Question for Holla Forums

Question for Holla Forums,

I'm a far-right nationalist and traditionalist Christian, the biggest inspiration to me is Julius Evola.
I do not support fascism or national-socialism but I fully support a peaceful ethnic cleansing in my country, eugenics and having a strong pride in one's nation.

I don't go to far-right meetings because they're often antisemitic in nature and promote violent behavior out of sheer desperation and I don't align with the alt-right because I disagree with their tactics and many of their beliefs.

As a Christian I am a pacifist and would never harm anyone, I go to church every weekend and I never treat foreigners like lesser humans.
I support Trump and the new-right in Europe.

Would you hurt or kill me or prevent me from going to church?

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I'd rather die then.

Can you explain what peaceful ethnic cleansing is?

If you don't do anything, I'm indifferent.



no such thing


you cannot be a christian and believe in race nationalism, you need to get rid of all the hate in your heart first

It means that I support foreign people that aren't settled into my country to be send back to its borders, the peaceful implies no violence and a compensation for their troubles and help wherever possible.

What if I want to practice Christianity and Nationalism and live a very traditionalist lifestyle?

I would only fight as an act of justice where peace is the intended end.

I only follow the Just War doctrine:

1. Must be waged as a last resort
2. Can be waged to redress a wrong suffered
3. Must have a reasonable chance of success
4. Violence of war must be proportional to the injury being redressed
Weapons must be used on combatants, not non-combatants

Therefore claiming my nation and making it a form of Socialism/Communism/Anarchism/etc without preventing me from practicing my faith and without hurting those not willing to fight would not be reason enough for me to fight.

Read Stirner. that's my only advice.
If you forced your spooks on me, I'd kill you in a heart beat and feel nothing.
If you're church is actively trying to thwart communist or socialist,which has happened in the past, it should be crushed. Other than that, I don't care.

This tbh.

This doesn't work. Those people will fucking shoot you. Mass deportation has been shown time and time again to not fucking work without violence.

first off stop suckling a stupid fucking larping pagan if you want to be christian second off welcome to my board

Your country is my property

Is deportation considered as ethnic clensing?

Also, we already have genetic counseling so Eugenia is retarded if you're "nonviolent" which I somehow doubt you are deep down.

Your property is my property. Infact your post is my post.


I didn't give you permission to speak, property

You're a special kind of retard, aren't ya?

so you would support the deportation of a black christian brother 'back' to africa, but a white degenerate atheist would be allowed to stay as long as they were pro nationalist, you're putting your race over your faith and this is why you can't be a serious christian and believe in nationalism

Puta que pariu.



East-east asians are qt's

who is this semen demon

I do not feel hatred for other races, I want them to be happy, but not by flooding my country and changing our faith, traditions, standard, culture, economy and eugenic pool because that will lead to Balkanic situations.

My country is practically weaponless, the only weapons are in the hands of the government, it could very well be done.

Any people taking up arms would be dealt with in a last resort type of situation to fix the wrong and cure the damage my people have suffered for decades under our liberal society.

I guess, I mean it's not deporting them for any reason but to ethnically cleanse.

I'm not violent deep down and if I was be glad that my faith prevents me from inflicting pain for selfish goals.

Julius Evola educated himself on many different faiths and while he was an esotericist, he never hated Christianity and saw a lot of good in it.

I'm not BR but Brazilian junglegirls are cuties.

Jesus wasn't a Socialist or a Communist or anything else, it didn't exist back then and none of the current economic and social situations existed in his time.


That's Catholicism.

You're right, he just advocated the abolition of private ownership and the distribution of goods according to need.


Thanks for making more of my property

Why don't you practice ecumenism?

I love you as a brother, I don't care if you're a catholic socialist.

God wills the gruesome deaths of all apostates. Martin Luther was the antichrist.

Something isn't really your property unless you can exert power over it.

So, Australia?

And I have, it's nice to have people creating my property for me.

Protestants didn't seem to keen on that when Ian Paisley came marching down the road with his band of nutters

Liberation Gospel >>> Prosperity Gospel

State atheism was a mistake.

