I'm literally shaking right now…

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Can't believe those losers managed to trigger both Holla Forums and reddit so much lmfao

So how long until we start the firing squads?

That one libshit in front is too cold to even hold his airsoft rifle lmao

Leftism is truly a mental illness, that fat fuck women to the left could easily snap these twiggy faggots in half

Is the girl holding the sign cute?

Holla Forumsyps confirmed triggered

Even more important, the retard spamming "gulagposting" is from Holla Forums.

Serious question, how old are you?

Did you just watch Pirates of the Caribbean?

This is good.


Damn, you really got triggered didn't you?

Tell me where did it hurt

appropriating our memes :v)
low energy

That fat fuck is literally on disability here in St. Catherines

Figures seeing how he has debilitating autism and is a self proclaimed internet"communist"

Do you buy plastic swords and eye-patches from the dollar store?

Honest question mate, I work with the developmentally disabled in real life.


Like most Holla Forums posters

Like most Holla Forums posters

Oh no a pirate flag

I'm honestly waiting to see someone pop up in this thread with a Jedi flag

The only one using mind tricks is u bitch

Guess Tribalism theory was right all along kek

I wonder if your faux-testosterone can stop bullets.

Why haven't you answered my question?

Did you get all excited after watching PoTC?

I know when the theme song plays it invokes massive dosses of adrenaline in kids with Aspergers which causes them to want to be pirates

I'm someone actually studying medicine, and psychiatry in particular.

You're not in the field Holla Forums, the closest thing you could fucking be is a Nurse being generous, a janitor being realistic, and a security guard being optimistic.

Kek, deeply triggering and excellent


i heard the same happens when Holla Forumstards listen to hitler speeches

Alright cap'n


Wrong poster.

Dialectics can stop bullets

Also don't post memes from fucking ytmnd and ebaums day from like, 2004 or 2006, they make me nauseated

It's a good song you faggot.



Think it's time you went back to ED, 4chan, KYM or whatever other rock you crawled from, newfag.

is there anything sadder than a Holla Forumstard from 8ch calling someone else a """newfag"""




Why are you embarrassed to talk about you wanting to be a pirate?

are you a """cuck""" that actually pays for media lol

Why are you obsessed with this one guy's nihilism flag

Let him talk, not you.

He's a big boy.


Damn, I knew Holla Forums was classcucked but didnt know you guys were classcucked this much

you didn't answer my question frogposter

You wouldn't last four seconds with ex-prison Aryan Brotherhood members, do not pretend to be amongst them


I don't even consume πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€mediaπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€, so why would I pirate it?

Thank you for admitting that the Hiberno-Conspiracy is very real

N-nazis….. i'm coming for you!

L-Lefties i'm coming for you


Why is it always the same person from you fuckers

O-one percent, i'm coming for you!


It's illegal to hit minors

i-i'm gonna expose y-you lefties a-as hypocritical cucks


F-fascists, we're going to smash you!

Yeah. You target the same exact demographics white computer nazis have been for almost 20 years now.

Except now you have minors.

you got us there man!


Communism has exterminated more fascists than any single ideology in the history of man.

I think it's safe to say we do our job about as well as one could hope you could.

Marxist Memes doxxed him back in February and when they called his house his mom answered, no joke.

Smash and then rape the gangrenous corpse*

Oh, the Holla Forumstard is going to post pics of cringey "communists"? He should know this is a losing battle for him.

Wouldn't expect Holla Forums to understand any kind of anti-authoritarian or left-individualist philosophy tbh. They're too cucked and want big daddy Trump and a fascist state to tie them up and dominate them.

I've never met a group of people that actively wanted to be ruled over as bad as Holla Forums does.

M-mom! the Nazi's aren't recognizing my autism-flags!

Reminder that the people who did this are maoists who *literally* believe Maoism is the highest *science* of revolution and worship the PCP.

Just because communists as a whole in the US as a whole are shit doesn't mean we should take any ultraleft posturing as praiseworthy.

These flags have been part of radicalism since the dawn of the 20th century.

The problem is, that you don't know them, because you stand for no ideology whatsoever besides

"Nationalism will save the destruction and implosion of market and capital, I swear guys

Last time you did that, it didn't end well for you did it. Everyone killed you.

aren't most of these "anonymous" fuckers right wingers lmfao


Speak for yourself


Anonymous is anonymous. It has about as much to do with radicalism as my aunt screaming about white immigrants.



If you take the average Holla Forums poster of any sort, plucked them out

You have two outcomes. Underage, or an adult willing to be around the underage.

Nonetheless, both are a cancer to any political discussion.

pure πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€aryanπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ genes

You should actually attend Marxist / Communist meetings

This is what this entire board would look like if you grabbed a handful of them

atleast marxists are social enough for meetings lol


Wait, I got confused for a second

Since they're doing the same exact thing in another thread.

This thread by itself is even more sad

Autism speaks

The thread started with OP throwing a tantrum.

Another example of a fine rightwing phrenological specimen

So they're about as scrawny as a Holla Forums poster, but not as deluded into believing the rhetoric of meth head prison Aryan types

I don't see the problem. Really. Some of these girls are pretty cute.

Nice reaction image no. 067 you've go there, completely neurotypical poster.




What autism. I'm a Vietnamese immigrant who's in medschool who grew around actual nationalism, that's still rampant throughout my family.

You fucks who switch into nationalism within the span of an election cycle, it's pathetic.

This is just cosplay though!

I think this is the 9000th time I've seen this in 5 years




So about as obese as the average Holla Forums poster

It's cute when you can fuck them.

truly enlightened

88 mein bruder!


Well, I've known a few uniform fetishists who have nazi apparel that aren't serious about it. Sure, it may be "autism," but why kink shame?

The sword and shield of the πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€AryanπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ nation

God I need a folder of this shit

Y-your time will c-come leftist scum!

"USA USA USA USA" nazis chant in support of the nation that helped bring apart their short lived state


Why do you losers get baited so easily. Shameful display, comrades.

Also, I'm bored, day off.

It's just giving examples people on the internet are usually uggo, so picking sides isn't anything but biased

The nazi popped in for a bit of criticism and we obliged.


I can attest to that

t. rockwellian

Damn I guess I can't beat him in le freemarket place of ideas :^)


Nope, go look up their party. They're way more too the left.

Who cares? Jason produces good content.


The only reason why she's an anfem is because she isn't good looking enough to get a lawyer who has his own firm to fuck her.


needs uncensored ver

I think you meant to type "Boys."
Men are jsut a social construct dude.

It seems like all the cringe pictures Holla Forums is bringing is of MLs. Purge when?

you triggered this hard so easily?