Tfw you live in a Scandinavian country with little opportunity for mass protests or violent altercations with fascists...

why even live

socdems are the beneficiaries of capitalism, even if they're not porky they enjoy the highest living standard on top of the rest of the world that enjoys the exploitation of capitalism. socialism is honestly against their best interests.

I don't know, use your priviliges and study? Educate yourself? Go to rojava and kill some islamofascists?

Nigga, libtards and rightists are on the rise here too.

What Scandinavian cuntry? Are there Nazis vs muslim immigrants fights already?

If the reforms come out of the surplus value porky stole anyway I think reformism is fine. But yeah socdems generally just move the exploitation to the 3rd world

Well, we had one huge one-sided fight in 2011 between a nazi and a bunch of socdem kids.

There are plenty of places for antifas to get beat to shit in Scandinavia. You just lack the balls. Its always the the second biggest city where all the action packed fun hides: Aarhus, Bergen, Götheborg or most of Finland is your sweet spot. Happy defeat, faggot!


If everywhere implemented social democracy, could we experience a soft transition to communism as automation renders the working class obsolete?

who won?

Tfw live in America and have to work two jobs where unions are functionally illegal in my state just to pay rent for my shitty duplex one bed room hovel that leaks heat like a siv and there is no social safety net to catch me if I fall so one mistake at work could lead to homelessness. And the me or here are still complacent and do t give a shit.

Unless people start running out of food don't expect anything to happen.

No, read Lenin's theory about Imperialism

People here are still complacent.




Fuck you and your free healthcare
I have like two things I want to get looked at but I know it'll cost a fortune

Maybe. If falling rate if profit don't real

I think you mean a hard transition to worker genocide by the bourgeoisie.

Why do communists believe that the less workers are needed for production, the stronger worker power gets? That's ass backwards.

I sympathize being a worker myself, but I think you need to focus on getting a revolution going pronto, and not relaxing and waiting for Fully Automated Luxury Capitalism to just fall out of historical materialism.

Historical materialism is kind of cancerous in some ways.

Typo. Communism, I mean. Fully Automated Luxury Capitalism is an impossibility.