I fully support stupidity cleansing in the world.


so you are autistic?

I'm a practicing Lutheran and I would rather you kill me than to hurt a fellow Christian.


I'm not from NI though.

Prosperity Gospel > Anything else


Don't hurt me Senpai

who is this semen demon


You seem like an aider and abetter to me, a little fucko that the lunatics hide behind, to shield themselves from judgment while they murder and rape their way through entire populations. So fuck you. That said, you'll probably get long-knifed by your psychotic friends the moment you become less than useful. They don't like pacifists, and if you're not willing to kill people with them, they'll probably assume that you're a spy.

I'd like to see you try

So which economic model do you prefer user?


Most likely NR or Nazbol.

Look, I just exerted control over my property.

He's right though socialism can't work with negroids and the working classes will never vote for a party which supports open borders

More Hayek, less Kaynes.

I still love you user, I'll pray for you.

Oh genius, let's just do socialism in one country again. I'm sure it'll work perfectly this time.


Forcing innocent people to move to another place against their will just because they are foreign is violence. So shooting back at anyone with the intention to deport them would be righteous retaliation. Not the other way around.

Tiochfidh ar là!

I love this video, thanks for reminding me.

It's self-defense against a government policy that will destroy an entire race.

Local traditions, religion and culture are only impinged upon due to the problems caused by unchecked capitalism. People generally move to other countries seeking a higher quality of life, you cannot expect them to blend into your culture when their only motivation for moving in is economic. This problem is caused by capitalism in the first place, capitalists are happy to encourage immigration to devalue labour and lower costs. On top of this it is in the interests of capitalists to wear down traditions and culture so that people seek validation from shallow consumerist culture, as this helps promote unsustainable, unending growth. This can be done through advertising and peer pressure, but creating ethnic communities that are at odds with regional values and traditions further muddles things, even if it is probably unintentional.

If economic conditions in countries immigrants come from were the same or similar to your country there would be no reason for people to immigrate, and you would enjoy greater cultural depth and uniformity, but be able to visit and study other cultures which also preserved their depth and uniformity. Kicking these people out forcefully will not be effecitve, as they are motivated to return economically, and your interests are pitted against that of the capitalists, who will generally win.

"Ethnic Cleansing" and protectionism are only a band aid on the gaping wound capitalism is slowly cutting into culture worldwide.

Keynes is literally the only reason why capitalism has lasted as long as it has.

Why not do both?
Read Niekisch and Jünger

You could instead quote some relevant passages we could discuss or argue over instead of namedropping them.

Read Zizek

1. Its a meme
2. I'll link this page. I would quote but I'm on mobile and I don't generally text or post from a phone.


R.ace m.icing isnt w.hite g.enocide


How are white people being "destroyed"?

It isn't, but the European eugenic pool is slowing down drastically, especially now that atheism is basically becoming the main religion and the "liberation" of women.

Eventually whites will become a minority and then they will be replaced by the race that does have cultural standards doesnt practicea non-religion and isn't going to please the liberal society.

No it's attacking people because of your spooks.

Why is "your" "race"/gene pool worth preserving at all? And why is it worth over the lives of people?

Also answer this:>>1074506
You're not even a true Christian. Nationalism and racism are not biblical values.

I dunno about others here but I absolutely wouldn't. Revolutionaries should only kill direct and immediate threats if anyone at all imo. Also I am a christian as well so I would hope there'd still be mass in session.

Since you are a christian pacifist, have you read Tolstoy's work on christian pacifism? I would recommend it. He takes it in a more socialist/anarchist direction.


What does that mean? I don't mean to be snarky, I just have never heard of non-violent ethnic cleansing. Would that involve mandatory sterilization? Deportation?

Present, to the supreme revolutionary council, the pros and cons of genociding those who refuse to acknowledge there is no god in public.

