Wow really makes you think

Wow really makes you think

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No way thats true

Different ear lobes.

i know for a fact that isn't him, his son maybe?

The hair is completely different

the guy on the right has eyes that are further apart, and the skull structure at the brows is different

they're related though

his wife's son


Hair isn't the thing you point out to say whether it's the same person or not. I don't believe it is, but because of the hair? That's fucking dumb.


All the faggots are on your team, you salty little bitch.

I get it. You think Trump will keep his promises to Israel, but break his abortion/homo stance.
No one fucking cares.


You had King Nigger for 8 years, it's time to sit on the sidelines while things get rearranged a bit.


Well, at least you guys got to put the first Jewish president into the white house.

If that were the case, that inbred bunch of fucks would've bent the knee.
At this point, Trump is a bit of a blank slate:our respective teams are painting him as we will.

Yeah, you're right. He sure as fuck isn't Holla Forums, but he's the closest you're going to get for a generation or more.

We memed a racist rapist into the white house, which is going to be white again, thankfully.

Trump is closer to us than Obama.

Your gang of anime watching barbarian pagans had literally nothing to do with the election of Trump. Look at the voting demographics, you fucking dipshit.

Damn trump is gonna Bush 3.0 (reagan 5.0)
A huge MESS

Probably, but you forget we argue for different things. You care about class economics, we care about race.

Actually, we both might get something out of this.


Do you think a Christocentric totalitarian regime will tolerate anime watchers?

Seriously though, the overwhelming majority of Trump voters were over the age of 45. Of the small amount of 18-29 year old voters he did get, less than half of them were white. Holla Forums did not get Trump elected.

Yes, yes, there is no way a few thousands Holla Forums voters put him in power, we get that. What did happen was our punchy and hilarious image macros crossed the age divide. The media was aping us, hell, your mom and grandpa shared our memes.

Don't be salty. Learn from it and come out in 2020 hard as fuck.

Your shitty frog memes aren't why 50 year old working class stiffs voted for Trump, you abject fucking moron.


Shit son, I'm convinced! Where can I get my faggy budenovka to show the "working class stiffs" that they voted the right way in 2016 and should do so forever?

y'know, seeing as you lumpenprole faggots can't seem to get anything done.

Wew, can't wait to meet you in the streets, bud.

Cool story. Seems like a fair trade for the White House, the House o' Reps, and the Senate.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the majority stake in the supreme court until you die.

Yep. And since you're an underagefag, you're going to get to experience firsthand just how shitty the Bush years were. Except even worse. Have fun with that.

God damn, boy, it'll be Reagan 2.0: heaven on earth.

Celebrate a bit, ya gloomy pinko.

How's the metaphorical wall treating you?

God damn, your memes suck. They're not even a little funny and waaaaaaay too wordy.

No wonder everyone laughs you guys…

We got our buy orders in rope futures way before you

Books are too wordy for you too it seems.

If you consider an angsty teen blog's worth of word vomit on a low-res picture a book, then I weep for the state of your generations education. I'm not shocked you're trying to piss off your parents with this commie nonsense.

On a side note, I notice a lot of these are retreads from Holla Forums…I thought you guys were all a bunch a artists/faggots, shouldn't you be able to produce quality media?

You have to admit, the Evola one was good.

Actually I consider this a book
and this Marx- Wage Labour and Capital.pdf

While your sources are pic related and other high school Holla Forums posters made up nonsense.

Why makes ancoms so retarded? Even a hippo on PMS is more subtle


Oh I lol'd, but nrx is fucking reddit-tier cancer.

I dont go dumping r/FULLCOMMUNISM shit all over you guys.

I don't go posting retarded shit on Holla Forums.

It's try-hard yesteryear garbage propaganda.

Step up your meme game and get a gay tranny sandnigger elected, Holla Forums!

Don't you have to go look for your Aryan homeland of Atlantis?

