Homosexuality is a bourgeois decadence

No one can call himself a communist and support the reactionary LGBT movement. There will be no rainbow flags in a socialist state but the red banner of the proletariat!

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You can be LGBT and not support the LGBT movement.

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No. Also lesbians have less stds than both straight men and homosexual men.


Only a problem because of Reagan

I'd trust two gays over a pair of boomers any day.

By stable home do you mean stifling and controlled environment where daddy shouts at mummy because the dinner was burned and that isn't like 1950's stepford wife at all?

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it's true that LGBT communities are used as imperialist western liberal proxies but opposing LGBTs in general is just the game they're playing with you as it alienates these people from the socialist movements

the right course of action is to address them simply as workers indiscriminately and actually showing them LGBTs of other classes have as much in common as straight bourgeoise has with straight workers. whom you want to fuck with does not determine your socioeconomic status and class interests.



This. Comrade Stalin was right about treatment of faggots.

It's okay actually, gomrade sdalin didn't even incite the law unless for those that were prosecuted targeted instances of rape, child abuse, or "dependent and vulnerable persons." I think the number was only about 1000 a year incarcerated/trialed or what, you know?

Black people are bourgeois decadence. Only whites can be proles.


Oh well if it's a thousand people or less a year I suppose it's okay

This joke really isn't funny anymore.

Let us not forget that public demonstration of such impulses is socially harmful and cannot be permitted, nor the conditions for many, many of the illegal cases. Was it a good law or something to be admired or replicated? No. Was the law abused and innocent people sanctioned? Likely, as in all legal systems. But also remember Communists comparatively were MORE progressive on the question of gay rights than was the bourgeois society of the West at the time, as when Lenin decriminalized the tsarists legislation of it.


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As a godless communist, I can agree with the notion that discretion and modesty are underrated values in our shallow, consumerist society.

However, antagonizing the gays won't get you anywhere. Try another angle.

Reagan specifically avoided doing anything about the AIDS crisis that blew up under his watch and even suppressed information about it. It wouldn't be much of an issue had it been contained and properly given information in the first year it came to attention.

There will be no reactionary crucifixes and churches will be used to preach the communist manifesto, not the bible.


I'm starting to see truth in OP's statement. I used to think that the anti-homosexuality in the USSR was just incorrect reactionary conservative values, but after seeing all the LBGT IDPOL in west perhaps homosexuality is bourgeois decadence.

Shotacon thread?

Has anyone here actually read the series where OP took this quote from (ahtribune.com/history/1027-homo-sovieticus.html)?

The rest of it for lazy folks:
I wasn't completely convinced tbh but I think the author made some good points.

I'm also starting to think the same way. Has anyone here ever read about the relationship between homosexuality and the Nazi movement?


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The only book where you can find such a bold claim is Scott Lively's 1995 pathetic excuse for an essay "Pink Swastika". Lively is an hysterical American conservative who is mostly remembered today for playing a great part in the institution of Uganda's murderous Anti-Gay Act of 2014.

Just because there were gays among the Nazis doesn't mean there was a specific "relationship" between the two.


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IIRC it was Reich who argued a relationship between homosexuality and the Frankfurt concept of pathological authoritarianism, because you want to fuck your domineering father or some absurd shit. Pretty odd considering the influence he and his buddies had on modern identarian politics, and that homosexuality itself predates capitalism by millennia.