Pros: more resources for everyone, average intelligence goes up, humanity will not be distracted by thoughts of the afterlife, humanity has just taken a huge step towards the future, liberal tears, it attracts many young angsty oppressed youth to the cause

Cons: time making mass graves, guillotine sharpening, some cuties who would make good sex slaves may get executed(though it is extremely reactionary and not Marxists to keep sex slaves)

There is a strong historical precedent for genocide, why should communist deny this tool?
Let's face it communism is the most advanced creation mankind has ever created.
In this world Muslims are killing Muslims because they have a dispute over who of two dead guys was the prophet's successor. In the past Christian killed Christians because of minor doctrinal differences. Man has killed man for simply speaking another language or having the wrong last name.

Why do such minor unimportant reactionary ideas get to use brutal tactics while the communist tie their hands behind their back.
If you are a reactionary communism is you enemy. Communism isn't to be concealed and kept in the dark to supposedly fester and grow. Communism isn't a virus that kills you. Communism is beast that sinks it fangs into your neck, the beast does not care whether you see it or not, it only wants you dead.
If ye comrades be apprehensive about implementing effective techniques remember all the common people who rose up and fought for communism and died horrible deaths, lost family, lost years in order to achieve communism. How frustrated would they be to see their sacrifice was for naught. 60 years after the Greek comrades rose up, Greece is still oppressed. 60 years after Mao declared the Chinese people have stood up, the Chinese people are forgotten and exploited by the rulers. 80 years after the may 15th incident in Japan, Japan still lives under an emperor. 60 years after the Soviets defeated the fascists, there are no Soviets.

You may disagree with the leaders of the movements, but I don't ask you to take into consideration what they did. I ask you to think about the young man who walked away from the family house not knowing whether he would come back alive. Guided by the desire to liberate his fellow proletariat. What was his death for? And why has so little changed since then?

How is an enemy theoretician or supporter not a threat? At the very least non-combatant enemies should be gulaged until they redeem themselves.

Except that he isn't, he advocates for deporting innocents (forcibly moving someone against their will) and killing them if they physically resist which are violent acts.

seems like you will actually get shot

sucks 2 be you I guess but nothing of value lost

into the bottomless pit of caveats and conditions it goes

lel Brazilians are already a mix between shit tons of races

He can't be a Brazilian, it would be too much stupidity for a single human being.


So sex and outbreeding?

A good christian/possible white supremecist ("peaceful" though you may be) doesn't post does not post Injun qts.

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wtf I love peaceful ethnic cleansing now!

Won't hurt or kill you unless you fight the revolution. Won't stop you from going to church and worshiping–at least not by force; I would support a public propaganda campaign for atheism.

no. I'd only fight you if you fought against a revolution.

it sounds like you have severe autism

What if I stay neutral?

If it were a proven fact that cultural standards, intelligence, and proficiency towards crime were proven to not have anything to do with race, but instead has everything to do with your relation to the means of production and the environment you were raised in, would that cause you to see irrelevant shiting and the preservation of the white race as unimportant?

no problem


He's not Brazilian.


nahhhh. If they're non-combatants i don't really give a shit. Most people won't fight even if they hate communism as long as they think it's safer to stay put. Gulaging a shit-ton of people will only increase opposition as people will feel that communism presents a real danger to them.

Jailing people for wrongthink is an easy way to turn absolutely everyone against you as well as a massive waste of time and resources. Take their property. Fight the ones fighting you. For the most part that'll be enough.

I called him a christian pacifist because that's what he called himself. Don't get me wrong I think he's hopelessly confused, but I don't see any reason why he would lie. I think he just hasn't carried his beliefs to his logical conclusion (in the case of christian pacifism, that would be a sort of anarchism).


no such thing as anything you believe in.

how do you reconcile this with your belief in Christ? do you not understand Christ was a victim of ethnic cleansing? Hell, his whole birth story takes place in the context of ethnic rules and laws.

History tells me you will be among the first group to be pruged by Nazis


more like
kind of "christian"

do you believe in freedom
people are free to move anywhere naturally
deportation is FORCING(not pacifist) to go somewhere else cuz you DONT LIKE them
Thats it your a racist warmonger beleiving in spooks and reframing it:
muh culture(how do you intend to preserve it without using force if people just stop practising it)
muh religion(whole other debate)
muh pacifism (but wait other people not holding my view must be moved out)

Your delusional and dont realise it.

Go to an actual college

but muh NAP?