What are leftypol approved video games?

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Le reeee

baddlevield 1 vor bromoding gultural margsism

Video games are bourgeois escapism.

this, and add tv

PTSD simulator.



You already know the answer

Metal Gear series
Red Faction series
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy Tactics
Liberal Crime Squad


Ace Combat is pretty good, specially the Unsung War

None. Go out and stop being distracted by bourgeois garbage. Make a change instead of role playing one.

I enjoy playing video games and will enjoy them in a communist society.

I'm interested to hear what games Holla Forums enjoys. I like fighting games and shmups.

Video games can distract people from becoming class conscious, but if he already is then no harm done. Banning video games is no way to get the support of people, either.

Why are you posting on the internet when you could be out making a change? I'm sure everyone takes a break from revolution every now and again, even hard core comrades such as yourself.

Fuck off, bourgeois. Fucking apologists are the worst.

Why are you here instead of out making a difference?

It's past my bedtime and I'm at home.

The problem isn't inherent in the medium itself but its content under capitalism.

Holla Forums can be heralded as just as more "bourgeois" and escapist yet we don't shit on the idea of moving pictures on a screen 28 times a second except segmented into episodes generally an hour long.


bet you think posting on /leftypawl/ is a great revolutionary act, faggot

Gulag yourself.

You are clearly resentful about something. Were you a loser in the past and end up playing too many games as a result?

Do you ever watch television? Read a non communist book? Eat junk food? Laugh with friends about a non communist joke? Play a sport?

Sometimes people do things unrelated to communism. Get over it.

"I know you are but what am I!!!!!!!"

Stop it, comrade.

What does that have to do with wasting your time role playing with video games?

This tbh

it's like you're not even autistic


* Liberal Crime Squad
(Accidentally clicked too soon)


new vegas 100%

Fuck you.

This. TV is the coldest medium there is, vidya at least requires some modicum of interaction. And the extent/depth of such interaction varies widely across the medium.
Entertainment and culture are human rights. We're not banning jack shit.

Always had trouble getting into those 194X games myself.


What game is this?

Out of curiosity, what's the average age of people ITT?

Shadowrun Dragonfall


Pisses me off there are no openly Communist factions in Fallout though.

Such missed potential, especially considering it's an easy as fuck Faction to build.

Oh look Fifth Columnists survived the bombings in their own shelters and rebuilt based on the views of Communism they got from Communist propaganda.

And you have a faction that act like how people do in Cultural Revolution Operas.

Jagged Alliance 2 with 1.13 and Arulco Vacations

I enjoyed slaying this porky in Hitman

red dead redemption has a pretty anti-state message


dorf fort

just make sure to execute any porky nobility as soon as they appear

GTA from IV onwards

Deus Ex?

At least two of your banners are screenshots and direct quotes from the game.




It'd be hard in the fallout universe I imagine, actually, because any communist texts inside america I -think- would be destroyed, and the same goes for communists. Pre-war that is.

what if in a later fallout game they plan the chinese to show up and take over, the brotherhood of steel desperatly trying to build a wall to defend themself?

Fallout series are fucking terrible games. Get some taste comrades, I thought you were better than this.

but i agree, it is a shit game

I liked Fallout 2. Do you have a problem with it or are "Fallout series" limited to modern?

No, fallout new vegas, and 2, are great.
Never beat 1, the time limit is stressful.

Why does GTA never get mentioned in these threads? IV was pretty in-your-face about deconstructing American exceptionalism and and the ridiculous myths about "making it big
in porkyland. V is fucking DRIPPING with zesty quips directed at capitalism and liberalism.

I especially love all those sardonic ass missions in V where you're forced do fucked up dirty work for the CIA and FBI stand-ins. That scene where you have to torture that innocent latino janitor was fairly unsubtle but at least they made the message clear enough that even the ADD-afflicted 12 year old demographic probably got it crystal clear.

They're all fucking garbage.

Time limit in 1 is a total joke, don't worry about it. The game has nowhere even remotely enough content to ever get in the way of beating fully in 150 days much less simply getting the water chip.

It is no exaggeration to say that the gameplay in Fallout 1 and 2 is flawed on a fundamental level.

