How do we fight this rise of nationalism?

How do we fight this rise of nationalism?

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Nationalism is the last gasp of Capitalism before all things collapse. It is the equivalent of screaming about sentimentality. It is not a real ideology, and signifies that the politically naive are starting to come to grips that Capitalism is failing, and throw themselves without ideology at protectionism.

It kills itself. There is nothing they can do besides lash out without education of any sort.

We must cuck ourselves as hard as possible, in order to create a culture where nobody can possibly feel any pride in the US.

We must go out into the streets, wear our safety pins to let everyone know that we are a safe space, and then proceed to become a safe space for as many big black men's dicks as possible. All in the middle of the street.

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Make arguments sometimes

nationalism has been a thing for several hundred years though fam

Embrace it.

Nationalism is the last tool we got and fighting against it only divides us from the people who we need to start the revolution.

Not it isn't. There is quite literally nothing that can be done to save Capitalism. It is headed towards destruction. Nationalism is the screams of people who know something is wrong, but hold onto the familiar.

The familiar is gone. And there won't be anything to bring it back.

You stand for no ideology besides "Help me"

fucking anfems, you people are like the Canada of this board.

I like Boards of Canada.

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what Canada is to Holla Forums I mean. Horrible horrible shitposters.

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That's some pretty strong delusion there, bro.

How will Nationalism save Capitalism and the whole world. The only delusion is from people who think nationalism can only accelerate the problems you want to fix.

It is literally flailing about.

The collapse of nationalism will give rise to deregulation. I don't claim that NEETSocs will somehow help capitalism through their bullshit, only that you're delusional to think the left's gains from the rise of Nationalism will somehow be a permanent fixture.

Nationalism was already the dominant ideology, it's just proles are pointing out that it clashes with the other dominant ideology, anti-state-intervention market propertarianism
There's doing it on the left and the right (the left is still largely nationalist [socdems])
And it won't work anyway. Capital needs to force down wages and kill off low profit businesses (shall businesses mostly) to restore profitability and create a boom

and don't reply with some retarded "b-but thats againts the NAP", because its their property and they can impose the rules they want

there are surface to air missiles and minefileds around it


Sounds to me like you're having a really bad acid trip, bro.

Why fight it? Not all nationalism is bad. It isn't inextricably linked to capitalism either as someone in this thread seems to believe.


an-cunts go berserk at anything with even a hint of masculinity associated with it.

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How is a strawman a contradiction?

Nationalism is an 18th century thing

Nothing to see here comrad.

when does koran say are we getting grorius Islammig gommernism???

Because it's pointless to fight for it.

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Nationalism is bigger than ever. Maybe just wait till it blows over. When all the immigrants can vote we will have peace.


You know immigrants tend to be the biggest gay-bashers, right?

When immigrants vote, you better keep your gun on hand, fam.

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Not when we teach them whats right and wrong.

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Because the cannibals will reproduce operas when we teach them, right?

Why are anfems even allowed to have a voice?

I don't think anyone here objectifies women more than me

If women are objects and nothing more, what makes a human? Being social is to be human. To be isolated is to fail.

Therefore, isolated men on the internet, are not human.

There are no cannibals anymore.

When a Holla Forums thread is made there will be at least ten people with the anfem flag on. I should go do another flag : 3

Having a penis and having the gender of male while subscribing to leftist philosophy.

Thats it.

you won't get far with your pettiness comrade.

Why even live?

To be human is to actually have a working chromosome that doesn't fracture.

The sheer amount of salt they produce just by using the flag makes anfems some of the best posters on the board.

If you're looking to be hated just use the leftcom flag.

If you're cool with being held down(ropes are for pussies) and fight back, I'll do it.

By left-wing nationalism.

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I really fail to see just how the fuck the fashion industry would ever stand in worker solidarity. The word "common" is foreign to them.

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Making most clothes aren't hard. It isn't the fashion industry, as much as it is art. If we're going to have clothing at all, why not make it art, no?

When all the immigrants can vote…
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Smear it. Nationalism is for ignorant, low Autism Level reactionaries your country don't exist in a vacuum , and there's nothing wrong with pointing that out. Gotta hit them where it hurts.

I fucking love it when Holla Forumstards say shit like "don't talk down to me" or "you're not changing my mind with that condescending tone" or "you libturds think you're so smart". That's the soft spot.

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I will be the change I want to see in the world and so on.

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Good, scat is shit. Pun not intended.

Haven't found it yet. Won't do slave shit cause I'm too irresponsible though.

Does this mean you also don't want children?

You can't. We already won. Expect us to go back to a normal society in 16 years.

capitalism would have probably collapsed by then fam

Capitalism will never collapse
It's like saying: "hunger will have collapsed by them"

Proof on that?

hunger has existed for all of humanity. Capitalism has only existed for 300 years.

Undecided tbh. I just like a little independence in subs, sort of like there's a challenge in it that there isn't with slaves.

This is one of the worst Holla Forums posts I've ever seen.
fucking saved

Might is right
Read Stirner

more like 30.000 years, lad

So you can repost it after a few years with an attached "at last I truly see"?

so tell me kiddo, who was working for wage labor and owning things in absentee 30000 years ago?

I'm assuming you think markets are capitalism
Top kek

If might was right then humanity would have gone extinct a long time ago.

Confirmed not a Stirner fan.

not so fast kiddo


I'm not an egoist, I'm just pointing out how unfounded it is to make that claim.

I'm not as naive as you think.
I'm not stating that we must strive towards capitalism or nationalism, I'm saying they will prevail

Nationalism is egoistic association, so is capitalism
Fucking slaves, when you will ever learn?
I bet ydel

You have no understanding of Stirner

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Noone does, not even he understood the stupid shit he said

"Well, let us let it be our affair, then, and let us not let the means that we have to realize value from ourselves be pilfered from us by the rich."

"What every one requires, every one should also take a hand in procuring and producing"


They aren't. Read Žižek : DDD

Force me


It will be hard, but we'll need to rise to the challenge by thrusting our propaganda deep into the wholes left by both the mainstream media and the emboldened right. Ultimately when things climax, an effective dissemenation of theory may just determine who cums to prominence. We need to provide that magnetising force that will attract the masses to our pole instead of theirs.

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Rome will never collapse.

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