there he is

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He strikes me as a narcissist, war as theatre.

Actually, it's fascists who treat war as art/theatre. Read Junger.

PissPigGranddad is turning that ideology on its head.

No, that's a cowardly narcissist.

You sound jelly, tbqh


He's helping socialists kill fascists in the Middle East. He can be as narcissistic as he damn well pleases.

I'm sure his comrades agree, nothing like a faggot taking selfies of his theatre to spread to his followers while you lost your family.

His comrades take selfies to share on social media too.

Damn you're salty.

You do understand that he's propagandizing for YPG, right? He has a large following and they want more Westerners to join.

Propaganda is literally part of the fight

sorry guys but war is srs bsns no fun allowed on the front lines

The guy who quoted starship troopers actually got killed in action at manbij
yeah bet u feel shitty now huh

only ironically

Thank you for your service, brigadistas

People die in war. If you're not allowed to have fun until yu do you might as well kill yourself immediately.

Really happy to watch him alive and it's also encouraging.

Who is he, where is he, and why should I care? I'm assuming he's a fellow communist who used to come here.

Commie who's fighting with the YPG in Syria. One of our drawfags made this.

He's based af

Why do pathetic faggots keep trying to downplay what he's doing? It's almost like the fact he has the balls to go there hurts your pride for some reason.

You're a bitter guy, you're clearly triggered by this, but that's on you. Don't try to make your views seem objective and universal by projecting them on people you've never spoken to.

He triggers the SJWs and tankies on twitter so they shit on him any chance they get.

Why is it that even the leftists who take up arms are numales?

The tankie ones are hilarious too

You need to be a tankie to be this clueless about your own ideology

Why is it that Holla Forums thinks people are actually bothered about their flavor of the month buzzwords?

Come on m8 no bully you gotta admit he's numale-ish.

No. Nobody has to admit your idpol is valid.

Wait, numale is a physical thing? I thought it was something about weakness of character?

I don't even know what that means.

fuck off! he is /myguy/

how is papa pissgrandad a numale? He is so strong and brave :D

It's idpol you idiots. Traditionalism.

Such a meany…I'm not an idiot… ; ~ ;

Great way of protecting your identity.



It's about traditional gender norms. That is idpol.

how do you niggas even talk if you get triggered by all language that isn't explicitly orthodox marxist

Pretty sure Kurds have given up on th e ethno-state idea, or at least the one's in Rojava have.

muh tradishun RIDE THE TIGER

this is somehow not cucked


White nationalism by its very definition is idpol. It's actually an even more distilled and virulent form of idpol than what SJWs practice.

I just don't see what someone's general appearance has to do with their fighting capability, as long as they're reasonably fit. Life isn't an anime, Holla Forums.

Communism is degenerate cucking by it's very definition.

word thinkers, word thinkers everywhere

I never said so, I just get annoyed by the narrow mindedness of you people.

Okay I thought you were a dumbass comrade, nevermind, I don't care to argue about idpol with literal nazis.

stay one-dimensional


Submitting to people who claim to have a rightful authority over you because feels is pretty cucky, tbh.

So you are a retarded comrade?
Then, get over your fucking idpol dude.

A wide edge does not cut very well.

Perhaps, possibly could be, but that's not my point. The point that everyone here seems to miss is that using a container term with a negative connotation for everything outside of your ideological spectrum leads to one-dimensional, narrow minded thinking that limits your theory of mind and fosters the very thing you claim to oppose, politics as an identity sealed of by it's own vernacular.


Who is this PissPigGrandad? I keep seeing him but I don't know what he does or what connection he has with us.

Sure, whatever I guess.

Numale master race

He is one of the greatest heroes of our time.

A leftist meme man fighting in Syria for the Rojava revolution.

One of those weird twitter fellas who decided that being a leftist was more important than being funny or alive, so he's fighting for a good cause now. He's not directly connected with us, but we all respect him since, y'know, fighting with the Kurds is pretty cool.

nah pretty sure his comrades want him to have as many followers following their cause as possible tbh.

Why is that internet faggots always had people who actually do things?

Its like the fact that other people sometimes leave their laptop is enough to trigger you

Is he alive?

He's done more for leftism than you have

I think the criticism of PissPigGrandad shows that no matter what you do, there'll always be armchair leftists whinging and moaning.

Yes. But when the YPG hit Raqqa the fighting will get super intense and his chances of living will drop a good bit.

yeah he posted OP's pic in the last day or so



to this dude and other westerners like Heval Nestor who fights for us all.


who is this three-dimensional semen demon

So this is the power of a leftist with an ak.