At their core, they are obsessed with the D&D dice roll to a fault. Nearly everything that has a vague skill check has a randomized chance of success. This would be fine if you couldn't completely fuck yourself over, but sadly the developers got some sort of sadistic thrill with enemy critical hits. The result is that you end up savescumming for damn near everything because you never know when you're going to run into a lucky enemy with a burst fire weapon or some shit that will get a critical hit on you and instantly end your game regardless of how much you've pumped into your hit points or how good the armor you're wearing is. This has a very detrimental effect on all the other skill check mechanics because there's seemingly no point in putting a ton of skill points into a lot of things for the mere chance of higher success when you're saving and reloading throughout the whole game anyway no matter what you do.

All that dice roll crap aside, the games have fucking awful click-to-move controls and a terrible interface. Fallout 2 improved on the first's interface a bit, but it's still pretty damn embarrassing that they couldn't think up better, less tedious ways to go about picking up and using items or bartering.

Finally, both games are so ridiculously ridden with bugs and unfinished or unrefined material that they undermine huge aspects such as ammo choice considerations or what endings you're not going to try and play for because the damn ending scripts don't even work properly.

It still blows my mind how short on mainline content, buggy, and unfinished both of these games are when they had the money to pay all those voice actors. I look at a ridiculously huge and satisfying RPG like Exile III released only a few years before them and made by a single guy in his garage and I'm just at a loss for words. What in the actual fuck happened to PC RPGs when developers switched to isometry in the late '90s?

One more thing, the Fallout games are so short and easy to actually beat that they have this dissonance going on where, while they have a fair amount of character-building side quests to do, they amounts to very little in the end because there's no real incentive to do them except for completionism's sake.

The reason you do optional questing in any character building game is to find dank loot or gear or level up in order to make your character more powerful. In other words, to build your character. This only matters when there's an actual reason to build your character however. Beating Fallout 1 and 2 is such an utterly trivial feat and the level up system outside Perks is so pointless that there is effectively very little reason to do much of any character building in them. The side content essentially just exists for its own sake.

Majora's Mask is a game with a very similar problem, though not nearly as broken as the Fallout games.

Yes, there certainly were many better - and obscure - games at the time. I probably never heard of them.

Spoiler: Chinese already took over half of San Francisco.

The total war series so you can genocide muggles

I know but I can't do time limits, I didn't even beat majora's mask.

Morrowind, but this dumbfuck Zizek got it wrong.

If you didn't pick Yes Man in New Vegas you ain't shit

Fortunately, nobody plays the Fallout games for their gameplay.

There's a roguelike called IVAN where you can liberate a third-world country from its decadent bourgeoisie oppressors.

Not a problem, imo.

I didn't. Granted, occasionally I had to reload, when I got killed or situation was really dumb, but it wasn't often. The same as with BG or Planescape. In fact, I think BG was more "save-scummy".

Compared to what? Have you ever seen RPGs with text interface? No, I'm not talking about roguelike (ADOM/Nethack), but the ones where you needed to write what the character is doing (early Quest for Glory series).

Not sure what you are talking about. F1 was too buggy for me, yes. But I didn't notice anything horrifyingly wrong in F2.

To each his own, I guess. I wasn't impressed with Exile.

Have you ever heard about "fun"?

Well, if I ended up being baited posting here anyway: Alpha Centauri

CK2: Play norse tribal chief, raid fat-cat provinces like Rome, Constantinople and Granda, distribute the loot among the workers/vikings.

Picking religious fascism

Hidden Agenda

It's like an ancient but more serious Tropico, you get to run your own banana republic. Be a leftist and face reactionaries and the U.S. or be a rightist and face the people.

It's pretty sweet.

About fucking time too.

Though it's annoying that you can never really win as the oligarch faction

Opinion disregarded. You are a cancer.

We have truly reached paradise.

you're dumb dude. I picked NCR, do you even read marx? feudalism -> capitalism -> socialism.


Black Cock Sucking Simulator 2016 and Cuck Shed Discovery are great games for Lefties.

Oh I got confused between Mr House and Yes Man.

I guess technically that could work. idk. Yes Man always gave me the creeps. NCR was basically just early America which hey is better than the wasteland.


Hearts of Iron series


Stop being so robophobic. He is just friendly and helpful because that's how he is programmed.

I wanted to make some modifications to Victoria II so that it represented politics better.

But how many socialist factions should I include? 2? 3? 4?

Social Democrats, Orthodox-Marxists, Trotskyists, Marxist-Leninists, Maoists, Anarchists, Anarcho-Communists, Libertarian Socialists, Left Communists, Market Socialists, Hoxhaists, Socialism With a Human Faceists, Democratic Confederalists, Greens, Mensheviks, to start with.

