Post here everything related to Social Democracy aka the only leftist movement that have not become in a authoritarian, oppressive structure of power or that have caused hunger, misery, and death.

Instead is the only movement that have made long lasting contribution for society.

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why'd you kill Rosa?

what are you talking about?

she was a socdem

Social fascism

Lol these terms weren't as strongly defined as they are now. Rosa was not in favor of reform or capitalism with a new coat of paint. Just read Reform or Revolution.

Socdema are centrist scumbags. If socdems in your country ever get elected here's what will happen. They will fill every government department wieth their friends and start to steal money from everywhere to pay for their lavish lifestyles.
Don't you ever, under any circumstances vote or trust a person that claims to be a socdem. They are all equally cancerous.

nordic countries are one of the least corrupted countries in the world

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Thanks for Hitler jackass.

And Tony Fucking Blair.

The world we live in right now. Off yourself

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Sucdems should be shot on sight.

Hitler loved us so much that he threw socdems to the camps.
Rise of Hitler was caused by conservatives who joined him in the government we were always in opposition to him.


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Hitler was part of the Social Democratic Party.

Yes. You said no. You did nothing else. You just said "No, don't do that". And by the end, the Soc-Dems had joined the NSDAP. They gave up. They did the equivalent of nothing.

The Conservatives only got that far, and in fact, Germany was only still Conservative, because the SPD stabbed the working class in the back by aligning itself with the Freikorps back in the early days of Weimar. The SPD failed to purge the new government of it's old right-wing elements, leaving a civic service staffed by rightists to open doors and lower sentences for far-right criminals and politicians.


We did not burn down the reichstag that allowed Hitler to gain powers of dictator. Communists did that.

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Social Democracy is fine, but it shouldn't be our aim, since it doesn't eliminate capitalist exploitation.

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"We did not resist, we did not try to throw obstacles in the way of the victorious political opponent", wrote the author. "The old ones (in the SPD leadership) are concerned about their fame. Like old, ridiculous actors or singers, they never notice when the curtain has fallen."

"We were, and remained, true parliamentarians, that is, we talked about things, but others did, they mastered them. While concentration camps were already being built and many of our followers were "shot on the run", a fierce struggle over Mandates took place."

"Our party chair," the author exclaimed, "had secretly gone abroad … The better gentlemen had come to safety by appointment. We party members of less right were just good enough for the concentration camps."

When the Not Socialists entered the ford in 1932 on a ford with the center and thereby won a majority in the Reichstag, Hoegner and his comrades considered it merely an "enjoyable game". It is true that the Social Democrats sensed that "a black and brown government was in the air," but they had no other idea than to "annoy our Zentrum colleagues with the song of the black-brown girl."

Now we read, by the words of a social democrat who was involved in the process himself, what the SPD really did and how they enabled Hitler to wage war on europe.
Nevertheless, at the Reichstag meeting of May 17, 1933, the SPD, together with the Not Socialists, voted in favor of the program proclaimed by Hitler to remove the restrictions imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles ( "equality of Germany").
The last Reichstag meeting, to which Social Democrats were admitted, was "even more agonizing for many of us than our presence at the meeting of March 23, 1933. At the time we had expected to lose our lives in the worst case, but this time Some of us felt that we were losing our honor. "
But when Hitler began his speech, the comrades experienced a surprise. The new chancellor avoided any attack on the SPD, even for the Nazi opponent Hoegner sounded the speech "extremely moderate": "A more gentle peace speech could not have held Stresemann." When Göring called for the vote, the members of the SPD parliamentary group rose and voted in favor of the Reichstag declaration.
Hoegner described this as follows: "Thereupon an agitator of the other deputies broke loose, and even our most implacable adversary, Adolf Hitler, seemed to have moved for a moment, and he rose and clapped us applause, but the President of the Reichstag, Goering, stood up Spoke magnificently: "The German people are always united when it comes to their destiny." Then the German national deputies began to sing the German song. Most of our ranks were singing. Some ran tears down their cheeks. It was as if social democrats, who were always cursed as the lost sons of the fatherland, had for a moment immortalized the common mother of Germany. "

Is this a new version of "the academia is run by jews" meme?

Business acting in its own interest is not a meme.

in summary:
While communists were already jailed and murdered amongst some of the left leaning party members of the SPD, their leaders fled and their delegates were applauded by Hitler, which their president candidate appointed chancellor, for now also enabling him to openly and fully reup the military, whom they joined in singing the national anthem.

there is no lower scum on earth than social democrats

Lol, pure trash.

The SPD was the only party that remained to oppose the Nazi's 1933 laws.

In fact the KPD regarded the SPD as their main enemy and even collaborated with the NSDAP to bring about the downfall of Prussia's moderate Social-Democratic, Centrist and Liberal-Democratic coalition government.

Contributing directly to the rise of the Nazis.

Yeah and before that they organized strikes together with the Nazis and even voted on pretty much the same motions in the parliaments.


"The chief enemy is not Hitler, the chief enemy is the system of Severing (Social-Democrat Interior Minister of Prussia, V.), Brüning (Reich Chancellor), Hindenburg (Reich President). With Hitler's help will we first destroy the Social-Democratic Party apparatus as well as the Brüning state apparatus. In the present phase of the development of the German revolution Hitler unmistakenably is our ally."