-existent."

Oh boy

How do you know? By hanging around twitter commies?

am i the only one who finds her hot?

Stop fucking legitimizing their movement. They're fucking Fascists. If you have to call them anything, call them far-right.

Alt-Right is the term they made up to hide their motives and movement under non-emotive language.

Whenever someone calls himself an "egalitarian" online I immediately assume they are consciously obsessed with feminists


this is why they get on the defensive when you label them as fascists

"Far-right" isn't accurate anymore either, given how much they've shifted the Overton Window.

Do you realize that liberal media calls parties like UKIP and National Front "far right"?

The so-called alt-right is not a movement, but rather what Byung Chul-han would call a "digital swarm" — a directionless virtual grouping of atomized individuals with no unifying ideology and a predilection for the charisma of e-celebs over theory. Basically, it's a cyber-cloud of personified buzzwords.

You can despise them while being fully aware that they indeed are an informal collusion of different and even sometimes antagonistic political communities such as regular conservatives disgruntled by the current GOP and full-on, batshit insane neo-Nazis.

Though I wouldn't call UKIP "far-right" (rather hardline conservatives), the National Front is unambiguously, definitely "far-right".

what makes them actually "far" right, tho?

Literally as far right as far right gets.
Show me more like him.

Note 100% related but

Because they unambiguously adhere to neo-Fascism and white nationalism? The motto of the predecessor to the National Front, the British National Party, was "For Race and Nation".

the ironing is too much

Monarchists are neither left nor right, but entirely apolitical. Their goal is to concentrate all power in the hands of one virtuous individual, and then let them do as they see fit.


They're literally larping

How embarrassing

what the FUCKITY FUCKING FUCK is wrong with her ears?

wouldn't want to offend fascists, would we?

She's just here for the interview ;^)



back to reddit where you belong.






It's the most reactionary position to take, and in the context of political ideologies is the very definition of "right wing"







I'm gonna go ahead and agree with this Nazi here.

Sargon's a useful idiot for the alt-right

This guy is tankie-ism personified.

i watched some of that dweeb's speech and it's legit embarrassing. he's so uncharismatic and wooden. but at the same time you can tell he thinks he's awakening the masses and speaking to crows of tens of thousands in an impassioned way like hitler.

he was so satisfied with himself for saying lugenpresse, like a child making a smart remark behind his teacher's back

just pure cringy childishness

literal nazi word, lel

If you notice his hand gestures…his actually trying to imitate hitler. watch a Hitler speech you'll see what I mean

yeah i noticed, but he just came off as effeminate

muh true gummies

I hate how journalists are making out that guys like this and the alt right in general are "not like your average racist" and that they're somehow "articulate" or "intelligent". They're fucking dumbasses in the same way a hillbilly is lol. Just because you base your racism of nonsense like race realism doesn't make you any better than your uneducated rural type racist.

That he is. He bitches about the slightest hint of "marxism"(he doesn't know what this is), yet ignores the large fascist following of Trump or his tactics that take advantage of racism. He's just another dumb liberal, desperate to not be seen as an SJW.


Why does reddit and the MSM think that the alt-right is a singular organization whose founder is Rich Spencer? Why do normies get everything fucked up?

Is she not a gook?

Sargon is what happens when a dilettante desperate to be seen and adored by an uncritical audience who are too naive and simple to realize that he's constantly out of his depth tries to subtly engage in macho signalling by way of suspicious eagerness to distance himself from the "over-sensitive SJWs". He, like all other macho signallers, doesn't realize how needy and desperate this makes him look.

she had a brain aneurysm back in 2012. she changed since.
she's literally brain damaged.


Because MSM journalists don't like doing their homework, and the path of least resistance is interviewing the person talking loudest about the alt-right (i.e. Spencer) and claim that he's its head.

As for reddit it just goes with whatever the MSM says, because redditors are radical centrists desperate for the approval of their fellow redditors and the establishment for having the "right" opinions

It's SJW's who framed their mores as an issue of sensitivity in the first place. The problem with sargon is that he takes them on their word.