You joke but I could probably have at least four legitimately for the timeframe

Feel free, comrade. If you do I'm glad to have been of service.

Including Anarchists, at least, would be quite fun. Don't know how it'd work with the game mechanics, though.


Rise of Nations
World in conflict Soviet Assault (1st mission is goddamn epic)
Tropico 4
Men of war gold edition/condemned heroes/vietnam (best ww2 rts to date)
Stalin vs Martians

Red Fraction 100%

There are literally levels where you have to save protestors from military/corporate sniper attacks. There's another level where you have to destroy a war memorial. Doesn't have the replayability like GTA mainly because I actually value the civilian life in this game, but everyone here would immensely enjoy the campaign. They even have anarchist!

And Christian "let's all be farmers together and share" types, Fabian "muh scientific management we know better than you plebs" types, and guild socialists.

As a massive fallout 1+2 fan actually agree with you. Especially at the start it's fucking tedious. You can literally beat FO2 in like an hour.

What makes me enjoy these games so much though is the atmosphere and story and I think actually Fallout 1 is better than Fallout 2 in this regard. There is this overwhelming sense of dread and horror in FO1 that just isn't there in 2.

There were going to be Communists in Van Buren. Chinese were a global super power, more technologically advanced than the US, they had fifth columnists everywhere. You can already find Chinese shit all over Fallout 3 and NV.

Come on now, how do you think you get from Georgia to N'awlins?

wew lads I didn't know we were Ancaps.

I submit for the approval of Holla Forums: Force 21. It's an older and more obscure game, but it was amazing back in the day.

You could either play as the dirty American and Russian capitalists, or you could play as the glorious communist Chinese.

It was a squad based ground level RTS with maps as big as San Andreas, destructible environments, 16 player multiplayer and an editing kit that let you create your own maps, missions, campaigns, etc…that came out in 1999. Take that, Battlefield!

It was great and nobody knew it fucking existed except for me because I was a bargain bin kid. Odd that it made it's way there, as it was made by all the same people that gave us Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell.

Crisis in the Kremlin.

Early "GSG" where you have to try make the USSR survive past 1991 with events based around what actually happened leading up to the collapse of the USSR.

prison tycoon

Profit Prisons are not communist, free gulag for you!

The Followers saved a fuckton of literature, so I would imagine they have some copies of Capital floating around,

New Vegas is one of the greatest games of all time fam

Can you play it without engaging in Ancapitalism, though?

Absolutely underrated post, it is the purest communistic game in existence, prove us wrong.

It's not so much the game itself, but rather the genre; survival horror usually pits you alone or with a group of others against the vastness of nature itself/zombies/NPCs whatever, so you're free to forge your own communist utopia

BUT that also means you're free t create a capitalist society as well, even if you're the only person living in it. You heard me! Self-oppression. It exists.


He was a truly excellent anthropomorphized sword of damocles. A psychological master stroke in storytelling.
Too bad Caesar's goons were so difficult to take seriously since I'd read philosophy in my lifetime.


Am I an idiot? I couldn't beat 3 or 4

Anything from the 360 onward has largely been a joke and video games as an art form died before it even began.

You aren't missing much from Bethesda's Fallouts.

maybe because it usually glorifies the lifestyle of rich gangsters on gameplay level. Most people I know don't watch the TV programmes or the ironic advertisements or even try to abstract a kind of meaning from the story but simply play it as a funny drive-and-shoot sandbox game with cinematic cutscenes. Any ambiguity or even critique is pretty much lost within the dominant gameplay. AAAs tend to be that way.

Youtube has what amounts to a feature length film on why fallout 3 sucked


This one?

Because watching a movie for enjoyment or playing a sport with friends is no different to playing a game. It's enjoyment, and just because we realise that it's enjoyment produced by capitalism to make profit for capitalists doesn't mean that it's not enjoyable, and that enjoying yourself once in a while is a bad thing.



I want to go back and compare fallout three to four to set which one is the bigger pile of dogshit

Watching a movie is very different from playing a game. A game is a set of rules and limitations designed to test the player's skill. A movie is an entirely passive experience.

Well obviously they are different on some levels; one you watch, and the other you play. They are both there for enjoyment outside of forwarding the revolution, which is what we are talking about

Theres a communist collective of about three people in Tenpenny Tower in Fallout 3.

I had such high hopes for this game. Capitalism really does ruin everything.

The right answer