To be fair (if you look upthread), I did come here to chat, but it devolved into the shit-flinging we all tend to do on fullchan.

This is what happened to your faggot leader and his cucked followers.

Trump lives, though.

No, pretty much all of your posts have been autistic sperging about buzzwords and memes.
Read these books retard.

also, I can't read that. It looks like someone got a bad hand at scrabble and is trying to bullshit everyone else at the table with some nonsense.


Wow, race traitor

I would, but I'm too busy flippin' people to the dark side, man.

God damn, if you efforts at converting the ignorant involve manuscripts from the dark ages, you've lost generation twitter.

Now, now, you know as well as I do that race traitors go first.

Even you pinkos love a good purge, from time to time.

Too busy getting your opinions from memes because books are too hard? Yeah I used to be underage too.

Please read Hillach's The Aesthetics of Politics and Benjamin's Theories of German Fascism.

For now. You are an obese neet so it's clear that you are no bourgie, but class traitors will share the same fate.

Obese and retarded, it seems.

Smug. Smug's all you guys got.

Smug is like sarcasm, the last bastion of the intellectually bereft loser. I don't mean loser as in 'you suck', I mean it literally. That's the appropriate use of literally, by the way, not the way your generation inserts it into sentences like a pack of niggers inserts it into your mother.

Your kind have been on a downward trend for 60 years while we are ascendant.

We've adapted and all you have to hang onto is the defeat of a yuropoor army 70 years ago.

You just make my point for me. You have to call me fat like you can see through the screen or something. Sad, sad, schoolyard-tier taunts from some pinko faggot miles away.

Honestly, I'm not shocked your memes suck and recruitment for your little queer army is way, way down.

Again, read these books

Do you have the memory of a goldfish? Is that why you don't read, you know you won't retain the information?

Who lost world war 2 again?

So have you been willfully ignoring Trump's likely corruption or what?

This is also a little rich for someone who's mastered the rhetorical method of smug anime grills.


Jesus christ, are you /leftypo/ kids trying to take credit for the soviet union? god damn, man. If that's all you have to hold on to from the ashes of every communist regime of note to ever exist, you should probably grab an exit bag and bid adieu.

I'm just here for the Nazi masturbation fantasy.

Ok, I lol'd at that.

Well, good luck with that.

And racism somehow isn't just riding the coattails of people more successful than you? kek


Nigger, you have no claim to the soviet union's victories, though it's surprising you try to while never copping to their status as an utterly failed state.

Racism is the oldest and purist form identity, it's sad you commies are so intent on mongrelizing yourselves over a failed economic system.


The Soviet Union is the exact opposite of a so-called failed state.

Why do you want Trump's cheeto flavoured semen that much then?

I guess that's why they're still going strong and all the capitalist pigs are rotting in mass graves, huh?


Are you aware of what Russia was like under the Tsar?



Ironically, that had to do with people like Soros.

So you're a nigger.

Better, I think, is the term.

I actually play burger in yuropoor threads and yuropoor in burger threads.

This is funny that you advocate biological determinism when Nazis and Commies still existing flies of the face of it.

It did succeed spectacularly in removing the state. Too bad it was only its own state it managed to destroy.


I'm sure those serfs enjoyed their abject servitude. Russia was a backwards shithole that was finally dragged forth into modernity, and it wasn't the Tsars doing.

Is the US a failed state because it has a Republican government now?

The ruling party changed but it hardly "failed" especially since it oversaw three quarters of a century if economic and technological development.

yfw you can trigger the aut-right just by calling the VP pick gay.

If nothing else it was worth it for the tears.

The image would be better if Harry's scar on his forehead turned into a swastika scar.

They are more sensitive now than SJWs.

They have truly become what they hated.

Just touched your meme up friend.

mattpat from gametheory is a nazi?

ear lobes get bigger with age

what is hairstyle

But they do not change their fundamental genetically inherited quality. Either you have hanging or attached lobes.