Who is the biggest, most clueless neoliberal shill from the New-Atheism "movement" and why is it Sam Harris?

Who is the biggest, most clueless neoliberal shill from the New-Atheism "movement" and why is it Sam Harris?


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Sam Harris is liberalism in a nutshell

It's all about the impact of cultural factors on the individual, nothing about the impact of material conditions on cultural factors

Also, "islam caused Trump" sounds like a way to deflect criticism, because imo Harris, Dawkins, Hitchens and the rest have done a lot to spread the "secular" islamophobia that Trump capitalizes on.


Yes, Holla Forums, islamophobia


Kek. Go back to Tumblr.

It is time for you to go.

So if islam is shit no matter what then, so is christianity and judaism, right?

Don't play dumb, Islam has been totally racialized in the West.

It's okay, you can say "sandnigger". You're not fooling anyone anyway.


The primary issue for Holla Forums is race, they have more in common with radical Salafists anyways.

Judaism is more pron to capitalism(read Marx). Christianity is semi-close theologically to communist ideology(read zizek).

Don't you have a tumblr post about how YPG is imperialist to write?

Not imperialist but nationalist(perhaps even Nazi).

I'm only familiar with the claim from spengler.

Zizek refereed to this in perverts guide to cinema when passion of Christ came up in the document.

This is a completely ahistorical view of religion.

There's that and then there is suffering a complete break from reality like Sam

This guy isn't exactly a critical thinker

Not sure what the problem is when he has even more batshit insane opinions on how to "deal" with the Islamic "threat" than Trump whether its immigration restrictions to nuking the middle east

Just keep pretending to be retarded

Read Weber

Nah mang. Sam Harris is dope as fuck.

Why are only about 60% of the SDF kurds then?

wtf i hate ben stiller now



I want Holla Forums to live in a refugee camp for a day

As they are raped to death as an offering to Allah they will say "they're just angry because of their horrible conditions in this camp, it's not their fault"

what a fucking hack

So first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about muslims is camps huh?


you guys are wearing brown shirts
you can't hide the shit you're reeking of

leftypol talks about islamophobia unironically?
Holy fuck there is no place to go for an uncucked commie. You just need to spread your shit everywhere

please fuck off with this shit

Islam is literally a 1979 MKULTRA project gone awry at this point

My mother works in a refugee camp. She says it's not so bad, it's mostly with conservative religious and nationalist men they have a problem.

tbh he's not totally wrong, islam (more precisely terrorist attacks) defiantly helped.
but what helped him the most was going against Clinton, the least liked politician in the US history
what were they thinking?
a dead rat would've won against her.