Why do rightists think Personal Property = Private property...

Why do rightists think Personal Property = Private property? Why do they think there won't be any personal property under communism?

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Because you use incoherent obfuscating terminology and then get mad when normies take the phrases at face value.

This board will die before it ever stops bickering over what the definitions of words mean.


sage because thread can die now.

"The first order of business, rather, should be the immediate collectivization of everyone's toothbrushes, to be entered into a centrally planned rotation to ensure their equal use." - Karl Marx, Critique of the Gotha Program

How much should things be dumbed down so that brain damaged poltards can understand?

not the left's fault that the average person is retarded

This is bait, I'm a trot and we don't believe that
But if the average person were retarded, it certainly wouldn't be the left's fault

i'm a trot and i do believe that. it's not even belief, it's fact. capitalism has managed to make a society the breeds out idiots that have infinite information at their disposal, yet never educate themselves. most people would rather listen to what their fav celeb bourg entertainment puppet did than grab a philosophy book in their free time. and with the education system basically being capitalism indoctrination, without the will to get educated in their free time most people remain blissfully ignorant. even most people that feel the bug of "something's not right with society" turn to right-wing populism simply because they are uneducated.

What truly amazes and scares me is the comparison between today's prole and a prole 100 years ago. Back then they were far less uneducated, but it was because of the circumstances they were raised and given the chance most people wanted to learn. On the contrary, today's know-it-all uneducated moron is always highly opinionated no matter the fact that he has never read a serious book front to back in his life. Hence the system manages not only to create morons, but self-righteous morons at that.

Well I mean, I think it sometimes, but it's an alienating belief and it's pretty reductionist as far as the actual mechanisms behind this mass intellectual disengagement go. It's the "why does everyone hate me, I'm not doing anything wrong" of socialism.

It is alienating, and also the truth m8. You cannot deny such a cold hard reality of today's society. As for the mechanisms that achieve this, of course my statement is reductionist since you could actually write a series of 50 books about it and still have space for commentary.

A week ago I had a very nice conversation in the bus with a philosophy phd student, when the time came for him to get of the bus I got extremely sad. Then I realized that this was the only stimulating conversation I've had in the last 3 months.

I don't even know what's worse anymore, trying to start stimulating conversations with the average retard (and inevitably getting an earful about how masons rule the world, or how "im not religious but there's definitely a soul") or keeping things superficial. You either get to sample the infinite repertoire of idiocy people keep inside their head with a faint hope that someone will display some semblance of intelligence and will also be social enough to have conversations with strangers, or never take said risk and just discuss these things in your underwear with anonymous strangers on the internet.

Because the difference is arbitrary.
The concept of property overall is a spook anyway.

speaking from experience i see

aren't we the edgy middle-schoolers

the 1970's called, they want their bourgie roleplayers back

What I mean is if we can understand it, there's a chance to fix it. Saying "that's just the way it is," as appealing as it may be, does not leave open the possibility we can correct this problem. So I train myself to diagnose what's going on, rather than ruminate on some variant of "it's human nature to be stupid."


Yeah, pretty much the typical outlook of an autist incapable of conversation with people who don't share his obsession.

You're not as smart as you think you are. Hell, you're probably dumber than the average person if you honestly believe you're the lone misunderstood intellectual in a crowd drooling retards.

you can fix it on a personal level in the people around you, your family, your girlfriend/boyfriend, some friends maybe if you're close

but you cannot possibly hope to compete on a societal scale with the capitalistic propaganda machine man. no matter how many pamphlets and newspapers you distribute, most people will never even bother to actually try and process what you're saying. instead they'll find fault in their heads with what they think you're saying and thus excuse themselves from having to think and process new information and kindly discard your opinion as some fringe ideology that's "equally bad as fascism, muh 2 extremes" etc. That's the sad sad truth, call me a defeatist if you want but I believe that other than historical circumstance (stalin,wwii etc) stupidity is ultimately capitalism's greatest tool and socialism's bane. you're supposed to appeal to the most uneducated strata of society with complex theory that requires years of study to fully grasp.

But this assumption of yours is clearly a projection of your insecurities, since there's no way you know anything about me


Play nice, boys

I know that you're a trot and that you believe you are surrounded by retards, as you say.

said the kid that provides 0 arguments and won't even state his position

rich. do go on

They are actually mine.

You didn't make any arguments, you only gave anecdotes regarding your frustration.

you're attacking anti-stalinism, i call you out on being a stalinist and you come back with >implying im a stalinist

Are you sure you aren't a stalinist?

so what are you kid? please reveal your special snowflake ideology

made me laugh at the end. thanks user

It's the autism I spoke of earlier that gives you this need for doctrine labels (which isn't actual ideology, which you would know if you actually read theory). If you really do need one though, I identify mostly with Kropotkin.

so you're an anarkiddie.

there's no point in arguing further

I see.


you wanna argue leninism vs anarchism on leftypol? i like arguing, wouldn't mind arguing that irl with you but arguing it here seems to have no point to me