You are being bluepilled

Landon Richardson
Landon Richardson

You are being bluepilled.
8ch is most likely run by intelligence contractors. The mods are completely compromised. They use bots and outright censorship to drown out any voices going against their agenda.
The goal is to keep you unmotivated and apathetic by bombarding you with meaningless garbage, and above all, to condition you to think that activism entails sitting behind a computer.
Any post that might lead to you thinking about improving your circumstances is targeted.
The two main strategies are
1) flooding a thread with negative comments and what I guess are supposed to be "entertaining" memes and
2) making replies that roughly agree with OP but add in some element of insanity like "meme magic", "esoterism", or random murder/destruction to try to associate OP with mental illness etc.
See the links at the bottom for evidence of 1). Just look at this thread for evidence of 2), i'll screencap some examples ASAP.

Simple fact: Censorship is 100% jewish. The truth does not fear competition from lies, because it stronger than any lie. Truth is the primary tool and weapon of Aryans in everything we do.

Haven't you ever wondered why NO ONE ever seems to call for real action against our enemies?
TOR gives you perfect anonymity with minimal effort and most people know it, so it's not just the 'chilling effect' from mass surveillance. The truth is that most every popular forum is censored by the government through intelligence contractors.
They infiltrate moderation positions, they hostilely take over ownership of websites, and they send swarms of bluepill AI bots to forge a false consensus that we should sit around here doing nothing while our people are being burned away from the inside.
They are taking over everywhere, they are taking over everything. Forgot about Gamergate already?
STOP tolerating this bluepill bullshit.

but I thought being redpilled just means saying jews and niggers are bad
It means you actually start doing what it takes to fight back and remove the problem from our civilization.

We don't need more proof of the jewish problem. We don't need to "redpill" more people.
We need YOU to get ACTUALLY redpilled, we need you to get in fighting shape, and BRING CIVIL WAR. How else to you imagine anything will change?
Do you think you can do better in the propaganda game than the jewish system with their mass-surveillance/media apparatus?
Do you think the corrupt system will shut itself down?
Do you think this will be the first peaceful revolution in our history?
"Shitposting" and "meme magic" will not cut it. We will all have to make sacrifices for the freedom of our people. You should be thinking about what you are willing to sacrifice.

If the civil war broke out tomorrow, ask yourself honestly - what would you do? Would you be prepared? What would you have to do to be prepared?
Find friends willing to take preparation seriously and don't let go of them. Don't be afraid to live your life because of spooks….they simply do not have the resources to stop you. They are completely invested in propaganda as a solution to our threat.
A good starting point might be
Also there are a lot of right-wing book clubs you can search for that discuss ideas and can help you make connections. Branch out, don't be so paranoid you stop functioning.

We do not have very much time. We can't survive another generation of this subjugation. We will have to take action soon.

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Benjamin Gutierrez
Benjamin Gutierrez

nice honeypot CIA/FBI/kike/shill
This is bottom-tier bot logic.
No one is going to arrest you for meeting up and talking to people. No one is going to arrest you for going to the gym. No one is going to arrest you for reading books. No one is going to arrest you for posting anonymously on the internet.
You have all the tools to make yourself valuable to the movement, and when the time comes to fight, you can be ready and pull your weight and more.

Posting propaganda like this is the easiest thing in the world to do with TOR and VPNs. We need to rid ourselves of the bluepill culture. The internet forums are a major introduction point for young people. Speak out! Wake others up to the facts. Don't let some worthless jews destroy the constructive aspects of our culture and bluepill innocent youngsters.
Do not submit to the flimsy authority of these jewish bastards. Never forget that the First Amendment is on your side.
Your posts will get spammed and eventually deleted. Don't stop. People will see it, they will react, and when they see how automatic the censorship is, they will start to believe and realize what is happening, they will become motivated to do something.

they send swarms of bluepill AI bots to forge a false consensus
Pay attention to this one! AI will suprise you with what it's able to pick up from what you say, and can even interpret images. Don't reply to anyone you suspect of being a bot! You would only teach it to be more convincing.

Yesterday when I refused to have this thread be censored and for 5+ hrs it was constantly spammed with bot garbage.
thread is 10x faster than any other thread on the site for 5+ hours on end
filled with snarky comment + meme image posts
these are real replies from real users, trust us
This is what the kike strategy of 'Always Double Down' looks like. They are trying to play off of the common misconception that if they are called out they would stop. No, they just keep going harder than ever. They are betting that you will find the truth of the bot swarms too much to believe. They think they can condition you into believing a manufactured consensus. Not recognizing this pattern could be a fatal mistake.

Evidence of compromised mods and bot net:
part 1:
part 2:

Gabriel Morris
Gabriel Morris

Stay mad, CIAnigger.

Levi King
Levi King

CIAnigger is angry that no one is falling for his bait to incite violence
he doesn't change anything about his post
he's so buttblasted he can't be bothered to be original
Have a smug on me, kid

Owen Price
Owen Price

And the spam begins again. Pajeet must be on break, he left his robot on auto-pilot.

Adam Clark
Adam Clark


Adam Lewis
Adam Lewis

careful with that one, a lot of people here still think National Socialism is a kind of 'fascism', which in a classical sense it is, but the distinction is lost in modern times

Oliver Peterson
Oliver Peterson

civil war
Yes, Kim. We are ready.


Caleb Cruz
Caleb Cruz

Please mods leave this up so i can spam my meme pictures this is the most entertainment i've had in my miserable day

Sebastian Brown
Sebastian Brown

its a bot

Brody Jackson
Brody Jackson

i think its just a dude using an auto poster utility to dump his folder

Matthew King
Matthew King

My memes are the only things that keep me company

Lincoln Lee
Lincoln Lee

I have nothing to live for but memes

Blake Collins
Blake Collins

you sure do have a lot of t_d tier memes
this ones ok though

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